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BCE Bitcoin Daily View 11252020 3.4 Billion USD move from Tether to BTC!

BCE Bitcoin Daily View 11252019 3.4 Billion USD move from Tether to BTC! all right waiting for everything to turn on here here we are all right its Monday November 25th 2019 its 808 a.m.

BCE Bitcoin Daily View 11252020 3.4 Billion USD move from Tether to BTC!

here in Arizona welcome home Bitcoin true seekers this morning a ray of sunlight it appears that Bitcoin has shown up for work this week so lets take a deep dive into it all right bitcoins up 1.6 2 last 24 hours coming in at 7, 000 185 ethos up LTC is up cos is up TRX is up XRP the bankers coin is down all right now Dow Jones Industrial Average green candle Oh today we are just hitting over 28, 000 again although the MACD does appear to be struggling it is negative right now so we have a negative MACD but it is actually turning around and if we look at the histogram there we shall see we are starting Monday over 28thousand again we are 28, 000 nine or 28, 000 10 watching it move between those two numbers now its a 28, 000 date kind of exciting what a way to start a Monday all right now SP 500 big old green candle today MACD is struggling Russell 2000 index big old green candle a day MACD is struggling but were starting to see and the histogram turn positive so it didnt look like we were gonna see a downward swing across SP and the Russell 2000 index and the Dow Jones index last week it seemed like you know the MACD was turning negative but we shall see were seeing quite a rally today so lets see how that goes throughout this week big news this is amazing 3.4 billion and a Bitcoin so far this Monday morning that is rocking we were struggling to see a billion do we even see a billion last week at all on that on the daily Im not sure I dont really remember even though I was there but regardless tetherin a Bitcoin 3.4 billion that is massive to day that is massive for a Monday tether into aetherium 1.7 billion we werent even seeing like you know 500 in some days or it was around there it was definitely nowhere near a billion last week so massive massive massive tether and a Bitcoin and tether engine theorem this morning great way to start a week people are buying this dip somebodys buying it alright market cap 130 billion for Bitcoin thats not that high but you know what real volume over the last 24 hours this is the top 10 exchanges is 808 million thats massive 300 million is a mediocre day recently Ive noticed 500 million is the least Bitcoin shown up for work so Bitcoin definitely is taking the bull by the horns this week so 808 million is a beautiful start for a Monday morning and as you can see the volume you know there in a Bitcoin 3.4 through at 3 point 4 3 billion is just off the charts I like seeing it Bitcoin dominance is a sixty eight point seven eight percent altcoin market cap down to fifty nine billion but you know what that is a beautiful green candle were seeing here on the daily so maybe well turn this downtrend around as always you know when Bitcoin does pump were gonna see that its dumped a bit or many of them do but not all but regardless once it stabilizes and begins to move up well you know a lot of the alts do too so I was looking at the out market this morning and yeah many did dump when Bitcoin pumped but I am noticing as bitcoins pump slows down that more often I would usually expect to see are beginning to follow it even if they initially dumped so good news bitcoins up two point eleven percent right now at 72 to zero so 7220 I just wanted to look at that again because its just so beautiful alright now looking at Longs vs.

BCE Bitcoin Daily View 11252020 3.4 Billion USD move from Tether to BTC!

shorts bit the next bit Nixon finance if we summarize those weve got 60 Longs we have 39 shorts BitFenix more loans insures bit mix just more Longs and shorts finance where all the grumpy pants hang out way more shorts than Longs all right what makes me very happy today that on a daily chart looking at something I think many many people have been looking at is the US so on the daily chart the 628 fib line so we were under it and it looked like we were going to continue going under it but right now we are pumping this green candle this morning and we are you know banging against it or find a little bit of resistance there lets see if we can get up about 6 1 8 v line today we are still way far from the 200 moving average which is up around 9, 000 400 right now but regardless if we can get above that resistance at the 6 1 8 and start moving towards that a dot v fib line and about 8500 boom thatd be wonderful so this mornings been beautiful its hard to ask for more but lets hope we get above that 6 1 8 fit line that would be a great way to close the daily that would be monstrously wonderful on the daily the histogram is beginnings urn from blood red to eggshell as I call it so that histogram is closing the MACD the blue line is closing on the red line hopefully well get across there and the next day or so anything can happen it could even happen today you never know but I would love to see you know by midweek we get that MACD turn positive or even if its not turning positive as in the MACD the blue line has crossed the red once the blue line tilts it is moving towards the red to do a positive cross that is a very bullish indicator for many on the daily so boom lets get about 6 point lets get that MACD histogram continuing to close there and were looking good that its a great way to start the week come on six one eight lets lets make that resistance I should say lets make that support and that resistance this week now I just wanted to note of course here on the daily we are slow below below in a moving average but looking at the V P V R if we go back to the beginning of the year you can see we did have tremendous beautiful support resistance in the chart at 8000 and definitely be PVR shows a lot of buy sell volumes so if we can get back to 8k or Abe of were definitely in an area where we have a lot of support and definitely wolf support resistance on the chart and also by cell volume support so really we dont have that far to go get it put that six one eight and get back to you know 8000 or so which is well not quite the dot v fib still its is looking good Im loving to see all this beautiful I mean look at that volume going in I mean thats just just a 3.43 billion of tether and bitcoin s is crazy for a Monday morning and even though traditional markets which look like they might have been heading towards a a swing down on the way up you could say I mean were starting money over above 28, 000 for the Dow Jones the SPX big green candle and the MACD it looks like both these which were all three of these where the MACD was hitting towards a negative last weaker now hitting towards a positive cross so boom this is a beautiful thing I know Im repeating myself but three point four or three billion into Bitcoin thats wonderful an eight hundred and eleven million volume this is rockin Im really liking to see it so for all you Shorters on Finance who led to be mr. grumpy pants boom youre gonna get wrecked so anyway lets get above the 625line today lets close above it lets keep this MACD turning positive lets at least get back into this 8, 000 support and resistance that we have lets make that support very very soon start attacking that dot v fib line that would be wonderful or on the way Im just kind of visualizing how well this week to go but Im also you know stating what is on the daily we do have a beautiful green candles so far today MACD is turning positive slowly at least the histogram is at least showing that we are moving towards that direction is Monday morning massive massive massive on Im gonna look at it again because its just so beautiful three point four billion from tether into Bitcoin and boo eight hundred eleven million in volume that is rocking for a Monday morning lets look at a very very short timeframe for the a two hour chart whered it go oh I lost it um let me actually just turn this into our to our chart all right on a twohour chart of course we have some nice beautiful green candles we are still a ways away from the aunt removing average but one thing I do look at when it comes to Bitcoin for immediate price action like if I see the daily is looking good like this my you know my MACD is starting to turn positive and Im about to cross over a fib line and make that support I will look especially at the to our MACD the to our charge just to see in media price action hey you know whats going on I see it as a early indicator of trends if the daily matches and we have a beautiful MACD cross on the daily on the to our histogram is widening this is really a beautiful nice cross so boom to our seems to back up the reversal were seeing on the daily lets lets close up at 6 1 8 today everybody lets visualize it lets me make it happen unless youre a shorter and you you know are probably over here on you know by Nantz going its going 3k boo whatever the losers all right lets keep moving Bitcoin futures chart this is basically of course the CMA futures chart I do like to see it about the turnip moving average it is not but its moving towards it so all you futures traders you know this tends to be a good indicator of what whales are doing whales youre thinking I like looking at it and I just hope it get about that 200 I think we will lets that positive sentiment you know drag those futures up but heres the big news all right trading view is heaviness Black Friday sale for a couple days this is when I buy yearly 60 off go forward if youre if youre trading view person dont miss the Black Friday sale this is crypto LARC hes talking about Bitcoin prices falling heres why he talks about a lot of it has to do with a China banning crypto again so the miners sold and some other factors if you want to get into the geo you know geo crypto politics etc of Bitcoin and crypto lock is really a subject matter expert I think or at least he puts more time into it than most people myself included he is great to watch this is inspiring this is fun it does help understand possibly the last weeks dump in Bitcoin at least his take on it I think it has value if nothing else it is good for your consideration and to broaden your knowledge do you want to pop Bitcoin well check it out over here everybodys in these green coins well theyre doing it this morning every day some coins are green whether bitcoin is Barris bill bullish or bearish you know some alter making money and if you want to know how to get into the coins that are making money well join Lockes education last two years Ive been a member its making me money whether the market is bullish or bearish whether its all season or not doesnt matter theres always green coins you can be hopped into over here as you can see and you can be making some gains so Ill see you in the chat there at blush education join up you can click on any affiliate link below and watch this infomercial there and check it out seven day moneyback guarantee I do believe and so come and you know join the team Ill see the Chatham cowboy Craig there is hybrid trading we can get auto entered into calls or you can or you can choose not you can opt out of that also there is a substantially lesser expensive signals group you can groin well you can groin you can join where there is no auto entering the trades get to do it manually but it is less money to get in and check the place out alright as always like share and subscribe and I will see you tomorrow hopefully to another badass Green Day breaking above that daily to a moving average take care

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