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Best bitcoin exchange site!late 2020

Best bitcoin exchange site!late 2020

Best bitcoin exchange site!!late 2016 hello everyone and welcome back to Bitcoin tips so todays article as you saw in the title is the best Bitcoin exchange site so this site is a sister site of the miner gate software and web site as you can see its presented by miner gate team so its a sister site of miner gate calm so what this website does is basically you deposit your currency into an address that is generated for you you tell them what you want it to become and then it will arrive and then you give them the wallet you want it to go into so say you wanted to change one Bitcoin into dogecoin so lets lets go one Bitcoin here hang on one bit what the heck alright one Bitcoin on this site changes into 2.6 million Doge so say thats the change you wanted to make you had one Bitcoin and you wanted to point six million dodge thats a lot of Doge what it does is you would go exchange alright its being stupid hang on you do have to make an account all it involves is an email and a password you get one confirmation email and then you get a confirmation every time you make an exchange so it is a kind of a way to say hey youre you just deposited this your things should be here in ten minutes hey it arrived on our part so what you see is you go you put that in you click exchange you check the numbers here and it tells you the exchange rate is about 2.7 million Doge with a 0.5 fee so less than 1 fee havent found a site that has a fee less than that if you do please let me know and please do put any sites in the comments if they do not work this site I can confirm works I have made multiple exchanges on the site and it does work I have never done an exchange this size but I have done exchanges of a relevant size like not small and there is a limit of two how small you can exchange it just wont let you proceed if you have an amount that isnt big enough so here you see the fee and the estimated arrival you hit next you would enter in the address of the Doge wallet that you have where the dogecoin will end up so I dont know if I just put in one here I dont think thats going to let me through all right so it doesnt let me through because ones not an address but you get to the confirmation it just reviews what youre doing and you hit yes and then itll say okay deposit to this address you deposit your one Bitcoin to the address and one I have done this its taken between ten and twenty minutes to arrive its not exactly insanely fast but its not it doesnt take days if it takes days I would recommend emailing them something went wrong you should see it within an hour so you like I said theres fee of less than 1 its fast and it is trust trustee never heard that word but yes it does work I have made multiple exchanges from Doge but actually Ive done one from bike coin bcn to dogecoin Ive done one from litecoin to dogecoin Ive done one from dogecoin to Bitcoin and it all worked effortlessly I just deposited what I had and it worked so those ones are the ones I have tried now there are multiple I think theres like 22 different coins here you can actually exchange into or from so you can see some of the ones youve heard of you theorem known arrow Ive talked about light coin by coin you might have heard of Bitcoin and dogecoin are the ones Ive really heard of then there are some like quasar coin newb its a on coin digital notes NXT scenario Ive never heard of half of these coins but if you have them you can come onto this site and turn them into Bitcoin so this is a really simple free site well free in quotation marks so you do have to pay a fee a very small fee but it is free to sign up and you also you can get exchange rates for free here so you can see one Bitcoin changes in two lets see 2.7 million Doge 89 XM RS so stuff like that and for all the coins here you can see what they change into Im not going to go through all of it because its just a lot of numbers basically you go down find ok I want to know how much Mon arrow is one one Mon arrow goes into one BTC its about 0.01 one ok thats pretty good to know so thats what the exchange rate tab is and then how it works is basically they do a lot of behind the scenes work which is why theres a fee basically if you have 15 litecoin you send it to them they change that 15 litecoin into Doge Im sorry into Bitcoin because bitcoin is the highest exchange rate but you said you want to Doge so then they take that Bitcoin change it into Doge and send that off to your wallet so if you choose a currency that has more exchange rates so say XMR Im just using this as an example none of this is true it might be but its probably not say of one moan arrow and you wanted to go to Bitcoin the highest exchange rate where you get the most out of it goes from moan arrow to light coin but then the highest exchange rate for light coin to Bitcoin involves turning the light coin into dogecoin and then the dogecoin into Bitcoin there it stacks up and it can take longer so that might be why you get some longer wait times but yeah thats pretty much what they do its a lot of behind the scenes to give you the best deal thats why I like this site its got a really nice graphical interface everything works its not one of those sketchy websites where you kind of just miss you click you have to click over here to hit this button and theres reviews about it everybody all these different people big companies talk about converting it does work please check it out its free there will be a link in the description below you can see heres my BNC exchange I exchange it to about 1, 400 Doge I received that Doge pretty quickly so thanks for watching this article I hope you found something in it useful please check out this website create an account use it dont use it maybe youll refer back to this article later if you get more into cryptocurrency so thanks for watching guys give a like rating if you liked it if you didnt like it give it a dislike and leave a comment if you have any questions so thanks for watching this article and I hope to see you in one of my other articles bye

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