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Best Personal Finance Apps 2019 –

Best Personal Finance Apps 2019 -

Best Personal Finance Apps 2019 –

what’s up you guys idiot flip tronic so I’m going to be showing you the best personal finance apps to be using in 2018 alright so I’ve got three top picks I’m gonna have links in the description for each one I’m gonna spend about two minutes talking about them alright so acorns is gonna be my first top pick now this app has gotten really popular it’s been around since 2015 basically what it is it’s an auto like Robo advisor investing app so it’ll take like as little as five dollars at a time and it’ll automatically put it into like a mutual fund and ETF or a you know a really low risk stock there’s a couple ways to put money into it so what’s cool about this is that you can put it on a reoccurring basis so right now I’m set to $5 but you can edit the investment to be as much as you want which is cool you can also do like a one-time you know transfer transfer and then you can also link a card so the linking card feature is pretty cool it does round up so like I’ve used the example of Starbucks so if you buy a coffee at Starbucks for two dollars and 80 cents it rounds up to the nearest dollar and it’ll take that 20 cents and automatically invest it for you alright so I’m gonna head back over to the home right here and I just want to show everybody how cool it is so there’s a potential option on here that shows you you know if you invest a certain amount will stay on like a monthly basis we invest we’ll just say like a hundred bucks so what’s cool about this is it’ll show you a different ages how much money you’d have if you did this every month now you can also change it to like the weekly you can do the daily but you kind of get the idea here this is like a great you know starter investment app but I think it’s good for you know anybody who invests all the time too because it kind of just like mixes your game up and it’s just like a different a different way to do it so anyways acorns is really cool you can get like a free $5 – if you click the link in the description and sign up but you know I’m using it and I pretty much got it on you know the auto investing of $5 a week right now but I’ll probably change it in the future alright the next one I’m gonna be showing everybody is one of my favorites and it’s Robin Hood now I’m getting my butt kicked right now on this account I don’t have that much money in it only about $900 but I’m actually down quite a bit of money in here I’m down like five hundred so far from what I’ve put in here so anyways Robin Hood is you know been around I think since 2013 late or early 2014 there’s over five million people using this app right now and it’s the first of its kind so it’s a stock trading app that allows you to make stock trades without having to pay commission fees so normally like if you were gonna go buy a share of Facebook for example you’d click the buy option so you want to buy one share normally there would be a fee in here of you know five to fifteen dollars so if you were using like etrade fidelity or Ameritrade they all you know charge you to make stock trades so you not only have to pay when you buy but you also have to pay when you sell Robinhood you don’t have to do any of that crap so i mean everything’s completely free there’s also some cool charting features on here you could pull up we’ll say Facebook Facebook for example you can see like the price history by hovering your finger over it and it’s pretty cool I mean you get the five year now this isn’t gonna be like super analytical but I think Robin Hood is great for beginners as well as people who are pretty much advanced just because you know you can start with a little bit of money on here and really build it up because I don’t have to pay any fees you can even trade penny stocks on here there’s some other cool features of this app too pretty sure they have limit orders you can do on here so you can do some of that as well I’m not gonna get too advanced with it but you know I think everybody for sure should have Robin Hood it’s free it’s awesome and it’s a great way to do some stock trading and I kind of learn the ropes if you’ve never really done it before and you know start buying some you know stock assets but even if you’re like a somewhat professional it’s also good to mix your money up in some different accounts so Robin Hood’s my next top choice now the last one might be a little bit you know controversial but I put coinbase on here now I don’t have a lot of money in here we’re getting into the crypto currencies again but you know I’ve done transactions on here recent of about eighteen hundred dollars but what’s cool about you know Bitcoin and crypto currencies is that it’s kind of a new thing it’s like a new asset class and no one’s really sure what’s going to happen but you know coinbase is awesome because there’s some really cool features on here so they’ve got the four top crypto currencies you can trade Bitcoin Bitcoin cash aetherium and litecoin and there’s also some alert settings on here so like if you wanted to buy one of these at a certain price you know you could do that so basically what you would do is let’s say you want to buy Bitcoin but you’re waiting for it to drop to a certain price you could have it set an alert when it drops under 8,000 and then you’ll get an alert on your phone and then you could go ahead and buy some of this if you want as far as like you know getting money in and out of here it’s very easy you just connect your checking account to this and the fees are really small it’s like eleven dollars or it’s very small so fee wise this is you know nothing and then the other cool thing about this is that you know there’s over you know 10 million accounts using this I mean this is one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets but it’s also one of the most popular trading platforms for Bitcoin in these other popular crypto currencies like etherium Bitcoin cash and litecoin but anyways you know if you want to mix things up I think this is a really cool finance I have to use coin base for sure and I’m not throwing any of those like budget ones on here I’ve thought about throwing mint on here but I didn’t do it I’m kind of just sticking with the ones that you can you know kind of make money with and these are my top choices so I mean you should definitely have all three of these on any phone you’re you know currently using yet acorns Robin Hood and coinbase you know they’re all free to create accounts on I’ll have links in the description for each one if you could it the like and share but on this video I’d definitely appreciate it anybody out there who is not subscribed hit that subscribe and we’ll see y’all later

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