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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Bitconnect 401k Investing

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Bitconnect 401k Investing so yeah theres another thing that I wanted to talk about and bring up and its about school and finance so I started thinking when you get old you think about finances and your income and you know you start talking about retirement later and all that stuff now a lot of people nowadays they dont have a solid finance program or savings that they can retire off of they dont have a 401k they dont have some kind of nest to return off and you really need two people working in the u.s.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Bitconnect 401k Investing

to have stuff because its hard to do it on your own you know when I was in school they taught us for a brief moment about your savings and how to save money that was only for a short period of time I dont understand why schools do not teach the kids how to save from like day one the school should teach this how to save how to think about having a business how to invest they should teach these kids this their first years of school you know like in in a grade school all the way until you graduate it should be like required to learn this stuff and they should keep teaching this throughout your school years do you know to get your mind set on saving and starting a business when you get out of high school be more productive I dont know it just baffles me that its not taught and then when you get out of high school you have to if you want to go into a field of business you have to pay to go to a college all this money to learn about how to run a business or whatever field you want to go into some people get out high school they want to be a doctor an architect and stuff like that yeah but why doesnt the schools teach these kids this the whole time I dont understand so Im on this journey I got involved with which is called Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency Ive heard about it a long time ago but from what Im reading and Im studying a lot about it this cryptocurrency and blockchain this is a really big deal eventually paper money is not going to be around because technology is changing and if you think about it a lot of people now dont really use paper money you put your money in the bank and you use a debit card which is electronic everything is electronic everything is done with the card so you dont use paper money that often but the banks take your money and they hold it they taking your money that you put in the bank and they go and they do whatever they want to do with it pretty much you know they they loan it back out and charge a higher interest rate when you do a loan from a bank and theyre using your own money that you put in the back to save and youre not in youre not getting a high percentage back for even having it in the bank to save so thats where this Bitcoin thing come into play I already actually started misty now its been over a week and I invested 100 into there now on a daily basis Im getting back almost a dollar a day but Im gaming back like a dollar a day and the bank does not do that I dont know of any other place that you can invest and get money back every day you can invest in the stock market but that goes up and down the cryptocurrency does the same thing but if youre just putting your money there and investing it then youre gonna be okay in the long run youre gonna be okay because you know for a fact that youre getting money back and I see it coming back and I you know Ive seen a lot of people on the internet and I thought this you know I thought it was a scam it may be a scam but if it is its a very good one because everyone is making money off of it and the money you get back you get withdraw it after you reach a certain amount I highly encourage everyone to start investing into this this Bitcoin I chose the platform is called big connect and you can go online and you can see the transactions I mean you can do everything on there and youre getting money back so thats a the Bitcoin that was it started at 300 then it rolls our way up to 1, 000 its over 1, 000 I and I believe that bitcoin is called and I kept looking at I said you know what Im gonna buy that and that was Windows around 300 miles over a thousand dollars and its going to go higher guarantee is going to go higher cuz all the coins are fluctuating theyre going higher some are growing faster than others but I might actually do a article on Bitcoin later but I just wanted to bring that up and just talk about it for a brief moment but now Im gonna go do some more shopping and if you guys want to join the Bitcoin imma leave a link that you can click on just do me this favor click on the link and go just just create a account thats how you do it you dont have to invest as create account and then you know you can learn from it these your camera already set up then go do some research I guarantee youre gonna sign up in probably a mess well let me go do some more shopping and I get back with ya later so yeah another thing about this savings in for 1k especially for 1k its good to have that just kind of common okay but most people start a 401 K but its actually its if you think about its a ripoff because when you save into that some companies match it dollar for dollar but then when you try to borrow from it early they tax you and before your money goes into there as youre working then your your paycheck and your money you get texts then oh my god Im in the wrong spot but yeah you get texts also before your money goes there then they text again to try to borrow it and then when you take it out to use it they they tax you again but I know Im writing and raving on that but I dont know just when you think about it its kind of the whole things ridiculous I do should be able to earn your money and keep at least a lot of it couple of drawings here theyre not I dont think those are named for him okay thats enough on that so now that Im home Im going to show you guys this make connect platform top you guys can see that but Im gonna pull up the the connect Im actually working a little long right now this is the vlog the one you were looking at thats the one Im working on so its going to be up a little bit here soon but heres the big connect this is what it looks like its what the big pinnacle right now Im gonna go over here to transactions okay now you can see right here December 13th is when I started this start this on December 13 now Im gonna go back over here to the dashboard okay now you see right here today is December 19 now you see how fast it generated I earned money even though its five dollars your bank its not gonna do that this is not gonna happen you put your money in the bank in the thing theres not gonna happen like that this is just a money Im receiving back from loaning the money to the platform so once this reach maybe twenty dollars or so or ten dollars Im going to reinvest it back and Im more interest up for that so ima keep like loaning the money keep rolling it and rolling it so I can build faster yeah I just wanted to show you guys that first hands I know its gonna be a good thing for me because I plan on working another SC according to my 401k they said Im gonna track to retire in twenty two more years now no vacuum I dont know if Im gonna wait that long to retire you know Ill be 65 and then they say I can retire you know thats over a half of your life over half your life I mean me being 65 ah I dont know I dont know if I can walk up that mountain at 65 I dont know but yeah I wanted to show you guys the platform first so you can see this making money Ill leave the link down there click on and make the account I log in make the kind of look at the platform see what it does and then do your research on going YouTube but Im gonna make more articles about this in the future so you guys can kind of follow along youll see but yeah so thats it for todays vlog and Ill see you guys next time peace

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