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Bitcoin has another price rally incoming! Miners turning the Bitcoin tide!

Bitcoin has another price rally incoming! Miners turning the Bitcoin tide!

Bitcoin has another price rally incoming! Miners turning the Bitcoin tide! oh boy so today I basically had an enema shoved up my youknowwhat you might be asking why what would we talk to my what kind of enema you talking about talking about the enema the fire department gives you for having one of these yes twice a year twice a year I have to undergo an inspection right where the fire departments to come make sure that this place is safe make sure that to know if something happens phone doesnt die and also just to make sure everythings up to code you know and also look for ways to make me pay more money yes you can pay hefty hefty fines if you are not up to code or something is wrong your fire extinguishers arent chars and now my Atlanta Betty how hows your day by the way they did find one thing wrong you see that arent extension cord right there I had that extension cord out to charge these batteries which these batteries are for drone that was a nono who fit about it cuz youre not supposed to have extension cords running in here everythings supposed to be on up hooked up to an outlet so yeah any other than that everything went well but youre not watching todays article because you are interested in hearing about how the fire department tried to stick it to me you want to know what I think about the price of Bitcoin where are we gonna go but where is Bitcoin headed what caused that recent price action and is it over yet well I dont think its over yet okay I think were gonna get a mini rally I think we are think were gonna add a few mini rallies in there and I also think there is some more pain coming right behind it you remember that article I put out there I said hey the production cost of Bitcoin is 6300 its not 3, 200 its not 3100 those numbers are previous years numbers this year it is 6300 to create okay keyword create one Bitcoin is sixty three hundred dollars now you need to listen to the rest of us because this is really important information but I said once we can start testing that I anticipated traders to trade against that price point because they knew it we fought against that once you get there the miners will push the price up well we got there and guess what the miners did it push the price up and they did a good job at it it was a nice little battle III honestly I made a small trade and I dipped out so I anticipated this to happen at any moment I just didnt know what happened some say that we needed to plug that 7200 or CME gap also which wall that you got did get caught that gap did get plugged we did have an immediate dip afterwards but ultimately I believe that the miners were the ones responsible for what we saw happen as far as a price point going back up now heres the interesting thing okay so I did that article a few days ago saying that the 63 hunter is production cost I feel thats going to be the bottom well check us out force put an article out talking about the very same thing and even expanded upon it so 6300 accord in the coin share as a research company is the cost of creating one Bitcoin but 7300 is the era is where the average miner is going to be profitable the reason for that is mining is very expensive its a very very expensive thing mining cost money mining takes effort it takes infrastructure it takes electricity it takes Internet it takes maintenance it takes cooling it takes people its very expensive ok so to make sure you cover all the operating costs specially a larger farm 7300 does sun right so it makes sense right now to see us trading around the 70 to 71 to 73 hundred point point right now why reason I feel that way is because that means that means miners are still relatively profitable but traders have found a spot that these guys will belong to defend I feel like were going to trade in this spot for just a little bit but I also feel if we could break this line right here ok if we ever really trade above this line and break it I at the seventy two hundred dollar mark I really feel that were going to have a mini rally I do I think well have a mini relish were gonna find out sometime today where the price of Bitcoin is gonna go I anticipate some sort of mini rally I really I really do now something else I want to point out is regardless of how you feel about the price of Bitcoin right theres always so much talk about this bear and bull market and so on and so forth theres something that many people dont keep in mind when it comes to Bitcoin something mass something that actually everyone should be talking about every time you hear news agency talk about Bitcoin theres something they never put out there that they should they absolutely should but before I go into that Im gonna cover a sponsor segment of this article which comes from energy now Ive covered these guys multiple multiple times okay Im a really big believer of this project I like the team as a matter of fact Ill show you myself I actually staked this this is my personal staking wallet right here okay on my servers we got 1891 as you can see with my staking wallet I get 2.28 NRG about every other day sometimes every single day its its its a platform i I really enjoy I love their staking rewards now if youre curious its about 32 its taken Ward years about 3 now the mind that the one thing I need to do is get a master note their master note is about 58 percent ROI is a 58 percent ROI on them thats that to me is a really its really good especially especially as a master zone now something that you need to know about energies I got the energy generation 3 update here okay so they were originally scheduled for this month to be on Gen 3 which when I say Gen 3 that means theyre gonna be on the etherion blockchain course you know how things go with development nothing ever goes smooth and making sure that things work perfectly something thats really important to these guys so that has been postponed to a February of next year nothing has changed about the platform everythings still good theyre still moving strong they have actually done some pretty cool things one of those things is getting listed on multiple exchanges now theyre on bit hum and this one over here market talks Ive actually ever used market talks but you know what the more platforms you can get on them more liquidity you can great Bethan bit home is actually a pretty good one it actually is pretty good I know this is a global exchange but guess what most projects they get on the bid home global exchange pretty much especially we have the kind of volume that energy has that means theyre probably gonna hit the bit hump Korea Exchange I bet you Im actually know in a few months time and when that happens youre gonna see the liquidity of that coin absolutely go through the roof thats just my personal opinion not financial advice by the way Im just saying thats just something youve seen with so many coins in the past its just something that I Ive seen and the other thing I extremely cool energy this is something theyve already done the past like theyll make sure people understands they created their own defense investigative arm alright so they havent leaked all the EBI the Energy Bureau of Investigations and they actually utilize this to protect their community from hackers they utilize this to protect the community from scammers and just I dont know its pretty cool I wish more projects would allocate some money to protect their community by going out there and actively hunting scammers and putting bounties on people who would scam their community I think that is a really really cool thing but listen I do stake them I do believe in them Im gonna keep staking him Im gonna keep growing this wallet give them a look give them a look you have nothing you have nothing to lose by just taking a look for yourselves you have any questions Ill put a link for them down below now getting back to Bitcoin Jamie diamonds infamous 2017 Bitcoin takedown still served as a warning as the decade winds down Im not gonna bore you with all this crap but we know Jamie Dimon has been openly outspoken against Bitcoin he has said some things about Bitcoin that I find really frustrating but you know what those things have made the news the things that he has said has made the news but the things he says is really negative about Bitcoin theres one positive thing that smacks him in the face all the time about Bitcoin okay now he never talks about Im gonna give you a quick hint before I lay it out for you Bitcoin at 8008 million nine hundred ninety thousand eight million nine hundred ninety thousand percent gains guys thats massive it Dwarfs all other investments of this decade that make sense to you guys you see this Bitcoin has been insanely profitable it has been the best performing asset over and over as a matter of fact Bitcoin has outperformed JPMorgan Chase their stocks year after year it has outperformed Bank of America it has outperformed every major US bank ever in the world now Im sure this might be some might be some small private banks or credit unions or something out that has beaten Bitcoin maybe its possible we were talking to big voice talking the guys like JP Jamie Dimon which I might these kind of guys Bitcoin has outperformed them year after and will continue to outperform them its really frustrating that the negativity of Bitcoin keeps getting the mainstream right but Bitcoin puts these traditional banks and stocks to shame absolute shame and its just something needs to be talked about in the news but I just dont understand why they dont want to but listen guys I really feel I do feel that were gonna hit some sort of a mini rally here really soon I really like a some sort if we break this line I think well have a mini rally maybe itll break above 7, 500 this time but Im very very cautiously optimistic about okay because I really anticipate that were gonna hit like a 7, 500 roof theyre gonna go all the way back down and were at or even lower Gabe why because this volatility is excellent for traders okay so think about that also that is all I have for today thats it tell me what you guys think tell me what you guys think about todays article on Sunday I got a real special article for you guys I took about a hundred thousand dollars worth my Bitcoin profits and Ive watched you more than that theres quite a bit more than that and I bought something I did I cant wait to show it to you guys on Sunday so make sure you catch Sundays article alright guys peace

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