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Bitcoin Private is COMING!

Bitcoin Private is COMING!

Bitcoin Private is COMING! whats going on everyone welcome again to the channel I am to crypto nerd this channel is for the people its for all of us to share information and grow together and learn from each other so your input is important always make sure you leave a comment because other people read them trade information and now the disclaimer I am NOT a financial adviser I dont claim to be everything I say is just my opinion Im not giving you financial advice please do your own research this is just me talking to myself anyways I dont want to hit you guys with another four but something Crazys happening something crazy is happening and I expect it to explode even more so let me tell you real quick theres another for coming okay its called Bitcoin private all right make sure you do all your own research on this so Bitcoin private basically is going to be a fork of Bitcoin its going to be a mashup between Bitcoin and Z cash and in Z classic the way to get it is you need to have Bitcoin full amounts of Bitcoin I believe I dont think its fractional I think you need one whole Bitcoin okay or you need to have one whole Z classic one whole Z classic now my story is I was on the website what to Minecon cuz I do some mining and I keep seeing the Z classic come up as the top paying on I mean whats this the pay the price started getting ridiculous on how much my mega mine area let me look into what what this is why is this going up so much whereas its held I find out a little information about it and I start finding out theres theres a fork coming now you could say yeah theres so many Forks whatever this Fork is something I wanted to get involved in so I ended up buying Z classic I wanted to get involved in because what theyre doing is taking the technology of Bitcoin and combining it with the privacy of Z cash and Z classic and making this super hybrid coin so theres only going to be I believe 18.5 million of these the max supply I think will end up being 21 million youre gonna have to go live all that up but Im pretty pretty accurate usually with my numbers now Zeke classic right here okay look at this so I decided to buy these to get my coin instead of buying bitcoins is a lot cheaper look at the price in the past seven days all right on Christmas you care to guide it down its in the 7 7 and on Christmas right and then today 28th it was sitting around notice 30 it is now one hundred and sixteen dollars and five cents so for these coins theres only one point eight million circulating all right theres not a lot of these coins available currently if you want to get involved in this and get on bit Ricks in crypto Pia coin exchange trade Satoshi thats just the start of it okay so theres very limited supply on these this is why the price is going up so much people want the fork off of this I mean if you can buy a bunch of these coins especially if you bought them lower but even if you buy a bunch of these coins and you buy them up and you know even at 116 and youre gonna get the same equivalent of free coins that most likely will be will very possibly be at least three hundred two hundred three hundred dollars and you say how do I get that idea well if you look at this this would probably be one of the best in my opinion Im not saying it is be one of the best forks there are because youre getting the Bitcoin technology as well as Z cash all that privacy that you know is a big issue right now and everyones going for these privacy coins like my narrow privacy coin Z cash again verge obviously verge now theyre gonna be a limited supply like Bitcoin all right a very limited supply which you mean the price go up its going to use this the same technology plus zyy cash technology and if you just look at the ones I mean some of the other Forks of Bitcoin Bitcoin gold its two hundred and seventy eight dollars right now this is a forked Bitcoin Bitcoin cash is a fork of Bitcoin thats two thousand five hundred and thirtytwo a light coin I believe is a fork of Bitcoin and look at the price of this so if youre holding bitcoins youre going to be able to get your Bitcoin private but how many people are holding full bitcoins nowadays especially if youre new probably not many but you could still have a chance to get Bitcoin private by holding Z classic even look at Z cash five hundred and four dollars now Z classic was a fork unless you go z classic was a fork of Z cash but now theyre gonna fork the Bitcoin who then create this like hybrid Beast its already up two hundred and thirty three percent lets take a look at this took me a minute to act on this guys I mean I hacked it on it today but I did not think it would shoot up like this it was very speculative in my opinion but now really seeing everything behind it I didnt see how the circulating supply I didnt investigate it too much I just saw that I could mine a lot and there was a for coming and usually when theres a fork I buy that coin especially at a cheap price because who doesnt like free coins thats usually what I do but lets take a look in the past seven days is up two thousand six hundred and twenty eight percent now you might say well you know I buy on the dip which is exactly what you should do usually Im not telling you that you should buy this or not buy this keep that in mind but what Im saying is usually theres not a big dip when a fork is coming usually thats when the train the herd of people come because they want that free point especially if you need Bitcoin to get it and now you can get a cheaper coin to get it that will thats obviously the reason why its shooting up in price so much now I dont know if you guys you stuck to it but heres to know that the herd hasnt even come yet all right theres 228 Watchers on stock to it twits watching this currently now thats really not a lot but literally 20 20 minutes ago there was a hundred and seventeen so its pretty its already doubled for the most part in 20 minutes for the Watchers coming in and checking this out people arent really fully aware of this I believe they will in the next coming days coming weeks is this continues to skyrocket in my opinion it may go down I managed to buy a nice amount of these because I ended up selling half of my version half of my Tron my whole thing is is to make some profits on this pull up my original Tron investment and then and send that back to get some Tron again and then the profits will keep riding into this Z classic to get that Bitcoin private and I also sold half my Virg Virg I mean were waiting on the Wraiths protocol I still have a healthy amount of Virg in there I split that up in half that portfolio and managed to take some of the profits and flip it over here but in case rayray that does come out soon I still have a nice position in there but this is continuing to grow like I got in and I mean look even in the past hour its up 3 and its up two hundred thirty three percent for the day two thousand six hundred twenty eight I still think theres room to grow but I could be wrong its so speculative at this point it could be upwards of 300 at least I think it would follow something like Bitcoin gold I could say could be up to three hundred dollars with the FOMO it might go higher than that or I could drop thats the game we play but I know that getting that free coin is especially a limited supply of a coin is going to be big we are gonna have to see how it pans out but heres the github Ill tell you a little bit about it bitcoin private legs e cash is an implementation of zero cash protocol based on bitcoins code it intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy through a surface zeroknowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata technical details are available on the Z cache protocol specification alright so basically you want to know how do I get my Bitcoin private anyways well first of all Im not a hundred cents sure if theyre going to do it on a bit ryx you can buy it on bit your excel on bit tricks I showed you guys where you can get it but you can download their wallet and just send to that wallet and hope for the and wait for the fork to have it now the fork when is it happening I believe its next month youre gonna have to investigate that because they didnt give a specific date yet but they said sometime in January so I mean Im sure more information will start rolling out if you need more information by the way I have a little Twitter here this is the lead developer here creator of Z classic Bitcoin private wale coin dip going to contribute our high school dropout MIT Alumni rep Creighton is his name so at hey read on Twitter so give him a follow you can stay up to date with everything z classic transaction for a bit rich to my wallet took less than three minutes Im pretty stoked um I mean I mean look at the chart right here hes showing off people really want that Bitcoin private and they do I mean this is this is getting literally insane look at drop Z cash drop I have no idea what this one is z coin dropped everyones going for Z classic so I think moneys still going to be pouring in were gonna have to wait and see heres the Z classic Twitter give them a look and talk about the hard fork some articles up so you can look at all these articles and get further educated on the situation but I wanted to bring it to your guys attention and thats what we do here we bring things to each others attentions so we all learn we can all benefit and we can all grow together we should brought it to you guys sooner but I dont want to just hand you guys crap if Im not fully investigating it I still can do a little more research on this one but the way that this is growing the rate its growing hopefully it continues I think it will but people will probably take profits the road I would assume I mean thats the healthy thing you skim off the top and you take a little profit seat down point 11 but nothing really Ive been watching it do this now since Ive been in because Ive been glued to this staring at it like a friggin maniac like watching the price go up and then watching it drop and then watching it go up I mean Ive I got in my second um I got in my second purchase into this coin on a dip so try to time the dip so they dont last long its what Im telling you I mean if youre gonna eat in one of this they dont last very long these dips they are up and down quickly Im said this isnt a live ticker but check it out for yourself I wish you guys the best of luck if you do decide to get involved and chase the Z classic look into it check the prices if this thing drops a little bit for you guys would be great I dont know if it will but we shall see bring it to your attention Im not a financial advisor and all that stuff do as you will and like subscribe if you havent for more of these hit the alert button Ill tell you what guys if this thing takes off crazy alright Im holding a nice position in here alright if this thing takes off crazy I get those Bitcoin privates oh Ill be doing a very very healthy give away with these coins alright so stay tuned hit that Bell button I was fortunate for notifications I was fortunate enough to get in this at the right time I cant even show you on this chart because it just doesnt exist on this chart where I got in just straight vertical rise so hopefully I can go to sleep tonight and not keep refreshing my block folio and Im hoping this baby keeps staying up because I sold some very promising coins for it so Ill see you guys soon thanks again and leave comments and help each other up always help each other out later

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