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BITCOIN TALK ITS ALL A SCAM?! hows it going guys janux Decrypter here today Im doing a article just talking about our pretty much crypto currency in general Bitcoin in general talking about the companies of Bitcoin and talking about my channel a little bit so its a different kind of article that I dont normally usually do but Im feeling really inspired to do a article like this so we have hid the reason why Im feeling so inspired is because we have hit 209 subscribers guys Ive been doing YouTube articles about cryptocurrency educating and showing you guys different companies and showing you guys pretty much of what is happening out there giving you guys tips and tricks on different companies and how to get certain things quickly or whatever and its only been a month and a half guys and we have reached 200 subscribers we are a team we are people that are trying to make money off of cryptocurrency and I feel very glad to be a part of you guys and Im glad that you guys are watching me and Im watching you guys Im seeing you guys comment on all these beautiful things so theres two people actually want to shout out in this article its got my comment section here first person I want to shout out is crypto Khalid hue this guy has been literally one of my first subscribers when I was having like 1 to 3 subscribers around there literally one of my first subscribers hes been around for a while he told me to shut him out and of course Im gonna shut him out he congratulated me on 200 subs we just wanna shouting him out because he has been there since the beginning and he is still around that is awesome to me that is I feel good about that you know so lets go to channel real quick Im a 16 year old musician and crypto currency trader I make music and crypto related content to help others grow and create their desired lifestyle so he only has one article up right now but I guarantee you hes going to be uploading more articles as time goes hes new hes fresh check him out guys and then the other person I want to shout out is this guy right here Darrel Shepherd hes another awesome God he comments on almost every one of my articles hes a great guy recording my journey in the crystal space um he has some interesting articles here let me see right over here hes actually uploaded a lot of articles out there so you guys could watch it does articles on big connected Genesis mining he does articles on cryptocurrency in general so make sure you guys check them out guys he has he has things to say he has a proof and he has you know pretty much education that you guys could be checking out um so lets go back to my channel here were at 209 subscribers awesome awesome with clear Ive created compound interest machines for you guys to use those who obviously support me more directly you know Im very thankful for all of you guys so I will keep giving to the community and I hope we grow further well thats kind of what I want to start off with another thing I want to talk about is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies guys no matter what no matter what guys everything is a scam right to a lot of people Im not to me I dont I dont think a lot of the things that I use are scams actually I dont think any of the things that Im currently investing my money in are scams but Im telling these guys right now you will always hear people say things are scams you always see people looking hard I mean really hard for any kind of evidence to show that this one thing is a scam now dont get me wrong theres a lot of scams out there especially in cryptocurrency theres a lot lot lot love but there is a few that are not scams all right the ones that I put my own money in I invest for long term I am NOT going to get into what I know for sure is a scam right I know a lot of people like to be early adopters of scams and they get into scams in the beginning and they make profit and then everybody else gets screwed I dont want to be a part of that why would I want to be a part of something like that thats ridiculous I am only investing my money in the things that I truly feel are going to be around long term things like Genesis Mining who has already been around for a very long time I really trust them I am confident about giving money to them so that they could make me money long term people like hash Flair Im loving actually I recently got into them but I know hustler has been around for a lot longer than me when I first started off Im liking hash were already its really nice theyre paying daily awesome awesome company companies like even big connect I know how so much people are saying that its a scam and Im here to tell you guys I dont believe its a scam at all I know that the the interest rates are pretty high and and this that that dis but you guys got to remember something we are dealing with not fiat currencies this is not a fiat currency world you are thinking in a fiat currency profit forum this is a cryptocurrency profit form and it is a high high a profit really this is a whole different ball sphere you shouldnt be thinking oh well when I did an investment with my United States dollars and I got 0.4 percent interest when I visit this and that and that and that seemed like a good deal right guys this is not fiat currency this is cryptocurrency this is a different ball field so youre going to be seeing different kinds of profits right it is a currency in the end of the day it is just a different form of currency that its not relying on government and its not relying on all these other things keep that in mind for every investment that you guys do and companies even like control finance and hashing 24 24 I actually trust a lot I havent gotten into it because they are you know they require more money to be quite honest when it comes to a cloud mind but they are very trustworthy and to be honest out of all of the companies that Im dealing with this is the one that I trust the least but I actually do trust them to be around long term so I do trust think about like this see how big connect is getting the 1.6 1.7 kind of thing well they are still staying at 1 which means they are making all those point six point seven point nine profits from every one of their clients which is fine because they let everybody know that thats how they made this system right unless youre you know putting in 300 or more you get more points and and so on so forth right all the way up to 1.5 so I do believe control finance will be around long term maybe this is the one I least trust but I do believe they are around long term okay so remember guys people will call things of scam its just going to happen people will hate on what you like and people will like what you hate you know what I mean like its just the way of the world really you know Im never going to have 100 people backing me up Im going to have people telling me oh you suck that is it and Im gonna have people telling me oh youre awesome keep making articles this is the way the world works especially when you put yourself out there right guys to meet personally right I study a lot I study a lot and I dont feel the need to go to school you know I believe when you go to school you Im going with a point on this when you go to school you are going to college for four to eight years right depending on what field youre getting into and then you got to look for you get your diplomas you look for a job and now youre working for somebody they fire you whenever you want thats not the system I want to follow I want to be smart in my own efforts right I want to be fit in my own efforts I want to do everything in my own efforts I dont want to fall into a system that has been failing for a very long time I dont I dont want that when I got into cryptocurrency when I got into all these things Ive realized that this has so much more potential than just an investment just a nice trade guys I dont even spend you as dollars anymore every one of my purchases is Bitcoin I used a Visa card connected to my coinbase account and I do my groceries I pay my bills I do everything through Bitcoin funny enough you see iOS lets shift financial down here this is me paying with my Visa card you know what I mean Im already incorporating Bitcoin as my lifestyle okay all these passive income companies I see them as forms to make money and just be free financially free right because once I hit a certain threshold that Im trying to hit which is pretty much double the money that I make in my little part time Im working right now thats when Ill be quitting my job and thats when Ill be focusing fully on my channel on teaching you guys on showing you guys different companies and showing you guys my lifestyle and how Ive been successful because I do believe I will be successful I do believe that I will only be growing up just like I believe that all of you guys will be going up I do believe that strong and strongly believe that as long as you guys are going through cryptocurrency and doing things through cryptocurrency I strongly believe that and thats why I created a channel just for cryptocurrency because I truly truly truly believe in cryptocurrency and its powered okay when I first knew about Bitcoin that was to 300 now its that four thousand three hundred twentyeight okay I have enough proof I have enough proof to believe in cryptocurrency Im using a Visa Card for Bitcoin Im painting Bitcoin when I go to Taco Bell or Walmart or whatever the hell I want to do Im feeling great about life life feels way better when you feel the feeling of financial freedom it feels so much more better you understand me so this is why I give the good old world of cryptocurrency thats a joke but anyways yeah guys you know follow these companies right here the companies I follow the companies I truly truly trust all these companies right here follow those companies this is mining hash flare bacon egg hatching for important control finance follow them it will make you money I guarantee they will make you passive income okay guys I have all the links in the bottom and the description below so check them out and they will make you money guys I am NOT just saying that I really believe that I put my own money into these companies you know I mean so yeah guys I kind of wanted to share my thoughts on a couple things uh its a very interesting time that that were living in right now guys and Im feeling ecstatic Im feeling amazing about it Im feeling very good hey guys there you go another article a very different kind of article a article Ive never done before but I hope you guys do appreciate these words and I hope it changes something in your head makes you see things a different way or whatever the reason I hope you guys enjoyed it in the end of the day I do daily cryptocurrency articles so make sure you guys subscribe now be seeing you guys on my next article take care

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