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Bitcoins Price Prediction of 20, 000 2020! Bitcoin SV and Alt Coins Explanation CoinbaseRobinhood

Bitcoins Price Prediction of 20, 000 2019! Bitcoin SV and Alt Coins Explanation CoinbaseRobinhood her evaluation of a Bitcoin is 8600 but if we look at the monthly graph on the Bitcoin there were times where I was sitting like about 9, 000 and Ill show you guys so it was back in early May I think about this its time Im 50 in the last month thats insane 50 in one month Bitcoin Bitcoin youre doing good you gotta keep going though I want 50, 000 bitcoins so all my other coins go up but anyways you got 5, 000 5, 700 Bitcoin early May and then it went up to 6, 000 Bitcoin 7, 000 a Bitcoin 8, 000 a Bitcoin back down so this is weird it went back down to 7, 200 I remember that it did go back down to 7, 000 over here then it went back up to 8, 000 right here on May 19th and then it went back down to e 7, 500 and then it went May 26 it was 8, 000 heres where I started spiking May 26 856 so right around here it was in the high 8, 000 zone and then it worked right from 8700 to 8200 and right now its at 8, 000 8, 000 600 so pretty good price for the Bitcoin right now its like pretty high the own Bitcoin youre gonna be doing good you have to just keep waiting for it to go up because if you look at the graph you know it went all the way up here and then went back down so you have to look for this graph to go all the way back up here and then back down so you sell all right over here I own ten dollars worth I actually was studying it about like 9.99 after like the one cent transaction fee or whatever it was not very much its very little and Im up seven penny so thats pretty good Oh suck it wasnt on the coin so youve got Theory M let me show you guys a theory and were correct so I was buying and selling some aetherium I made some money on that theorem I also made some money on Bitcoin not like crazy margins I made a I mean more in Bitcoin than I did on aetherium the coin was better for me so I was buying Bitcoin around 7, 200 and selling it like 8, 000 so I was up like you know 200 bucks on Bitcoin but anyways I was trying to make money on aetherium but if there you must had some sad results for me on so lets talk about a theory embrace so etherium was going up into the 282 dollar range around here May 29th and then it went back down to 250 so right now lets kind of up and down theorems kind of risky right now but in the last month its up 63 overall thats pretty good lets look at the graph alltime high of fourteen hundred and thirty two eighty eight and over here the peak shows thirteen hundred so its a pretty good multiplier based on where that currently is to the alltime high so its got lots of room for potential lets talk about Im gonna skip aetherium classic look like when I think about this in a different article lets talk about we did ripple and lumens Im pretty sure lets talk about all right so we a ripple coin had a alltime high of three dollars and 84 cents but the alltime graph shows that 235 thats interesting I own one thousand one hundred and seventysix ripple coins evaluation of five hundred and fortyone dollars there on coin based by the way I own two hundred and sixty one dollars because the price went down I tried buying three hundred dollars worth in the price they go down so Ive lost a little bit on a u.s.

Bitcoins Price Prediction of 20, 000 2020! Bitcoin SV and Alt Coins Explanation CoinbaseRobinhood

coin which is not good but its like whatever so the thing about US coin is that just recently joined coin basis what they were saying on the articles and stuff its saying its gonna become you know tether stable coin now available on us blockchain interest so theres new news about the US see the u.s. is now available on coinbase I picked on that in bottom you know so hopefully it continues to go up lets look at the alltime high for the EOS so EOS coin I have to learn more about the EOS coin I also should make more articles about what is like you know Ive made a woman article what our lumens and stuff I need to make a article what is rebel coins I also need to make a article what is US coins the same thing with probably Bitcoin I should buy just make it updated Bitcoin article Ive got lots of articles to be making I also want to do a article on driving a Tesla Tesla you know test drive what are the different types of Teslas you can buy and stuff like that why Tesla would be a good investment as far as buying that vehicle the reason is that you can get a federal tax credit also it uses electric versus gas or gonna save money by driving it every mile thats a very good reason and if you drive on lyft app you get paid double because its rated as a luxury vehicle thats interesting fact so youve got the EOS coin alltimehigh 2289 but if you look at the coin base its at 1882 lets see if we can find the u.s.

Bitcoins Price Prediction of 20, 000 2020! Bitcoin SV and Alt Coins Explanation CoinbaseRobinhood

coin on Robin Hood and it says the alltime high was lets see if theyre different though yeah so we got 1889 right here and 2289 over here lets see we can find it I wonder if you cant find that coin on Robin Hood okay probably not but lets look at some different points for quick so if you have to discover more assets youve got the price you can go what is the most offensive coins you can do the change so today the best earner was aetherium classic yesterday it was you know my Bitcoin Hitoshi version and then you can see you can like follow each coin this is the zr x coin lets look at this like i havent bought any of this coin because like it was up at the 253 and now its at 34 cents its a pretty cheap coin i could also invest some money in this ox coin or ZRX coin because its got room for potential for making gains as well i have to do some more research on this it says you can earn ox if you get started lets see what it says all of its been claims so that stocks going off to do some investigations on this but right now its pretty cheap Id say it hasnt really spiked so its currently a good price because I was buying ripple and lumens when they spiked I tried to buy earlier but I would had to wait for all this money to transfer it does take time to get your money to transfer on Robin Hood and on coinbase to get verified aid s take time so if you want to buy like kind of like two weeks in advance be ready to buy like like lets say you want to buy you know a thousand dollars with a ripple like you need to have like at least two weeks waiting time for that to work and you have money available obviously so thats the Ox coin what else do we have weve got the bat token yeah thats gone down a little bit not available on coin based theres other coins I can be buying Im only buying out on coin base and Robin Hood but I could be trying some different other exchanges the best urner and lets see you yeah it says the Bitcoin satoshi version was the best earner of the day cosmos coin not hurt anything about the cosmos coin called atom not available and coin e this you have I knew that it set an alltime high thats interesting so right here is at six dollars and sixty cents and its at 6:42 thats pretty alltime high whats this I dont know how to figure out more information on this if you guys have information on these coins that Im not like sure about let me know and what else do we have we have the Tron coin I have heard stuff about this coin its down 6 today thats interesting Ive heard about 1 euro and coin these are coins that you can mine with a crypto rig but I did research on that and it says that if you want to become a cryptocurrency miner it is not worth it youre not going to be making that much money because theres people that like already have all mine rigs you know with different like graphics cards versus you know having like its a dedicated graphics card that like will mine these coins versus having a CAD gtx 1070 to mine these llanera and coins what are the cheapest coins we can buy like that might become something like good value so the cheapest coin we own the the lumens we own the ripple these coins we own like a little bit of bad token we wont like 3 worth but we dont really own most of this either not available on coinbase see if we can get some of these cheap coins and if they could do good we could make some money like some serious money like if any of these super cheap coins would enough like 10 or even 1 any of these coins went up Ive been looking at me into the dobbs when I actually own 67 or like 60 of the dodge point but if you look at that this is not a penny this is a third of a penny super cheap its got like about eight percent let me show you got no Robin Hood account as far as the dodge coins I own 61 I actually have a two cent so two cent yeah stunt return I guess it says I my equity is 20 cents I bought 18 cents worth which gave me 61 and if you guys look at the monthly graph its only gone up for me so its basically up 28 in the last month there is room for the dodge point I looked into it its basically like a coin this was like two people with kind of an interesting coin I dont know if its gonna have like better effect in the future after look look into like other coins that could make more money weve got all sorts of different ones we could be buying we got the bike coin the pony coin the bit tone bit torrent token coin the Dent coin Hollow coin the dodge coin the siakam cone the ve chain coin The Verge coin the vest chain u.s. coin the digi bite the Zilla coin Aurora coin status coin Tron coin project pie coin decentraland laksa mine coin low praying bitshares Raven coin loom network wax coin crypto calm chain the ardor coin the nem coin Cardno coin a Gollum coin 3 vain coin the by tome that a token and join clean law token AF coin a John coin Ariane coin made safe coin in sight chain inside chain yeah a BBC coin soft coin stem coin icon coin iota coin AE coin arc coin chain link Stratos pack so standard token true United States dollar that stays at a dollar tether stays at a dollar troop Ching Z or GX chain coin ku chain shares interesting they got sures of that one thats interesting matter first ETP Bitcoin diamond I have heard of the Bitcoin diamond this ones like kinda sketchy like its pretty chief right now like I dont know much about this one on to our G coin the tezos coin comodo coin crypto next coin the Nano coin the eight share coin the nash exchange coke token the list token the walton chain the Osmo go chain coin waves monocaine the HT coin the q Tom coin the cosmos coin crypto calm fact um coin the Zen cache the Neo coin the decreed coin bit coin gold like finance the digi deo coin the kobata coin 48 my narrow MINIX okay you messed me up but those were a lot of the coins lets see what else yeah I kind of messed up my thing but anyways those are the coins Im pretty much brought all these other articles they basically says the coins are going to be going you know up and down generally on the trend upwards it thinks that lumens and ripples can go above a dollar so thats pretty much the article for today if you guys enjoyed the article make sure to leave a like subscribe and comment Ill try to have like a full breakdown on the Dodge coin the ripple coin and the Bitcoin in the future make sure to leave a like subscribe and comment also click those links in the description and well see you guys the next article peace bye

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