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Calc Finance 17 – Finding future N value and yearsmonths using TVM solver.

Calc Finance 17 - Finding future N value and yearsmonths using TVM solver.
Calc Finance 17 - Finding future N value and yearsmonths using TVM solver.

Calc Finance 17 – Finding future N value and years/months using TVM solver.

what’s up guys this is sean here for another calculator tutorial and in this video tutorial i’ll be going over how to find the future and value or future year value using TVM solver okay so in all to go to those TVM solver you gotta press this button called apps on your calculator and the apps is located right next to green alpha key on your calculator and if you press apps you’ll be brought into this applications tab right and if you look at the number one it says finance that’s what we’re gonna go for so hit enter and if you do that you will see TVM solver on the first one so hit enter again okay so in this video tutorial i’ll be using this example here and go ahead and pause the video to read it over but those of you who have a smaller screen let’s read it I’ll read it for you so it says Zack purchased a bond with face value of $10,000 for $4,200 to build a new sport Stadium if the bond pays six point five percent annual interest compounded monthly how long does he hold it until it reached its full face value okay so okay so we got the all the information that we need to solve for the future value or the future year right so because we want to solve what the N is we have to leave it as zero okay you can leave it you can leave any number there but just put something in there the number the I percentage means interest percentage and we had a six point five percent interest put six point five and the present value is how much he have paid already and he paid $4,200 out of $10,000 right so we got to put negative 4200 and here you have to watch out for this negative sign because if you put minus sign here it will give you an error so make sure you press that negative sign right under that number three keypad right below that number three keypad okay so type in minus 4200 and payment will be zero because we don’t know that information right so just leave it as zero and the future value is a $10,000 so just put $10,000 and a P – why and see – why those R stands for payment per year I think or paying per year or something like that but what we’re gonna put there is we’re gonna put how many times the interest compounds in one year and question said if you go back to question the question said a compounds monthly right which means for 12 for one year it’s gonna compound 12 times so we got to put 12 and once you hit 12 notice the second one changes also so I guess those have to be same okay so we filled up everything except the N value here and in order to solve for n here comes the magic so you have to press this alpha key the green one here and once you press that alpha key you have to hit this button call enter on your calculator so hit alpha and while on if you look on the screen once you hit alpha you’ll see that this blank or the black cursor here it has letter A in it it indicates that you pressed alpha and once you press alpha hit enter guess what you got the N value by magic it’s cool okay so if you wanted to that’s how many months is it takes him to pay off that $10,000 so hundred sixty month if you wanted to find how many years he would took you would have to just divide that one hundred sixty point five eight by twelve to find the early value and yeah that’s it for how to find the N value using TVM solver so if you guys have any other questions please leave questions on the comment below and see you guys next time thanks

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