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CoTrader Transparent Live Investment Platform ICO Review

CoTrader Transparent Live Investment Platform ICO Review what is going on with the people this is fail again after service from payperclick crypto answer day guys we have a new episode about the code trader I see review code reader is a live trading investment platform on the blockchain and this is so similar to icos like Corvis thing so lets try to dig and find what is inside this ICO but before we start guys before we start this review I want encourage all of you please dont forget to hit the subscribe button below and also click that notification bell right next to it so that you will be part of my notification squad coderaider is a very interesting ICU you know why there is a solid greeting from the experts of ICU bench with four point one out of five average rating by more than ten experts actually thirteen expert gasps hard top is set to ten million u.s.

CoTrader Transparent Live Investment Platform ICO Review

dollars unfortunately this ICU already reached its soft cup which is really good for investors right now they already raised more than one male one thousand interims already actually there is more than a month left before this ico will end 33 days to be exact so if you are going to decide that youre going to contribute this ico then you still have a couple of weeks to do it gas or you can wait the exchange market because the price of most of the icos and exchanges now are far more lesser than the ico price because if you have understand we are now currently in the bear market situation but soon it up.maybe bull market will come so just try to pray that will happen so soon they will be accepting interim and Bitcoin as a way of payment for this ICU and whisper investors from United States of America and Israel are not allowed to participate in this ico any fully clear basic compliance full kyc compliance to token sale contribute contributors or participants is a must for this either so make sure you will pass the KYC if youre going to invest with this ICU and as a reminder residents prime united states of america and israel please stay away from this ICU because im very confident that you cannot pass the KYC compliance code reader have a new article presentation guys about the project you can see it here in the dashboard i mean in the home page up there talking save website lets write to see if lets try to say it so that you will have a more clear overview about the project so this is guys there have been many 100x returns in the crypto market whether the market is going up or down the best investors and traders outperform most people who dont have the time and resources to match the results there are thousands of complicated kryptos and icos and most people dont know what to invest in and when co trader solves these critical problems to disrupt the 85 trillion dollar global investment funds industry co trader introduces blockchain smart funds that empower investors called co traders to invest with the best proven traders for the first time in history investors have proof of trader performance and the unique ability to withdraw their own assets from any trader at any time co traders infrastructure supports not just Kryptos but also i ce os stocks shorts derivatives and cant open eyes all assets on any exchange users automatically build up a performance history by using smart funds top traders and influencers have tremendous incentive to be listed in the code trader marketplace and compete for investors because this leverages and multiplies their own earnings enormous ly by using privacypreserving smart contracts co trader tokens may hide traders valuable investment strategies traders can choose their own performance fees of which the platform takes a small fee all platform profits may be used to buy that code trader tokens co trader is the investments and trading platform of the future live now on the etherium main net early adopters have a chance to top the charts so start building up your performance history today whitelist and make gains now at code trader calm that is the article guys coderaider is a project that is set to disrupt the 85 trillion US dollars investment funds industry it is a decentralized and it is also the worlds first working blockchain investment funds marketplace so that is very very interesting were in despair in this platform guy investors called cool traders can invest with the best fund managers called traders without sending the traders the crypto assets so what I really like about this copy trading platform guys so like I said it is like the idea is like Co vesting and similar other I SEOs out there but what I really like I mean this ICO is a copy trading platform but what I really like about this platform guys is that it is a decent relized so it is very safe and transparent just like you can check the 8th floor or the 8th Erskine in the atrium network another thing is that as an investor you can see the Twitters past performance history of their investments so you can also see the exact performance success fee of that certain fund manager and anyone can be a fund manager with core trader platform but only the most successful traders of our fund managers will be on the top list and anyone anyone can join their crypto fund and without knowing theyre without knowing their investment strategy so that is really really cool guys so when we try to look at the roadmap coderaider guys we can see here that they have started the project last July 2017 so that it is more than a year and one month now already be this right now and the token sale will set the and next month September under live MVP is already in the country their main map so this is the MVP guys as I say it is decentralized and there are two bottles here in the right corner of the screen withdraw and deposit so you can try to click deposit if you are going to join the crypto fund of a certain fund manager if you think this is a really good investment or withdraw if you already have profits from the investments that you made you can also see here the one prepend in this investment and how big is the value of this investments so pretty much everything that and I see you trader or investor is here already as well as the performance of the investment for the past few days or weeks guys I hope they can improve this one because I can only see here a the past seven days and if you if you click the fund name or fund owner guys you will be redirected to enter scan which completely proves that this crypt of crypto fund manager a descriptive pine and this fund manager manager is 100 legit if you have observed guys anyone can be a fund manager or a trader like I said earlier but the investors or the core trader cannot see the investment strategy of the fund manager and that makes this platform very unique as well what can you expect with a decentralized platform just like you terraeum the investment strategy of fund manager is completely anonymous with this platform which is very very cool guys when we go over to the exchange tab people we can see here that the different cryptocurrencies and the past I cos that is already in the market now here we can exchange or swap are talking to other tokens not just a Trillium automatically because code reader platform have is smart escrow account that will do the exchange automatically just one that is very very cool for the talk and economics now of court raider platform I mean decoder in your ICO the talk talk and ticker name SEO t co T is a standard e rc playing the utility talking the total supply of co t tokens is set to 100 billion tokens which is quite very very high to in the military twenty percent of these tokens guys will go to the token sale or twenty billion C or T tokens average price up C the tokens is around point zero zero one u.s. dollar which is quite a reasonable price ten percent will go to the bounty air drop and future promotions 50 of the tokens will be allocated for the operation there is wherein there is a vesting period of four years for this allocation and that is a really really good news for IC and better I just hope it is true and 20 percent tokens allocated for the team and advisers with also four years visiting period so theres a thumbs up guys the tokens allocated for the team and for me that for me guys although it is a very long vesting period but the talked and allocated for the team is quite higher than average guys its a thumbs down for me but the baseline period for these tokens is a thumbs up which just makes everything if still it positive now put hype and marketing awareness up the core trader I see you how many people are aware with consider by now and how big is a community supporting core trader so as you can see here there are more than thirty thousand thirty three thousand face book likes thirty nine thousand Twitter followers and more than 60, 000 telegram members theres a lot of people guys with this amount of people supporting a project like cotrainer there is almost a guarantee that core trader will have a huge volume in the future exchange markets and that is a lot of these people are following this pray that if a lot of these people are following this project well the hype is quite very impressive about this ICO community that but the project is one the most important factor that determine the ICO success in the post ICO era of any ICO now put a team an advisor a coroner this project have a very good core team there are 29 people working in it which is make it really really big compared to other i ciose the CEO Gary Bernstein is a swap software engineer for a long time already guys he is also a businessman two different companies already which pack up his experience in the business space already I just hope this ICU is a success guys a lot of people that invest in crypto need this kind of project and this could be Garys next big thing just hope so all I can I can wish for there for all the IC o is a success because it will help the whole crypto market in general so the because more more successful icos makes the people adapt makes more a lot of people adapt to use cryptocurrency in the future because I believe cryptocurrency is the future Im equipped to enthusiastic aside from a very big core team guys lets go back to the core trader our view I start from a very big core team code reader also have six advisors and these advisors includes crypto analysts marketing advisor strategic advisor dicta and algorithmic trading advisor communication and crypto Fenric advisers so for me guys core trader have a very decent team you should I think you should have an eye you should not worry about the team the MVP looks great you can try it its really really cool it is completely anonymous and I think a lot of successful planning manager will use it as an earned to earn more extra money it is very different that I see you like conversing although the concept is the art is the same it is a capa trading platform so pretty much I just hope it will be a success I see oh so that ends our review about culture 8 there guys if you have any thoughts about this project let me know in the comment section below and dont forget to hit the like subscribe and notification bill so that ends my review about Co trader and see you in the next episode or pay per click crypto Cheers you

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