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CRYPTOTALK.ORG ! NEW FORUM EARN 1000 SATS OF BTC PER POST! WORLDWIDE! so right whats up E yo boy Kryptos home coming at you with another article so new crypto forum where you could actually get paid for posting and Im gonna show you guys how so its called crypto talk org Im gonna leave a link in the description also gonna leave a link to yo bit which is an exchange you need to sign up to in order to be able to collect your BTC now basically on any comment that you create youre gonna get a thousand SATs for that alright now every time that you make a post on that particular comment youre also gonna get a thousand sets or if youre just looking to go on there and talk to people on the forum youre gonna get a thousand sets just for leaving that comment now you do need to make sure that the comment is at least 100 characters long thats basically the catch right there so really what you could do is you could breeze through here theres a lot of information in this forum lets say youre looking for a new crypto wallet and you want to go check out some wallets you click here alright and thatll bring you to basically a bunch of discussions on wallets here so so lets go ahead and check this one out says suggest the best wallet to keep BTC safe so if you go ahead and click on that youre gonna see that he made a comment that was at least a hundred characters along here and then a lot of other people have commented on here as well now all these people that are commenting on here theyre gonna get a thousand at so basically youre incentivized to talk to other people about bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency in this case wallets so lets go to lets go over to one of my posts here were gonna go to my active streams content I started now remember guys this is people from all over the world not just particularly one area Ive noticed a lot of the people are from India a lot of people from Asia so were gonna scroll all the way up and the discussion I started was the best crypto debit card and basically I asked if anyone knew about the crypto calm debit card here thats paying 8 on iOS deposits you can earn 50 in MgO tokens after you stake the MCO tokens for a sixmonth lock a lot of people responded unfortunately the majority of the people here are in India or in other countries that cannot sign up yet for this particular card but it is good exposure to get out there because now these people are hearing about this particular card and at the same time every time I make a post or I do a reply thats over a hundred characters Im gonna get a thousand SATs so basically what you want to do is youre gonna want to go ahead and Im gonna sign out so what youre gonna want to do is youre gonna want to go to sign up thats gonna bring you to this screen youre gonna put a display name youre gonna put an email address password you can either send me news and updates unclick or check it and then you can go to I agree and then create my account from there now for yo bit what you want to do is the same thing you want to go to this area over here Im gonna go ahead and click exit youre gonna want to go to registration at the top right youre gonna put your login which should be a username not an email there youre gonna put your email address youre gonna put your password try and put a strong password I noticed if you put a weak password it doesnt go through after you put in a strong password you register and you should be good to go they do send you an email confirmation letting you know that your account is activated so let me go back to the login here and there we go logged in so what youre gonna want to do first thing is youre gonna want to put in pay by posts at the top here so as you can see at the top here Ive paid by posts at the end here so youre gonna put in pay by post like that click enter and then as you can see here I got my your crypto talk UID set up here now the reason why that is is because I already put my email address in you need to make sure your email address is the same with crypto talk so that it knows exactly who you are and then it gives you the UID so as you can see I did make one post however I commented over a hundred characters on each each post now I guess the trick here is that next payout will occur upon reaching 100 useful posts so once you hit 100 useful post youre going to hit a thousand sets for each particular post that youre gonna make so I have a long ways to go but in my thats very lucrative here because again youre gonna get a lot of people in here that may be interested in a lot of the things that you may have to offer like I can come in here and promote the spend card I can come and promote the Voyager wallet or any other wallets to have like a referral link or something like that you could save people in this forum arent interested in they might click your link so it might make it worth it so sort of like telegram in a way however this is a little more useful just because you could go to the home page here and see all different types of topics where people are actually incentivized to post good posts and not just crap so you also got things like bounties here if you guys are into air drops you can check that out coins and tokens talk trading marketplace ICO and ayios mobile apps tutorials mining which gives you info on miners for sale gambling hypes free coins so we could talk about Trond apps and things of that nature so Ill go ahead and click on that and maybe you could find something that youre looking to play around with over here you know as you can see you got gambling pipes very risky free coins you can make your own post in here as well like I mentioned maybe Ill come in here and put in something on bankroll which is a great tap on trom which i think is awesome so if people using your referral link from here thats completely decentralized so it doesnt matter you dont have to worry about people not being able to use your referral link because they cant get in in that particular country on some of these dabs on Tron 90 theorem you could do it from all over the world so thats a great place to find stuff like that if youre interested in it go ahead and check out bounties here so bounties a lot of stuff on here trading on by Nance whats your income from the bounty New Year promotion from currency calm gifts worth 10 so good information here they also got another one here so earn a free four hundred to five hundred Satoshis free lunches deposit and get up to 500 USD tea so maybe some of this stuff might not work out but hey its worth a shot if you guys are into stuff like this then why not this guys posting four invites to earn a minimum 1000s and up to fifty EOS available now I know for sure this ones legit because this is probably the coinbase link that I was sending to you guys a while ago if you sign up for coinbase and go onto coinbase comm slash earn youll be able to earn AOS you can earn Dai token you can earn xlm and I believe theres a couple of other ones as well so Ive earned a lot of free crypto you know just from like referral links like this and doing little tasks here and there so a good place to find some cool stuff to get some free crypto you could also go to activity here and then go to search and then you can search a term so lets go ahead and put in free crypto and see what pops up scroll down a little bit see if we see anything good here so we got this guy here promoting that crypto tab browser I dont really trust that 100 but a lot of people have used it the crypto tab browser its a Google Chrome extension that you can go to and actually mines crypto while youre browsing which is pretty cool so if youre into stuff like that you can find stuff like that on here heres another one here so this guys putting out crypto calm as well and basically shilling his link to try and get referrals so if you guys dont have a YouTube channel and youre not really big on social media this is a good way to kind of get your referral links out there because really only needs to do is sign up make a post and then if someone uses that link then hey you just made a free 50 bucks plus youre getting a thousand stats every time you make a post so lets just say a hundred people hit the link and only one person uses it I mean well it was worth the five minutes of your time to sign up and go ahead and post in the forum especially with the fact that if you do it a lot over time those sats are gonna add up and as you can see I already got three posts here that only took me about 10 minutes so I could probably get up to that hundred post within a couple of days or if Im on the computer a lot and I got a lot of links to shell then hey I can get up there a lot quicker and thats kind of what I plan to do I plan to come on here chill all my links and if people click it great if they dont hey it is what it is again its a numbers game guys you get a lot of people this way so definitely a great way to leverage your referral links again if youre not really a crypto influencer or anybody whos utilizing social media that much so if you click over here to leader board itll show you how many people are our acts killing it over here so to tell you content count this guys got 1794 two hundred and fourteen points another guy with 1790 posts so some people are on this constantly and its in all language itself like if you see this guy heres got it in like Russian or something you can go ahead and install Google Chrome extension you know to translate the page so you can get a translation for whatever is on these posts which i think is really cool because again youre gonna get people from all over the world not everybody speaks english but the majority of the people on this site are posting in english the other language seems to be Russian so again if youre interested in looking at a post you could just install the google chrome translate and thatll translate everything into English for you so that you can understand that and read it properly so back here in forms you can also see total members is twenty two thousand four hundred and forty two the most online ever was fifty one eighty seven total topics was five thousand eight hundred and seventy one in total posts so far as six hundred and fifty two thousand posts in here because like I said I mean its youre incentivized to post you get good information and you can also shell your links and people might click them which is great so again this is another way for you to make money in crypto without having to do a ton of work now like lets say youre at work or something and you work on the computer all day you could be in these forums you could just leave a couple of referral links here and there and hey you never know if someone might someone might click them and on top of that you earn a thousand stats per post you do gotta wait a bit but hey it is what it is it incentivizes you to post and keep pushing them links so that about wraps it up guys let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below all the links for crypto talk and yo bit will be in the description and with that being said like subscribe turn up those notifications highlight

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