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Great User Experience for SAP S4HANA 1610 with SAP Fiori 2.0

Great User Experience for SAP S4HANA 1610 with SAP Fiori 2.0

Great User Experience for SAP S/4HANA 1610 with SAP Fiori 2.0

so hello my name is Tom rice from the user experience and free product management team and I’d like to give you an introduction to the award-winning fury to our user experience coming your way with s4 Hana 1610 so what we see here is the homepage with a new Belize theme and one of the important aspects with fury tile is helping you get your work done quicker and more effectively one of the aspects is navigation you see here the anchor bars and on the right you see notifications and you can navigate directly here to workflow items so let’s have a look at the notification area here on the right as you can see you’ve got notifications you can group them by type for example expand the groups looking at the requisitions that you have by date and now let’s have a look at one of these items you see you can actually approve or reject directly without even having to go into them or you can also click on the notification go directly into the inbox item itself and process that okay so we go back we see here another aspect of navigation is the me area you can not only start applications via tiles you can also now you look at the recently used applications and start them and these are available everywhere not just from the home page from any application you can go and start a reason to use app ok another important aspect is you can very easily configure the layout of the home page for yourself so you can just move tiles around for example you can also go into the me area and edit the home page as you can see and for example you can simply just move the groups around or you can even add new groups to do that you go into the app finder where you have a catalog of all the apps you can also access via the user menu and the S ap menu the applications in the backend so with s for Hana 16:10 you have the fury theme for all applications you can use the home page – Launchpad to access everything not only Fury apps also s ap GUI and web dynpro applications ok so let’s have a look now at how Furey to our helps you get your work done better so I’m now a buyer looking at human overview page a new pattern with theory – oh as you can see here we have cards which give you information at your fingertips about what you need to do so this is helping you manage by exception you see for example cards here for contract monitoring so this contract for example is added getting out of date or urgent purchase requisition items supplier valuation trend etc you can click on each line to go into the details click on the header’ going into the overall list what’s very cool is you can also filter so you can filter here for example by the actual vendor and then every tile shows only information relevant for that vendor so if you were for example going to visit the supplier you could do that obviously here for example the supplier evaluation trend isn’t looking good let’s drill down deep you see here all the information already filtered for this one supplier now another aspect that helps you work faster is search and we’ve done a lot also here with search so if we search for example for information around Polaris you see here we immediately get the list the results suppliers the first one which you’d expect you get the information immediately it that you can look at without having to drill down and you also see here you’ve got direct access to further function so you can go immediately to actions around the supplier now what you can also do here is quite easily filter further so do facet filters so for example look at all the purchase orders for Polaris and even further you can go down and use this graphical filter for example and choose only the drills and now you see all the purchase orders for Polaris relating to these drills so as you can see fury 2o helps you navigate and get your work done quicker here we’re going down into the purchase order itself directly from the search result so that was a quick overview of fury 200 with s 416 10 I hope you’re now curious to learn more thank you you

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