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I Tried INVESTING in Bitcoin for a YEAR Beginner Crypto

I Tried INVESTING in Bitcoin for a YEAR Beginner Crypto

I Tried INVESTING in Bitcoin for a YEAR Beginner Crypto so you guys still want to buy some Bitcoin you know you want to spend fifty hundred to three hundred thousand dollars on buying Bitcoin and you want to make millions of dollars so this is gonna be so this is gonna be a follow up article to my last article what is it how to buy Bitcoin in 2019 its been a long while since I made any content about cryptocurrency but for you guys for all the guys that follow me because of crypto this is gonna be for you so right now in my hand Im holding a basic miner this is what I use this is a s9 this is an s9 and this is what I use to my Bitcoin back in the day currently I dont think that mining bitcoin is gonna make you any money it sure didnt make me any money I probably just barely broke even mining Bitcoin and thats like over a year ago over II almost two years ago so drop me a like for the Bitcoin miners out there it took me a while to realize that it was not worth my time theres a big misconception out there that anybody that buys Bitcoin is just gonna be a millionaire tomorrow that is not hot that is definitely not how it works I get countless of people messaging me I want to buy Bitcoin I want to become rich thats not how it works all right thats not how investing in Bitcoin works and that is just not how investing works at all if you bought Bitcoin eight years ago seven six years ago you would be most likely a Bitcoin millionaire by now and you held through the entire time so if you think that buying Bitcoin now you would be able to be rich in like a year two three years down the road I got sad news for you most likely thats not gonna happen thats just not how investing works that is just what they call pure speculation you know also known as gambling thats why in the past year two years Ive recently moved towards safer investments where you know Im buying stocks that paying dividends Im buying real estate that generates rents every single month and that is how Im making my investments work for me now were back in the day I gambled on a lot of stuff I had cash lying around for investing and I bought a lot of crypto at that time and you know it didnt turn out that well to be honest all in all I just broke even when it came to my investments in cryptocurrency so now so currently Ive been invested in crypto since probably the end of 2019 when you know Bitcoin was that four thousand five thousand dollars it shot up all the way to 20 thousand at the end of 2017 and you know 2018 it coasted all the way back down to three thousand dollars and I made this article around the beginning of this year 2019 and and in this article bitcoin is at five thousand currently bitcoin is sitting at lets take a look and currently bitcoin right now is sitting at nine thousand one hundred ninety dollars that is all Im holding when it comes to my cryptocurrency portfolio Ive sold off almost all of my I sold off all my all coins the only thing that Im holding right now Im holding Bitcoin Im holding Finance coin and Im holding Walton chained coin those are the only three things in my portfolio now Ive really consolidated it because I think that most of these all coins theyre not gonna youre not gonna become rich by investing in these this is just gonna this is again pure speculation most likely its just not gonna happen in this article I even told you guys not to go looking into the comment section and a lot of you guys listen to me but even more of you guys did not listen to me at all in the comment section these are just all scammers and all BOTS and you know these guys just want to take your money from you Im not selling you guys anything here Im just telling you guys how to buy Bitcoin and hold it for yourselves but the people that are in the comment section these guys want you to send them Bitcoin and they say that theyre gonna you know trade with it and then give you profits in return but basically once you send them your bitcoins is done its over with a lot of people have been DMing me in on Instagram telling me should I give this guy my money they say theyre gonna give me X amount in return if I gave them like this much money in Bitcoin the reason why they want you to send them Bitcoin is because its untraceable once you send them that Bitcoin that theyre gone they disappeared and youre never gonna see your money back at all and thats probably the number one thing that has turned me away when it cant when it comes to cryptocurrency theres just so many people losing money left and right so just to show you guys more proof not to look into the description box for anything cryptocurrency related on youtube thats right on youtube just if there is anything that has to do with cryptocurrency just dont look in the in the comment section so on this article that I post I have likely spam here 1, 100 comments in my health for review theres just theres 611 comments health review and all of them is sending you to a link for you guys to buy something for you guys to send somebody money or emails theres a lot of emails theres a lot of whatsapp numbers just dont fall for any of it man dont invest your money with anybody that is promising you a return on cryptocurrency some of the bots are so advanced you know theres like ten different accounts one person would comment something and then ten different accounts would comment under it saying oh yeah I didnt I did work or Ive invested with this soandso person and Ive made this much money from this soandso person this soandso person gave me three free bitcoins why would anybody in their right mind give you thirty thousand dollars worth a Bitcoin for no reason that just doesnt make any sense what Ive realized is that greedy people are the ones that get scammed the most or people that are just in a really bad situation and are looking for any type of way out those are the ones that are easily targeted you know I I fell for it myself man I fell for some scams myself so when it comes to Bitcoin I still recommend coinbase com there are theyre basically almost worldwide at this point theres a bunch of places that you know Nigeria a lot of people from Nigeria watch this channel shout out to you guys leave me a like give you guys an idea if not leave me a like anyways as well but yeah theres some places that you know theres just not accessible to buy from coinbase so you guys have to look elsewhere but basically I buy all my Bitcoin on coinbase and even through them you can earn up to 130 in encrypted húrin see Ive done this and basically what Ive done is um lets click here so Ive you know Ive signed up for this and Ive actually earned you know 20 worth of dài here and once I get this I would just trade it in to USD and then just withdraw the money and transfer it to my bank account thats all I did I am NOT Im not invested into any of these all coins like I said all coins I dont think that any of them are gonna be successful in the future but you know someones gonna come back to this five ten years down the line and says I cant believe you said all coins are not gonna be successful I I bet you 100 percent theyre gonna do that so my number one thing is that if youre gonna buy Bitcoin if youre gonna buy cryptocurrency try to stick with you know the top 5 here top 4 these are gonna be your best bet to you know not lose that much value but you know Im just completely speculating here so one question I got asked a lot is why didnt I mention Robin Hood and Bitcoin and buying Bitcoin on Robin Hood and the reason why I didnt mention it in that article is because I completely forgot that you can buy Bitcoin on Robin Hood and Ive tried and Ive tried buying Bitcoin on Robin Hood as well like you can see look at these old numbers here from 2018 and in the beginning of 2019 I was buying Bitcoin at like 3, 600 if I held on to it since then like I would have tripled up all my money but but the thing about buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and Robin Hood is that you do not get to own the cryptocurrency and if youre doing any type of investing with cryptocurrency on Robin Hood all it is is just trading and thats the one thing I tried to stay away from is trading every single day trading every single week so Ive tried Bitcoin trading on Robin Hood and its alright its not too bad but my but my investing strategy has completely changed over the last year and if Im doing anything with Bitcoin is just gonna be buying and holding and the only way to do it that I know of that safe is through coinbase so if youre planning to do day trading swing trading with Bitcoin on robhinhood its completely fine youre gonna be able to do it its just that theyre gonna be charging you a premium on every single trade even though they say its free trading just be aware of that so I still think Bitcoin is gonna be your number one best bet if youre gonna try to make any type of money from the cryptocurrency game this is gonna this is the number one biggest crypto currency out there and most likely its gonna be like this who knows forever and this is where it all started so for 99 of you guys out there that are interested in buying Bitcoin coin basis the way to go wash my older article if you guys want to see exactly how to do it this is just gonna be a follow up article to that if you guys want to see more safer investments like dividend investing real estate investing all of that is in my channel and that is what Im more passionate about at this current time so if you guys want to watch that I would really recommend you guys do that because it is a lot safer than cryptocurrency so dividend investing real estate investing click these articles here like the article if you havent liked it subscribe for content just like this real deal experienced no advice especially from cryptocurrency hit the notifications to get my next article and I love you a few thousand Ill see you in the next one bye

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