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John MCAFEE Says BUY 1 BITCOIN Before PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP Leaves OFFICE In 2020! This Is SHOCKING hey what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another article here today from the tech cash house as always hope all you guys are having an awesome one now in todays article I want to go ahead and talk about some more John McAfee realness that hes spitting out on Twitter actually a couple of days ago he had to go dark again and he said that the United States government is closing in on him essentially and that he needs to flee and get back on the water leaving Cuba and go somewhere else its a very interesting situation and honestly its almost like watching a spy novel or a spy movie unfolding its kind of crazy to see him moving around so much but you know what guys hes evading the US government so Im not really okay to surprised so anyway guys put that ping said I want to talk about some stuff from his Twitter feed lately and why its relevant okay and I also want to talk about bitcoins current price because right now the price is heading upward and things are looking awesome its doing exactly what I thought it would be doing and thats great to see okay so anyway I want to talk about that talk about McAfee and what exactly he is saying about you know the government and some other news and with that being said guys if you like the article go ahead drop it a like subscribe and share for more of those things off the channel out a lot of course of course okay and lets go ahead and go for 200 likes 5000 views for mr.


John McAfee and lets kick things off by starting out the article with a discussion about bitcoins current price what is it doing what do I expect it to do in the next couple of days well lets go ahead and take a look of course right so uh bitcoin is essentially right now is doing pretty well its about eleven grand because we are coming off of a pretty strong cell cycle of course when Bitcoin hit about 9, 500 or so or even when it dropped below 10, 000 for a brief period during this time here okay on the 16th of June we saw a massive massive panic cell which pushed Bitcoin down to about 9 grand per you now obviously that has implications for the wider market that caused a lot of alt coins and other Kryptos to dip slightly but Bitcoin has now recovered pretty well largely because that was an anomaly in terms of selling and in terms of the overall market trend now in terms of the greater trend we are still in a bull cycle things are still looking pretty darn good and we are still heading upward with some good momentum thats pretty obvious to see from these stochastic Sande these other indicators here especially MACD on the 16th of June here we saw a massive selloff occur are pretty much culminating in the drop of Bitcoin to about 9 grand per unit and then the price is now heading upward which is of course no surprise if you have market experience or you know what Bitcoin does and you know its very cyclical this is pretty much what youve come to expect okay essentially once we bottomed out and reach an oversold point the price trends higher until we hit an overbought point at which point the prices artificially high and then the price drops again now generally speaking the price is pretty realistically measured at about here okay when the RSI the relative strength index here is middling when these stochastic SAR not overbought but not oversold theyre kind of middling as well thats when the price is really reflective of true value and thats what we really you know need to keep an eye out for and the overall trend with bitcoins value a lot of people are too quick to say you know bitcoin is worth too much right now its technically over a bite you know its not worth anything its based on air and literally looking at the technicals you can see that right now Bitcoin is too low thats actually below its fair value and thats something thats really important to consider remember bitcoins price doesnt care about what people feel about it it cares about the market it cares about facts and it cares about numerical values okay bitcoin is doing what it does fundamentally its not based on emotion its not based on somebodys feelings it is traded on sentiment but sentiment is overall an indicator its not how somebody feels about Bitcoin bitcoin is backed by math its backed by a large market and its backed by demand so if anyone tells you that big is backed by nothing I want you to tell them youre completely wrong okay Bitcoin is backed by the math that supports it okay look at the white paper its very obvious to see so anyway guys with that being said thats bitcoins current price situation things are still going extremely well and are still looking quite good so with all that being considered I want to go ahead and change gears now and talk about mr. McAfee and his opinions what exactly is he doing whats going on lets go ahead and find out so guys I want to lead here by saying that Donald Trump right now on the surface is not exactly supportive of Bitcoin in fact we all know a few days ago actually at this point probably bout a week ago he released a lot of tweets that were pretty critical of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general okay and the United States government is now moving to try to control Bitcoin to a greater degree now obviously Newton and the other people in power especially in regard to economics have said that bitcoin is something that they are hoping to regulate you know they want to make sure that criminal activity is not a problem but its not something that they want to eliminate or entirely get rid of okay bitcoin is still something that they think has a place in the United States but heres the thing okay fundamentally speaking all right like I just said fundamentals are things that we really need to look to when it comes to our personal estimates of their coins value fundamentally speaking Bitcoin cannot be killed by the government and that is something that is so critical to understand so I want to you know take a second to talk about some you know tweets from McAfee that really illustrate this fact I think pretty well okay so recently India was thinking about possibly banning crypto because its not a statesponsored currency McAfee weighs in on that by saying and I quote India announces its plan to ban all crypto okay or it plans to ban all crypto banning mosquitos after a rain in the summer would stand a better chance of being enforceable and yes thats entirely true okay banning all crypto really is not something thats realistic banning crypto is pretty much counterintuitive why do you think people used Bitcoin and crypto in the first place they used it to get around regulations and to essentially skirt around systems that they didnt like thats why its useful because it can be incognito now of course Bitcoin and other mainstream kryptos are reinforced by the blockchain they are essentially traceable you know the bitcoin is actually more enforced than cash in terms of legality but with that being said the government simply cannot wakens the wake up and say you know BAM okay bitcoins gone they cant do a thing a snap and make it all go away Thanos Thanos God guys I dont I dont know how to pronounce that I just realized let me know how to pronounce Stannis or Thanos in the comments section police dont hate me for saying it wrong I just Im not Im not in touch man Im too focused on Bitcoin and crypto I to really hit to really think about much else a lot of time but anyway guys anyway okay so that thats a very good point to begin with okay the governments of the world are going to try to restrict crypto and I think that the United States may not be much different is that a bad thing no okay not at all Donald Trumps recent you know put down a Bitcoin on Twitter and the questioning of Libra and other Kryptos by Congress of course they they reinforce that Bitcoin is in fact a good thing these simply illustrate the fact that Bitcoin is unstoppable okay Bitcoin is essentially you know doubted by the mainstream bankers of the world people dont trust it people in major financial positions dont trust it because it serves to upset their position they know that it is subverting their interest bit coin and crypto stands to represent the common people okay and thats something that people in power dont want to see happen okay the US government doesnt want people to be able to use something that takes power away from the government thats obviously you know basically that goes without without any sort of doubt okay the government likes control thats what they do okay they control so McAfee says sort of on that topic okay the United States cannot even ban weed of course okay thats a very big very big piece right now okay obviously marijuana is a big point of contention in the government and they have been unsuccessful at completely eliminating it okay after seven years of trying how can a country banned the use of privacy coins like Montero or Apollo when used on truly distributed exchanges okay truly distributed exchanges Monteiro and Apollo are private okay there are privacy coins for a reason because they cannot be essentially regulated banning the invisible used by the anonymous wake up world crypto is the mythical Pandoras box come to life okay so to continue here and especially in regard to Donald Trumps recent tweet about Bitcoin John McAfee says bitcoins price dipped after Trumps negative tweet proof that few in the investment community understand even the basic principles of crypto the existing power structure is powerless to influence crypto which is a mathematical system operating outside of the outside of power itself another very good point now heres the thing okay bitcoins price after that tweet actually did not seem to care much it received a slight bump in value possibly due to publicity but of course a lot of doubt surrounded that tweet a lot of FUD followed suit after that tweet was actually put out there okay Congress began to question Bitcoin and crypto and that caused the price to dip I think slightly just because there was so much fun in such a short period of time that Bitcoin was essentially set back a short while the thing to realize with this though okay is that all of that FUD coming at once could not stop Bitcoin okay all of that fun hit Bitcoin like a wall and it still couldnt cause the cryptocurrency to stop being driven upward okay so with that being said guys you know McAfee of course as always brings a lot of realness to the table honestly speaking I think that he knows something about Donald Trump in 2020 and that could have a big impact okay he may know that Donald Trump may or may not be reelected and I think that honestly a lot of his a sort of prediction for Bitcoin to hit 1 million dollars by 2021 hinges ok hinges on that possibility okay so anyway guys with that being said I think thats pretty much all I have to bring to the table for this article as always I love what McAfee was saying here then he makes a lot of good points and the governments of the cracking down on crypto it simply shows that bitcoin is too powerful for the powers that be to really accept it okay they dont want people to have that power and that ability to move away from fiat currencies and to decide their own fate okay the governor wants to control people as much as possible thats pretty much what they do okay and McAfee is saying that is not gonna happen okay so anyway guys with that being said thats pretty much why I have to say for this article let me know what you think about this in the comments section does he knows something about Trump you know for 2020 let me know what you think as always because we want to get all of your opinions and you know let me know what you think so as always guys Ill see all of you in the next one have a great one folks and adios

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