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New world order 2020. No winwin China deal, bitcoin flat, oil

New world order 2020.

New world order 2020. No winwin China deal, bitcoin flat, oil

No winwin China deal, bitcoin flat, oil indeed is a new world order taking place as we are just finishing this December 2019 we have a new prime minister in the UK that finally going to execute the nonending debate of the brexit with a very defined ideas s Capricorn is requesting and we are just heading to a solar eclipse the last eclipse in Capricorn to create a new order and hopefully you listen to the previous article about this solar eclipse and what it means also in the background in a very interesting day of twelve twelve with a full moon in Gemini Trump offered another lie here even that Im not very tending to say my opinion to him pro or con but its pretty much a lie here with declaring in such a full moon in Gemini and his Gemini himself about a first principle trade with China specifically that we and I know the the chart of China and how the planets are going to indicate it since almost four years ago since Trump elected and all the meetings with Xi happened in mercury retrograde a time I showed that this trade or this negotiation or try to this is not a fair deal is not going to create here a winwin situation is always the u.s. wanted to bring here something to win finally but China is smart and I think that this rumor that appear just in such moments as were now after the full moon in Gemini the last full moon of the decade and with what is coming specifically today in this trade I was laughing I prefer to keep on silence but seeing this trade going to all times quickly and with the oil price that actually I will show you a chart very little of what I am showing to my members and pretty much needed to take here a peak today and even where with the SNP I offer to members only the general outline I consider all what is happening now as sort of a bull trap that considered to be part of the inner planets short very short term because once the correction will come down it will be very mean or what we are seeing in the last two weeks as a very not impressive arc going up and understanding the timing that we are now really so this trade not seems to be a case to base on and this is also so many other speculations that people can run around the around the scope the globe about what is running the stocks before I collapse what is this about the the the global economy and what investing investing places want to show to the clients etc this is very easy money printed all over and a lot of agreements that are happening that the media are not covering them China is a big buyer of oil from Russia right now and Russia is doing trade with Ukraine and nobody is really covering it this is now a show that this is a rise of unemployment rate in the US but the market is looking now on agreement and other speculation about trade and in other agreements that seems to be not nice I showed already in the last word weekly astrology about the planets how its easy to hide right now even that what I wanted to say about today that was very funny that exactly on the moment that Venus and Pluto met December 13 I hoped in the world weekly astrology that this will be already a real case to draw because this is a Vulcan of value but seems that is just did the opposite and with declaration of what we saw yeah it could happen but I will show you now if you charge you will understand that its also could happen this way even that is not changing nothing longterm Johnson is going now to show that all the globalism ideals or the probe wreck the day against the brexit the conservative is another way that each one wants its country to be unique and to protect their values of the country something that is going to spread and now were speak about the dependency of Ireland and other places even in Spain they are claiming for independancy in some regions and this is justifying the the uniqueness that each one need to come back to his own core and this with Uranus and Tarot so we should finally need to find our participation but not on one octopuslike the European Union that has so much legs to to suck the blood of so many other regions and cultures so I do believe in the Indian individualism but that is working cording in a coordination with in other parts but not a big part of something and this is the same as Im looking and speaking for individuals with Facebook and Google that because when a company becomes so ruler its like a government or its like an organization that is abusing finally its power on the rest so this is what Im showing you about Bitcoin this is a little bit of a correction that I want to show to general public I cannot show you further on Im showing to my members a month ahead Ill share the link below but bitcoin is delaying the visit for the 8, 500 and this is a very positive sign actually because this is changing and actually even more strengthening my opinion that this winter that I promise to be wet and called in many places indeed but bitcoin is going to be stable relatively and I think that those levels that were seeing now the 7k is amazing price for accumulation specifically in a time that people are you know like seeing too much light in the USD or needing the money to another assets probably and some good air came out from the market I always alerted when we saw in the in the top of the month the summer that is going to be very depressing summer I hoped I have a guess here with the aspect I could read from far away that this Ottoman is going to be another peak before a drop in the summer but which go and decided to consolidate the price and its very healthy and Im coming back to love and hug and call back to buy crypto because this is seems to be more healthy to people now coming here and not the institution in Ive mentioned before as the Chinese astrology the ear of the pig everybody are greedy and just want to find another assets to make just fast money and this is something that we need to have in our portfolio of even that its not about going to the moon tomorrow but you need to have some assets of Bitcoin in the side its even more worthy than having USD in the bank because prices all around you are continue rising all the time and bitcoin is giving you steel and your money in the bank of course is reducing you need to pay more for every basic thing and with Bitcoin you still have the option are ready to buy things that you anyhow need and however to to to increase its value in few months from now and its happening already its more significantly from the middle of 2020 so I just want to tell that is going to continue the consolidation and the end of the month and the jump to the 85 900 is going to happen a little bit later into January and then we will be very boring relatively in the wave and ranch if you want to see this you will be welcome to my articles that Im doing a weekly basis this is why exactly Im giving weekly updates to up the day the month ahead forecast because Im combining the technical analysis together with astrology and the measurements need to be adjusted otherwise if its when it will be exactly a really solid I could offer just a PDF forecast monthly basis so its still not the case and its still giving a lot of values and giving rest for not looking at the portfolio all the moment like what is happening why is not what is not okay I dont see he sorry Im speaking too much Im not seeing here many chances even maybe not chances that it will go to 5ks Im just reading from time to time from what rumors or speakers but maybe it will touch the 68hundred sort of like this already in the middle of this month maybe a little bit more one more time at the end of February or beginning of March but its very interesting chart if you will see this all so this is the goal that is pretty much the impressive and the proud of the commodities forecast every Tuesday Im giving and you could see the line how drew all the last months as we see now and this is about the goal also consolidating in the coming days and I definitely can show you one month ahead if you will use the link below and this is already another option to watch the articles out of patreon in one of those link of Lots dot up so this is it for now and this is the oil that as you know the oil is pretty much the reflector of the SP as its all based on petrodollar and when we understand the oil price we can understand many other thing indeed provided a very important update to my patreon members in the beginning of the month and I hope to see quickly a drop to the level of the fee of the 59 60 even that it did it already one more time before December started but directly as I saw it starting to misalign from my previous line Im directly recalculating because sometimes Im not understanding correctly interpreted incorrectly one aspect that is seems to be very ambiguous and then updating it to where it should be and thats what they saw already days ago that by by today we should see score dont be confused with the December 27 because this is just taking us to the other timeframe what you are seeing here is about December the peak of the candle of today December 13 so this is it and hopefully it was resonating bear in mind that in April Im moving out of YouTube and all the articles that Im doing from now on will be also updated or uploaded to the other medias that are decentralized and enabling more freedom for public conversation and in other ways of rewarding work for each other and participation and you could watch it in the link below as of said one of those articles that Im going one of the other one one of I think that one of the platform that Im going to choose between flawed or mind will be more dominated in minds but also for now which will be both dont be confused just check them all and we will see however April from April we need really to be worried all of us for our privacy with other upcoming regulation that will happen and I was speaking already for the last weeks very interestingly some one that I appreciate sent me a very interesting confirmation about it from a very important person that is very much inside there of the company about how important is to protect our privacy to what may come already from April 2020 so take care of it and dont think too late and dont be too dependent only in Gmail and only on Facebook and only on whats up try to start a movement its slow its hard for all of us to update the services and emails and and all our social presence in the platform most people using today but gradually doing parallel until you said to be in out of the zone of the beasts if you understand so this is all for now have a great weekend bye

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