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Oracle Financials Training Multi Org & Responsibilities

Oracle Financials Training | Multi Org & Responsibilities

okay so in the last session we just created journal and we enquired the balances and after creating the journal we posted if you don’t post the journal the balances cannot be operated in the system again esta accounts they mature in the stew account you are entering the amounts those amounts won’t reflect for those same accounts for that reason it’s a mandatory we have to force the journal so after that we discussed about multi out of structure so whatever you could see here this would be the standard multi out of structure so in the top level will have a business group VZ we call and private ledger under primary ledger will have a legal entity under legal and take operating in it and operating it will have a in many organizations how many we can have that completely depends on how they are operating the business and where they are operating the business okay there are many points to be considered we discussed to decide number of business rules you have to look at how many country in how many countries they are operating the business for each country will go with one business group with the help of business hope we can maintain the employees information and primary ledger minimum one primary ledger for each country so you can have more than one primary ledger also in the same country for that we take in the simple example here asked there may be multiple businesses that company might be doing in that case so based on that and I mean vertical of business okay based on the vertical based on the different businesses how they are operating so what are the information they want to capture depending on that they may have a requirement of segments so that segments when you say segments those can be managed with a chart of accounts if company has a different chart of accounts for a different businesses that will result to have a multiple primer Ledger’s within one country also and when I talk about legal entities for each registration we have to go with one legal entity and operating units how they are operating their business how many branches they have okay now how many locations they are running depending on these parameters we can decide the operating units when I talk about primary ledger this that is the one which we can use to record the business transaction legal entity every transaction should be tracked with a legal entity specification so that based on that information the legal reporting takes place operating it the actual transaction the actual business transactions with more segregation under security and data control we can record with the help of operating unit only and warehouse management you can manage with the concept commerce inventing organization which we call as i1 okay so if you have a file just here we take an example if you have a 5a houses the system now Oracle application you have to create six inventory organizations the five are real inventory organizations which you see in the business you have to create one additional inventory organization which we call as a virtual inventory and finally we have to create six why we have to go with on additional inventory organization how that would be helping in the system process will be discussing once we get into enmity of nation creation okay so these are the few points we have to understand and one more point here so just as the short names we have as BCPL le o you under inventory of nation fine so now the same I just taken here so what which level which a level which applications can be managed we have many applications which we discussed as a part of p2p and notices I feel apart from that there are many other applications we have close to 300 applications from Oracle so we will talk about few applications which level which applications can be mapped when I talk about VZ what is the purpose of BZ why we have to what is the purpose of BZ will have as a part of network structure to measure the people my information yes to maintain the employees information to maintain the employees information we have on application called as H RMS H RMS we have H RMS application by using H RMS application we can maintain the employees information with the help of H RMS application when we are going to maintain the employees information as per multi-or structure ok you have to maintain that H RMS application fbz level ok will maintain the H RMS application @bz level as per multi-armed structure that means will create the BeeZee through that VZ will be utilizing H RMS application to maintain the employer information finally you can say with the help of business group you can maintain the M employees information by using which application H RMS same way when I talk about primary ledger where we created primary literature we already created a primal ledger where we create here in GL so the primal ledger the general ledger application will be maintained as per multi argot primarily a level e ok general is your application will be managed at private ledger level along with that will be maintaining FA also in financial applications we have fixed assets so the primary ledger level as per multi org structure under VZ will get primary ledger the primary ledger level only we can maintain general ledger application as well as FA fixed assets as per multi arc structure primarily G level which modules can be mapped or can be managed okay the modules are general ledger under fixed results and legal entry level the le level what modules we can manage so the legal entity level you can manage cm cash management are ex-ac cache entry system both are safe in Coliseum RC cash management application the operating unit level most of the applications will be managed at operating it level ok ap PR P whoa om and many other applications ok many other applications can be managed at Loyola well so the actual real business transactions will be recording within ok these a PR few I am based on the suspect – Department related activities there’s all the applications we’ll be maintaining oh you specific ok oh you specific say you have an operating in it in Hyderabad Hyderabad you’ll Ave definitely papers Department you may have a visible Department you may have a purchasing department you may have a order management department sales department so what are the departments we have in Hyderabad operating it for each department will have a response week application so that means in particular operating at level you are going to perform all this key business transactions which may falls into different cycles would be P – P ro – si so all these applications a PR p.m.

Oracle Financials TrainingMulti Org & Responsibilities

these applications will maintain at volume level and coming to inventory organization level will maintain the inventory inv in with the application then we have some other manufacturing applications also called as bomb with there are many other applications bomb means Bills of material Bills of material and with means work in process so these are some manufacturing applications this you can ignore from our understanding not required okay just to take simple example as inventory application can be managed at inventory organization level so this is a standard multi-org structure okay when you look at the multi of structure other side when you look at our applications which we are going to use in the system process so those applications will be handing those applications will be mapped at what level so these are the levels just try to remember these points don’t try to understand more detail level we cannot understand now once we get into the application once you start working on the process whatever the point we are discussing now you will be able to connect okay for now even if you don’t get meaning here just try to remember try to remember Visia level hrms primary Legend level GL and FA and le level cache management lower level a PRP William and inventory ordination level inventory and other applications we have as a bomb mundo with publications also okay this is all just we can map different applications the different levels when you consider multi org structure okay fine now the point is now the point is what level you can generate the reports anyone please tell me what level you can generate the reports by looking at multi of structure but not by looking at applications what levels not level oh you exactly that of you yes correct so that is a place where you will be performing the real business transactions so you have a ten ranchers for ten branches you can have ten our grading notes branch wise we have to prepare the reporting branch wise will be performing the business transactions so the reporting the financial reports will be creating row you level so whatever the oil level means these are the models already discussed as a part of p2p and Lotus cycles will record the transactions and sub-ledger applications means other than GL all applications are sub ledger all those applications will be transferring to which application all those applications transaction data will be transferring to which application generally the under a general ledger so muchi data we are transferring to general ledger for you specifically say you’re using AP AP will be maintained at 2:11 that means when I record in the transition account in accounts payables you have to represent specific who owe you the purchase invoices belongs to achoooo you the payment is belongs to which you owe you the sales invoices belongs to Chuo you and the customer payment the receipt is he belongs to which you owe you the purchase orders belongs to which you owe you the receipt is belongs to which you owe you the sales orders a belongs to which you are you that’s how with the specification we’ll be creating the transaction or to who you level finally all the information from these different applications will be sending to GL you are sending to GL so within the GL the data a complete data will be holded by primal nature okay so we discussed earlier by using the DL we can prepare the financial reports yes the place is GL within the GL we can create the financial reports but the actual data we are getting from sub-ledger application the data can be created and maintained ok whoa you specific ok when you send the data to GL the data you can see who you specific only so with that that is a meaning what we are trying to understand the were you level you can prepare the reports the were you specific data I will record the transaction for who you one one purchase invoice say purchase invoice for oh you 100 watch as invoice for oh you two these two I’ll be selling to deal in GL you could say for invoice for oh you one and whoa you – not exactly with the operating it name there will be some other representation that will be understanding so the point here is what level we prepare the financial reports means who you level but where we prepare the place is general ledger so why you specific data will be sending to general ledger within the general ledger application will be preparing the reports this is a point we have to understand okay so why these up all the applications are mapped in the different levels going forward will understand once we get into the process so you’ll see you will be able to connect to these points for now just remember these fights don’t try to understand okay because we have to see the reality then only you can understand what exactly we are trying to understand here okay so just remember these points what level which application okay very soon we’ll get their clarification on this point by seeing the reality in the system process so any questions here please you wait so this is all just you can manage multi-org structure okay now we’ll go with the simple example so for example we’ll take cases say client is doing the business in India I’m taking the country businesses in India client is operating the business in India and say within India they are running three businesses okay three businesses Stephanie and and for each business they have a separate a station but means three L is they have and say they have the running the business in the file locations and they have say six inventories warehouses ok client is running the business in India will go this simple example they are doing the three different type of businesses and for each business they have a separate registration that means three legal entities they have this operator is testing with three legal entities and I will write as a registrations three businesses and the three separate registrations how many locations are running the business say file locations and six inventories they have okay so based on this you tell me how many bees we required private lectures required Elysee roofs and in many organizations anyone please tell anyone I don’t need some common arms just anyone who got clarity on this concept they can just answer to this question one business group boy we are running that business in India so that’s why okay only business you apply one bit so one business group would be enough okay yes why and I mean one time why should not we go with the two business books if different kinds of prisoners says hey running in India so we will not take it no not required that is the point okay so the point is in one country only one currency and payroll start a process also will be safe that means these will be common there won’t be any need of going with a different it’s not depending on how many businesses you are doing okay how many countries you are doing that is the element okay within one country everything remains same the payroll stati process or currency that would be same so there won’t be any need no need to go with there is no element which can makes the difference to go with the more than one yeah fine so 1bz because one country within one country their own very need their own bene requirement to go with a multiple business crucified yeah they are doing three businesses then please go ahead look at the multi primary like dance buying based on that the tell me the possibilities sorry no just look at the multi of structure and take this information just give me the possibility so many wonder why bz prime religion defend no no I request that it should not be some common answer I think somebody is just explaining I think Jerry Prakash you can go ahead with that because for somebody please yeah one busy enough for this business okay under three PL ramela Tier three businesses if my question is why 3pi mr.

Oracle Financials TrainingMulti Org & Responsibilities

required because different businesses were doing so that that’s why different businesses how many countries they are doing in the only one country do you require three primary Ledger’s if it is clarification purpose we will prepare like this no purpose not the possibilities what are the chances what okay one primary reason mm-hmm and the three legal entity five operating unit one second on second here you should come up with your understanding so three businesses are doing you can say simple point if the three businesses are going to use same chart of accounts one primer ledger if three business are going to use different chart of accounts three primary related primal majors if two businesses are going to use same chart of account and one business is girls differently than a kimono just I am just giving the care point if two businesses are going to use one chart of account and one business who is going to use different chart of account then how many saticons total to 2 that means two primary Ledger’s okay so everything will be decided based on how they are going to manage so now the here the possibilities are it could be one if we consider three business are going to use same chart of account and you can have a three primary Ledger’s if every business is going to have a different chart of account and you can have a two primary Ledger’s if any of out of these three any two business in business are going to use same another business is going to have a different chart of accounts in the case two parameters done okay fine the third point three registrations three leg length yes that’s it there is no other point to discuss and understand okay just simple find three situations in case of three really going to get three legally that’s it we’ll maintain as a separate legal entity the file location yes five operating units five operating lines okay here I will just bring one more additional point that the statement is got five locations five I water engineers while four five locations five operating in Surrey require please answer to that Brad branch ways we want the tickets so that’s why we will create five operating universalize we want that report so that’s why why is you want to recreate that statement is correct the point here is as we discussed the branch wise or say location wise you want to maintain that data separately that is also very important point let us include branch wise you have to maintain the data separately even by creating one operating it also you can maintain the file locations data possible but you want to make it separately that is a very important point so location wise the business transactions you want to maintain separately and you have to keep security between that transactions which are of future performing across those file locations and the locations wise you want to generate the reports these are very important points you want to maintain the data separately for five locations and want to prepare the report separately for file locations and you want to have a security you don’t want to allow one location business people to see another location business data these three points just very important just consider now I will come up with some different example okay your statement is correct that’s what we discussed you don’t mind you can mute from your end everyone we could hear some noise sometimes even who are answering also once you done from your end just with your answer when I start about something meantime you can keep on mute and you can unmute and you can start speaking or you can stop something or you can rise your questions please take as a request fine then now the point is yes file location’ cs5 operating it okay even if you have a file locations you may not require five-oh operating units that completely depends on business say for example the file locations I am going to take Hyderabad Bangalore Delhi okay Pune Mumbai so say client is operating the business in these file locations now if client is going to say in this file locations whatever the business we are doing we want to maintain the data separately and we want to have a security for the data separately and we want to prepare the reports separately where we can we’ll be able to track the expense under the revenues and finally the profitability in that scenario we’ll go with the file locations each location once operate operating it now say client is saying yes we are running the business in file locations but reality what we do is we never bother about okay how much business we are doing in Hyderabad and Bangalore the Hyderabad and Bangalore business will be treating Y as a only one operation we don’t want to maintain any data separately what transactions are taking place in Hyderabad and what transactions what business transactions are resulting in Bangalore the Hyderabad and Bangalore will be treating yes as a common entity of the business will be treating common we don’t want to prepare the report separately for either above and Bangalore always what we do is will be claping Hyderabad and Bangalore business and even will be spending the expense commonly and will be finding the revenue commonly and again we we we don’t have any requirement of finding about the profitability or expense the Hyderabad and Bangalore separately if that is a requirement so what point will decide to go with the separate operating rate those points they are going to ignore here data segregation is required between Hyderabad and Bangalore no data security is required no reporting is required operator no in that case you can create for Hyderabad and Bangalore one operating unit only so if either father Bangalore business are going to record any transaction they will be selecting the same business unit sorry operating in it okay operating in it you may create as hyd bien operating in a domain name like this so you are not going to maintain the data separately even you are running the business even you are doing the business operations in the different locations so this is how you can decide okay whether you have to go with separate operating unit for each location or one opportunity for this is different okay this is how you can do again by going with one operating in it for either Avaz and Bangalore still there is a possibility to date maintain the data separately that I will be explained for now take this point okay we can take as this inertial point if you have five locations for each location Mary fault normally the normal best practice every company’s follows these del where with the five operating units but there is a possibility if they do not have any requirement of segregating the data and preparing the report separately and if they don’t need data security they can go with one operating it for to our multiple locations business also okay this is another point now that’s all about operating in it so how many invented our nation’s we have to be it in the system how many inventory of nations there are six our physical inventories that means real inventories which you can go and see in their business six warehouses to how six inventories we have to create and along with that you have to create one more inventory which is watchable which is required in the system process not in the real business okay so what you’ll one is required in the system process why we’ll be understanding okay so these are the few points to understand okay fine that now if you take this case just we’ll just take the information into some simple flow diagram here so here you can say how many business groups you require only one business coke okay say one business group on business Co under the business group how many these stations they have three registrations so the legal entity is required and before that legal entities so there is a possibility they can have only one primarily three but I really it would be one only most of the companies you can see if you go with a multiple Prime in lectures there will be a big task for them in terms of opening and closing the periods and sharing the data between those lectures the general practice would be in one country will go with one primary ledger until unless there is strong requirement of maintaining the separate chart of accounts for each and every business so under business scope we are going to have one primary lecture I’ll be writing the names bit later just let me put this there’s some skeleton information okay so 3 this is a business group this is going to be a primary ledger under the tribal adjourn how many legal entities we are going to have 3 stations 3 legal entities so now here you how to keep these small boxes okay so one okay so I’ll say it so one more legal entity I’m totally just finally taken to the flow diagram yeah find out so three stations yes we take it they are operating the business in five locations when they are operating the business and file locations these file locations business will falls under specific legal entity right say by following the hostage station they are being their business in Hyderabad and Bangalore so this is a first edge station first legal entity under that say they’ll be doing say they have a to operating in it’s so so to operate again it’s a notify operating it’s to under one primary 1le and on the second registration say they are doing the business only in Delhi so if you are for a delay I’ll create here just one box to specify that as a delay operating it and say with the third rail station they are running the business in Pune and a Mumbai I will just put two small boxes for a to operate again it’s done now how many inventory our nation’s they have six so the 6 will be specifying here but reality will be creating one more that is a virtual the virtual one we don’t maintain under any operating in it that would be watchful for system process but the reality how many you have those will be representing under specific operating it here we got total 5 operating let’s say to support this first operating it will write the names just let’s wait for some time to support these five we left street as opportunites to support this five operating in it these five operating units so we have a five six inventory automation you can take the point as to support this operating in it we have one inventory automation okay we have one in winter of nature to support this operating unit we have one in winter organization and to support this operating unit say you have a two in sorry – in winter of Nations ok total already just be specified for up inventory our nation’s total we have six and to support and say for this operating at no inventory to support this fifth operating in it we have two inventors total of six we have now for this operating it no inventory we’ll just slide the names and we’ll address the hierarchy we’ll see how that this scenario this case looks like as a multi out structure so the BZ business group so here you can combine the names here I’ll say it’s just going to be they are Petrine in the business group okay you are Patrick in their business school under the business group you have one time a ledger so you have just one primary ledger on the business group we have a primary ledger so that you can write here primarily their name is y3 India primary ledger okay under that tribal ledger you have three legal entities with three legal entities fine so that I’ll just represent here so reality when you do when you are doing implementation will be doing this kind of designing by using M s VZ o Microsoft Visio will do this when you are just simple understanding let’s go with this kind of a presentation so now three legal entities so here three businesses just I will write the name as le one Ellie – Ellie three simple for three businesses three Ellie’s okay I will say leave one only to reality will be giving the exact name the word name you have a registration but here’s some please as I am mentioning with the number so under first legal entity we have to operating in it’s okay the first legal entity we have two operating units so here I’ll say under this legal entity okay we have two operating nuts so it’s say so you want or you can write exact name since we have this very small box representation I’ll say who you want that you can say Hyderabad Hyderabad oh you and Bangalore why you so just say oh you say Oh operating it and under le2 you have only one operating in it okay just say how only one operating in it that is say here as we discussed so Delhi operating it and you have Ali three and then early three with these registrations you are running the business in two locations those are Pune and of Mumbai so that you can represent here under this registration we got two operating units we are running that to business in two different locations which are treating as two operating units so those names you can take here or Pune uma operating in it and this was going to be Mumbai Mumbai so for Hyderabad operating net we have save only one inventory ordination so for Hydra under either above or predicate to support Hyderabad business operation so you know only one warehouse so that you can call as hyd inventory and to support Bangalore also say we have only one warehouse you can have a number of but we are taking this simple case so you have it and for daily for one operating it you have a two V roses okay for one operating in it you can have multiple inventory operations so that if entry present sure under daily operating in it okay the daily operating it we have two warehouses those you can say Delhi a young one okay so the only IMU one the other one you can say Delhi I am too and for this Pune you don’t have any invented no and you say no no inventory because that operating in it may be involving only services if you are doing thus some sort of services okay there we don’t need any inventory just when you are dealing with the product then only we need inventory so in case of the operating it is going to provide some services so we don’t need any operating in it inventory office you take example so you are we are doing your business operations in Pune purely you are providing some consulting services you are just you have a resource and you will be outsourcing that’s it you you are not dealing with any products so in that case you don’t find any inventory you don’t require any inventory but in the system point you even if you don’t have inventor you have to create inventory that in this case we’ll be creating that dummy one no inventory you can create the dummy inventory just to specify as per system process you should specify for each and every operating net is connected with which inventory operation it’s a mandatory for every inventor operating it in wente organization is mandatory you have to specify reality if you don’t have any inventory for a specific operating in it at least you should create that dummy inventory to specify there is no inventory for specific operating it and if you take Mumbai here so to support this Mumbai business operations say you have to then with this okay they have to inventory all nations and those who can just name us inv one inv – okay this is all just you can simply present so based on that example this is how the multi-armed structure looks like okay here even if you look at this data is classified data is segregated all the levels okay so this is sorry okay this is a business unit where will maintain the employ information then this this talks about they just whatever let just we have one or multiple all will be made then separately this is another layer of theta and this is your legal entities data which will be maintained separately on this is they were operating in its data this is your warehouse management related data and again so these are the different classifications of data we have and complete information maintained under segregated maintained separately now we take an example for India in the same way if you are going to client is going to run the business in ten countries for each country by looking at how they are running the business how many legends that require how many legal entities they require in the specific country and how many operating which they have under specific registration and under a lot operating it however invented arguments we have this is I will be creating okay this is just for India in the same way say client is running the business in five countries in that case this is the same way will be creating the five invented multi or structures five multi or structures so even client is running the business in five month in the five countries the five countries related multi or five structures we can create in the single instance okay you are not going to maintain the software country wise software will be one okay here the software is going to be 1 so it will be creating ok will be creating multi or structure for different countries so for example this is for India so this is the India multi our structure will create here and say for us whatever required will be creating in the same instance savings gents okay and say they are running the business in UAE they are running the business in Singapore for Singapore you will have supplied multi or structure and running the business and say okay so the five countries are running the business so this is a multi of structure say just for understanding I am giving this is for India India multi hug structure this is for the USA so this multi or a structure for UK this is for you this is for so client is running the business in five countries but they no need to maintain the software separately for each and every country they can take the license from Oracle that they can install and they can maintain the servers in one location say for example they are going to maintain the servers in specific country okay take example they are going to maintain the servers in India okay they’ll maintain the server in India they’ll maintain the servers in India okay within that server so there will be having this software and they’ll be creating everything and the server will be located in one location and within that server what of the software we have as instance within that will have a different multi arc structures and from us okay the people who are in the US they’ll axing okay the people who are in USA and the people who are in India the people who are in UK and Singapore so where this instance we are going to place say India on this is going to be Sarovar location is so for example India so the server we have in India and within the server we have this instance within the same instance we will be creating the multi-armed structure for each and every country and when newest people are going to use the system they will be connecting to the same instance from just by two country okay there will be connecting they will be connecting to their country specific multi-org structure related they down okay you okay guys will be connecting to same instance but they they will be connecting to the instance within the instance water the multi-armed structure is created for that country business and the UAE people will connect to only there – UAE multi or structure Singapore business will connect to Singapore multi of structure India people will connect to India multi or structure and between the sea even if you are even instance is one okay you are able to utilize that instance for multiple business multiple countries business with by segregating the data the India instance is same but for India multi or whatever the data you have that cannot be accessed by any other country okay in the same way within the same multi arc what are the levels you have if you take example of this India multi up structure within this India multi of structure so these data will be segregated scruples primer Ledger’s for is legal and device operating advice and inventory organization wise the same way so data will be segregated okay that I will be segregated sorry okay date I will be segregated here you can just so as operating it wise also so whatever the data you have so what are the data you have with in hyderabad operating unit the data cannot be accessed by Bangalore data will be maintained separately not only multi-armed structure level security within the operating unit operating in two aisles will have a data security everything is going to be in one instance but we are going to have way enough security so everything is secured everything security this inventory data cannot be accessed by are viewed by other element three okay this is our data will be the data will be secured from one to other that means within one instance if you are going to create multiple multi or structures between the structures there will be data security and within the structure okay there will be data security between the legal entities between the operating unit between the inventory organizations and all the data are since instance is one okay will be stored in one database for one instance we have only one database okay database is going to be one all these five countries multi are structures we are going to create in one instance the total data will be stored in one database only but logical segregation will be maintained with the very high security that is a greatness of multi all structure okay so for multiple countries business you can map into single instance and all the data can be stored in the single database but still security can be maintained okay country-specific again within the country what are the multi-or structure we have within the structure what are the classifications we have the legal entities level there will be data security between the operating and there will be data security again say for example which in this operating it will have a applications called as the APR between AP and AR applications there will be data security when we are axing those applications responsible level there will be security user level there will be security all the levels will have a great security when you go with this multi orc structure and now say for example you want to transfer the data from India to us you want to transfer the data from India to us sorry you want to transfer the data from India to us or I’ll say UAE to UK transferred the data from UA to UK yes we can do since these two multi up structures are available in the same instance if you are using separate instances for UAE and the USA it would be very challenging task since this multi or structures are going to be in the one environment one instance it would be easy to move the data from UAE to USA depending on the requirement that sim that related concepts also we’ll be discussing at the time of consolidation will talk about those points but this is what we have to understand when you talk about multi arc structure this is advantage where multiple countries business you can map into the system as a multi of structure different each country what are the structures you are going to create all you can create in the single instance with a more security okay so any questions here please any questions here to understand all we do this implementation as per our client requirement or like what they advisors we’ll do like we have a business unit like locations so we will forget like that yes but the point is you don’t otherwise we will be advising as a consultant will understand their business we will add voice that’s how we’ll finalize the solution so basically all these are running means it’s like one year old or five year old or six month old or later already there so you tell me what is wrong already what what is your like data migration things is there for like they want they have some data because this witness is running money once again yeah so now any implementation you do before they move to this vehicle application or any other ERP they will be using some systems so what we’ll do is how they are running the business based from that will create the multi of structure what are the data we have in their previous system that house will be moving here that job will be done by technical people what we call how it happens we’ll be discussing as a part of real life fine don’t include that point ignore it as of now try to understand this element like how that I mean how the I mean within the Oh single instance we can maintain the different country related multi are structures with the more security so when you say multi or socially that complete the country business related data will be maintained yeah yeah other questions here please of my vacation on that you did for ERP tree in your business group okay you did not depict the virtual organization weight as that that’s what you no need to include here that’s not required which is real that will be representing what you will just will be creating that will be supporting these real inventories okay that you know neat okay under this that is just for system requirement not business requirement here we are representing only business requirement okay regarding this business group that’s going to be the same for all countries or it’s going to be different naming convention for each country see for since its India I returned India business school before the USA will be writing yappity us a business group for you a you have between you a business school okay since the country’s specific the continuum you can include in that if company is doing the business only in one country there is no need of specifying country name also so countries companies doing the business only in India I don’t have to segregate any data with the country specific so I will simply say you have pretty business book that’s all you have between a primarily journey when means firstly as a consultant we will discuss with Cline they will told us and we’ll design all these things so as per your experience what is big challenge means like for designing in this part what is complexity properly how to understand ok these points just these three these elements only these elements you have to just get from them whatever we discussed so in how many countries how many business how many stations how many location so many in winter of Mason this data we have to get okay we’re done with that they are telling they are operating the business in file locations okay these are the locations now the question here is neither about the auto operations in perform say they are going to say they will do the invoicing they will do the payment they will do the billing they do the receipt they do the procurement they do your receiving this is what they’ll be telling that means based on this you have to understand okay which departments are going to be based out in Hyderabad Hyderabad branch first will be understanding which departments okay based on this information we can understand are L simply you can understand which departments say papers Department let let us call it as a P and a service department here this is P were Department and this is inventory department okay the each location so what are the different business functions they are performing these within collars business functions so the business functions will be performed by specific departments we have to understand in Hyderabad what are the business you are operating what are the departments you have that you have to make a note they’ll be giving the each department what activities they will be doing you will be making a note then you can start working with the client saying that okay tell me what exactly we are doing in our constables department what are the different type of transaction will record in which is in are you what what are the different systems you are using as of now okay this all questions will be asked to decline this I will be covering as a part of real-time now if I start explaining it it’s goes in the different way okay real-time what we do how may I actually encodes the client what we what sort of questions we’ll be asking what documents will be preparing I will be covering that okay yeah my question was actually is this system like provide us if we miss something during this designing like or implementation but after some time like one month or two month we think oh we need something more so like it’s flexible in the system we can add after some time means that point is required like that something we missed during implementation or designing but we need not is a point see when we talk about implementation its properly you have to plan you have to forecast how the changes may come in the business also in future okay so we have to consider all the possible upcoming changes or in the in the in enterprise structure how it is going to be managed and all these you have to plan and accordingly how to design but current how you are running that exactly how to represent into the system with your design so you can design the solution okay later any point of time if you want to extend that solution you can do it but there are a few cases where there are some limitations take-backs example as a limitation now you created a were operating in our chart of accounts with the six segments in future if you need two more segments you cannot do it simply you cannot go and add so that is reason now we have to plan even if you need six segments we’ll put two more segments as a buffer segments additional in future if we acquire those you can use with those segment names so apart from this yes first of all can be extended so now you are running the business and file locations say you created five operating units okay you just acquired different company that can be added into this process or that can be created in the same instance as a separate entity and a separate multi-up structure or else you are running the business now just in file locations and you extended the business for five more locations you can create any timeframe or operating its then it will become total ten operating units and you got a separate registration for those five operating units in that case you can create separate legal entity and you can map the legal entities are running under the operating in surrounding underwhich illegality these are all you can extend anytime the company is you can extend the legal entities you can extend the operating units inventory or mention everything out of entire implementation the primary thing which you have to focus a chart of a court your chart of accounts can decide whether implementation is succeeded or failed that’s it that much important the chart of Aponte’s okay chartoff account you have to be very careful when you are designing and finalizing you have to make sure that that will help now on in the future okay yeah okay yeah yes any other questions please find that so no questions so this is all just you can go with a different text examples and you will be you can assume like how this multi have structure looks like hope you got this point any clarity you require please let me know any questions from anyone related to multi org any questions from anyone please okay so this is all about multi or what we have to understand now when it comes to system when it comes to system the first point what we ought to understand is which applications we are going to implement for our client we have to understand the scope scope is nothing but here which applications we are going to implement for our client so we just plan to see the p2p and load recycles in the system where our financial modules will be covered with the full scope so now what we’ll do is let us take simple example we got the information okay saying like as a part of implementation we have to implement few modules the application you can call as modules say we have to implement Oracle join the ledger okay Gaea general nature Oracle accounts payable or arkla Fong Shui will say AP and the Rahil accounts the super market accounts receivable er OK ROCK accounts payables oracle account oracle oracle general ledger Dracula comes payables four o’clock on the sibyl’s and fixed assets a fish sriracha cash management si si si so Oracle home on the source Goldust HRH Alamos which other each Alamos HR of miss meets human resource management system human resource management system HR includes your employer maintenance and again you can implement payroll process another abroad related other processes also say we how to implement our article inventory application IMV [Music] touch cheesy CPU or RT order management for them okay so primarily these are the applications we’ll just go on to create the I mean says it’s simple example so these are the applications okay so these are the applications we are going to implement for the client if you are going to implement these applications for the client what we have to do so for each and every application to act to access any application what we have to create in the system to work on any application what we have to create in the system anyone please responsibility now the first very first point is we have to create the responsibilities for all these applications ok the responsibilities anyone can go and create we may implement only you may work for the project only for financial applications all financial application or else your responsibility may be working on GL and EAP only in your project but irrespective of you are going to work on which application implementation simply we can we have to create responsibilities for all the applications which you are going to implement for the client so say first point is identified you identified the scope of implementation anyway before we start implementation only our company will come up with this identification ok before they have in the project ok before they win that bidding and all so they’ll just come to know which modules which applications we have to implement for the client based on our project plan we will come to know which applications we have to implement so based on that information we have to create the responsibilities now we will take the case as we are going to implement these are all applications so we have to create the responsibilities for all these applications so when you are working in a real-time we’ll be using the fresh instance fresh instance in case of fresh instance will have one username under password what is the username we’ll have in the fresh instance this is admin so the first point is ok we have to create the responsibilities to create the responsibilities you have to access a system as a sad minute so log into fresh instance as this admin admin user at the first point then from where we can create the responsibilities within the system already we have seen from where from where we can create the responsibility just as much away from system administrator responsibility are you consist emergency application also okay from system administrator responsibility you can create that means so first you log into the system fresh instances as admin user then you will go to system administrator responsibility from there we’ll create the responsibilities you have to create the responsibilities for all these applications for step is login as a it’s a certain user when you are working in real time what are the instance we get from Oracle forever client you never find any other users like operations or any other users which you are able to see here because we are using the vision instance within that we have Assad the data including sample users but when you are working at real time you’ll have a user called as a sub min that’s all the first step is we have to login to the instance fresh instance as admin user then second step is create required responsibilities you’re required responsible means which applications you are going to implement for our client for all the applications you have to create the responsibilities after creating the responsibilities but a third point you can say set profile option after setting the profile option as a fourth step you can create user your own user you can create as a fifth step a sign okay assign all responsibilities per user and that’s how we’ll just continue okay there are many steps which we will be executing will go on by one first we’ll complete these steps so this is a sequence of tasks will be performing when you are working in real time first you have to you have to access the system as a certain user then we’ll be creating the responsibilities for which modules you are going to do the implementation then you’ll set profile option which you prefer option will be discussing then you create a role user will assign all the responsibility to our user any questions here please hello yeah so you second step to create the required responsibility so even though we are pertaining to finance particular modules so are we liable to create all the responsibilities within the system yes it’s nice you will be able to create this a simple task it should aware of it no no I am NOT talking about yeah but here is it our responsibility financial concentrate responsibility to create all the responsibility that’s what it’s it’s a very generic task it’s a very generic task okay so we no need to look at here responsibility in some implementations you can say all the responsibilities can be created by a same consultant supply chain management consultant okay another implementation you can say all will be created by finance consultant the other implementation you can say all can be jeremy’s consultant because here you don’t need to look at the responsibility because each a responsibility creation it won’t take more than one minute it’s only the point of point we have to consider well you know how to create a or not okay okay you are working as finance consultant you don’t know how to create purchasing inventory order management then you can request you can inform them I created finance responsibilities you please create SCM responsibilities they’ll just think okay that is a level of knowledge you have so anyone can create but implementation you should you will be I mean you you’ll be working on your applications only so the response will assemble tasks so will be when you’re working as firearms consultant will have will be taking the responsibility to work on our applications only other applications are responsibilities so you can create but we cannot implement okay so that is a big task again that should be done by that relevant consultant so Lee these modules will be implemented by Jeremy’s consultant these applications will be implemented by a cm consultant but all these responsibilities anyone can create who is aware how to create what many we have to use what request group we have to use what need to be provided as a part of the exert responsibility creation okay fine so now I will connect two instances a sysadmin user will log into the system as a certain user from that user you can connect to response of the caller system administrator from system administrator responsibility you will be able to create how many responsibilities you required as per our client implementation requirement okay we’ll just look into that if I just connect to our instance any other questions here please [Music] so we have to log into a system as this a certain user login he username is admin password also by default we’ll gets this admin only if it is not working in our case when they are working just will contact that DBA otherwise you may account you may check with your team members showing that you are trying to login with this admin user the password is not working with the same name as this is admin ok what is the password for this user you may check with other team members even if they are not aware only the point is will be checking with a DB and not with our manager or someone is not required that so since this is a vision instance you could see many responsibilities are associated with this admin user also but reality ok you will see very few responsibilities there will be some technical responsibilities and other responsibilities so in order to worry about all those only the parent is first you have to login to the instance as a certain user and for that’s a certain user you could you can see system administrator is already associated you have to go to system administrator responsibility just expand this and click on any one of the function it will open the system administrator responsibility in the form based environment which you could see everything in the Navigator just click on any one of the function any function you can select ok the first task we completed we connected as a certain user and we are in system admin should have responsibility what is the second step we have to create the responsibilities for all the applications anyone please tell me what is the Sirian Meno 4gl who are preparing the announcer well Syrian menu 4gl so really the preparation how much time you are spreading show the scores only very important please general religion vision operation vessel so you try to understand my question or I can generate my question is what is the seeded menu for DL discussed yeah anyone please say that said that at least is a ricotta okay DL so per user and the time of DL responsibility creation we just used it okay GL Super User is may know for GL application the same way for all these applications will have a menos for GL will have a GL super user can you see that creation is its TL underscore so per user but we don’t call as GL on Descalso for user simply will say G also for user that that is the name instead of giving the space between GL so per user they just filled with the gap it underscore so that that would be having some readability otherwise so if you write like this it may understand but somebody has the first time if they are going to see they cannot read it so GL super user so what we can have within the GL super user what we have within the DL super user ARIMA see my question is within the deal superuser what we have this is a may know the at my notes we have function that’s it that’s it we have submenus and functions so what we have in the GL superuser means we have all the gr related futures which are managed by sub minnows we discussed as a function the same way so what are the futures Oracle developed for Oracle general ledger application those all they are giving within this GL super user the same way when you are going to work on Oracle apples payables application for the payables also they created a one menu for the solution also they created menu if you just look at payables may know within the papers menu will have all the sub menus and functions finally you will find all the payables futures within the payables Minow for each and every application Oracle is providing one may know which consists of that application related functionalities are futures so those only we call as C red minnows so for GL the Senate may know already we have seen that is G a super user at the time of responsibility creation okay so see one point is here to be frank you should be able to answer ok whatever we discussed in the previous sessions if I am asking some questions now if you are able to answer that’s really good if you’re not able to answer if you are able to understand the sessions that’s totally different ok because day by day will be keep adding a lot of information to relate to this learning so if you are not ready with a prior information whatever we covered it will be big challenge also to understand what I am going to explain whatever I speak that will have a some connectivity with the prior discussions most of the time so if you are not preparing but if you are returning regular sessions of a session you are returning if you don’t have a prop preparation means what are the points we are discussing how to read multiple times – you remember somebody is going to ask you the question immediately you should be able to answer up to that level you should get ready with this information the same way system also ok if I ask you the navigation what is the navigation to create the segment values anyone can answer to this question please what is a navigation to create the segment values reflects field key segment one is not set of financial flex field key values right that’s really great but if you are able to view the exact answer that will help you lot okay just only my the point what I am trying to highlight is spend more time what are the points you are discussing now read it multiple times in the same way the system practice also try to do multiple times as a part of this course just I’ll be creating only one definition but forever practice you may create two or three primary ledges to three calendars to three chart of accounts to three primary ledgers to three legal entities to three responsibilities to three users then you will get some command on that system limited process and remember each and every navigation which you are following okay just you should remember everything theoretically what we are discussing and practically what we are doing in the system you should make a note and you know how to read and you have to remember and you should be able to explain if you know everything if you are just you are just lacking with the presentation again that will become issue you should be able to explain so that sort of preparation is required for this okay anyway done so for each application for each application Oracle is providing the separate menos those we call a serial minnows so now we will go and create the responsibilities for all these applications okay fine so we’ll go on by one will follow the sequence okay any questions please okay before we start with this activity or tasks responsibilities creation for all the applications all means you are field whatever we listed any questions from anyone please but since no questions we can start with this responsible discretion what is the navigation to create the responsibility take care identifying that Saul security responsibility fine so navigation is security responsibility define take this navigation and will create all the responsibilities whatever we require so here you go with the name called s cloud I will use the company name as a cloud so whatever we are going to create will use the prefix as a cloud so first we’ll create GL responsibility I will just take the name s cloud run the ledger so when we are taking the responsibility with the seated menu which will have a access to complete functionality of particular mod application the name you can represent as a manager or you can represent as a super user normally the manager for managers whatever the responsibilities we create will be just naming as a super user responsibility so per user responsible means which responsibility has complete access to particular application now when we are working as implementation consultants for any client we need a sponsibility which will have a full privileges to the entire application ready to functionality for that reason we’ll be creating the responsibility with a full access and you have a response with a full access simply you can name it as super user responsibility or manager responsibility we don’t write as a consultant responsibility ok clouds under ledger so pre user okay I’m just giving the name s cloud general ledger superuser I’m taking the cloud as a company name application general ledger is just you can type tap out it will fetch response will be key so I’m sorry you already we created EVs here general ledger manager right this again we are creating no way so not just for our understanding we created now we are following the actual process okay how the implementation takes place okay thank you yeah that ignore it ignore just already we gone through the process we got some information so just it’s all about introducing hoc things happens responsibly creation user general creation calendar chart of accounts primal ledger legal at this now we are starting with the actual process that’s not just to discuss first we’ll understand the business if ever so many we have to create this is the first step the fresh instance when they are working this is a process will be following not what earlier we followed the sequence but activities will be same okay this would be the first oh thank you thank you when you do the implementation oh thank you so responsibility key I am giving us cloud GL it’s nothing but short name and here data group okay data group I’ll do one thing so we’ll try to understand the relation between this may no data group are no request group so we’ll just find out we’ll create our own responsibilities for all these application before that we’ll just look at what are the responsibilities we created and what purpose we given data group may no request group I will just talk on that so that we’ll get some understanding what and how those logic will work and then for all the responsibilities why we are giving that information we’ll have a understanding on that so we created this responsibility here we given which it it is given menu name right okay minou we give it and data TWP give a request given okay what is the use of menu menu consists of sub menus within sub – will have a functions so to work on any application okay through responsibility okay to have access to a specific functionality will be given the menu ok response here marrow means menu consists of application access those functions can be organized with sub menus or those can be direct functions so through menu will get access to application then simply you can say forms your form means you can say general creation is can be done through one form so multiple forms access can be available within the main of okay so you are giving the main whenever responsibility when you have a when you provide the menu within the responsibility through that may know you can have access to okay you can have access to specific forms within those forms will enter some data where the data has to be stored see here what are the database iraq is providing that we call as oracle standard database standard database within the database there will be segregation to maintain the data within the database will have a segregation to maintain a PDA will be separate maintained separately here data cm data data GTL data vivo data data okay which are a mess data element Anita this is no within the standard database which in the standard database then the standard database will be having some segregation and there will maintain the data technically that we call as a schema within the database will have a schemas each scheme I will represent particular application so for AP we will have AP schema so ap data will be stored within that AP schema holy so now by using by using menno you’ll have access to forms so and enter the data in the form that has to be stored in the database or not yes we have to store otherwise there is no use of entering the data into form so when we enter the data into forms with the help of menu which is there in the responsibility the data need to be stored in the database that data should be stored in the database that you have to specify here we are given the specification by using this may know if somebody is going to record any transactions or anything they are going to enter in this system through this responsibility whenever you go to this responsibility we think this may know whatever you have this response will be navigator you can see by using any one of the form which is available within this menu if you enter some data the data has to be stored in the database standard database within the standard database in which schema that I have data has to be stored in general ledger why we are selecting the under ledger responsibility are creating for general nature and this menu is related to the under nature so GL data should be stored within the standard database the data area which is allocated for general i0 okay that means it’s all about so many we are giving access to forms with the data group we are specifying through the form sort of the data user is going to enter that has to be stored in which a database again within that standard database in which areas of the application that help you store what may know we were giving the manual belongs to GL so the data group application name house will be giving as a general nature so that’s a meaning of may know under data group okay it’s a menu you can record the enter the data into system with the help of responsibility and the data group is nothing but the specification of where the data need to be stored so that year standard means there is a data group name technically speaking data group is related to data base only here for a function of our interview simply we can say data group always represents database name here standard it up is okay so when you enter the data by using the menu it’s mandatory how to store the data in the database otherwise no use that is reason the main ovando data group are mandatory okay by using the menu you are entering the data that will go on store in this database whatever the data is getting stored in the database if you also see the data by running the reports will use the request book will use the request group within the request group will have a report within a menu will have a forms data group to specify the database no database the data has to be stored request group consists of reports reports under some programs also so we created okay we created calendar and when we were trying to close system was triggering some requests all those requests will be part of that request perform it okay now to menu whatever within the responsibility or to the many we are giving within that may know what we have we are able to we were able to see that and data group we don’t see just it’s all about specification vectorscope reports we will just look into these points one by one okay so menu is GL super user data will be GL concrete go database standard we given okay now I’ll go to this responsibility okay I’ll just close this you you you you okay just click on this responsibility just expand this click on any one of the function so within this navigator we are able to see this journos budgets and query currency consolidation before setups others if you expand any one of the sub menus there are many other sub menus and functions is all we are getting from where how we are getting into this responsibility how we are getting hope you can hear me I know is so attached to the responsibility yes what are the menu is available within this EBS yet regional major manager within that menu how many sub minus we have within the sub – how many functions we have all we are able to see so if I create responsibilities without me know can we see anything here now no before that you cannot create because menu is mandatory then you are getting the responsibility menu is mandated we thought many you cannot create any responsibility even if you create there is no use but of course we are cannot create but just I am taking the case for our discussion so when I appeared in the responsibilities the primary purpose is to access application data functionality which is grouped and maintained in the form of submenu Sandow main menu for general ledger application main my name is DL so per user which is seen at menu which is provided by Oracle fine so within the same responsibility we given the request group name right okay we given the request group name what is the request Pope name for general ledger responsibility we given GL concurrent program group TL concurrent program group what it consists of reports okay so that GL concurrent program group we selected for this response per unit that means from this responsibility we should be able to see what are the reports and the programs we have within that responsibility okay so how to see go to SRS window what is the navigation you recurse find fi you request find well so if you want to see which reports and programs we have as a part of this GL concurrent program group request who pushes aside to this responsibility how to click on submit any request click on this just say okay you may need to change anything these funds will be understanding for the request for single request are the question just for now what you can do is take the navigation click on submit a new request then say ok and just click on Lvov so what are the reports and programs we have within that request group all you’ll be able to see here see how many we have many we can we go and remove the request group from the responsibility can we go on to remove the request move from the recessed for the tea why yes it is not mandatory it’s not mandatory so now we’ll go on to remove it why mean one do because why menu under data go to our mandatory and request group is optional many one don’t cause responsibility may or may not read yeah irresponsibility may or may not contain the quotes or programs but every every key in information should go into a database for a tour group missing vanity that’s it that is a part so whatever you enter that has to be stored that is reason to enter menu is required to store the database which is required but who are creating the transaction they may not require to run the reports they may not have a responsibility in the company to generate the reports if the same user who has access to specific transfer responsibility if they need access to reports provide the request proof otherwise we’ll remove which users required access to reports for those users related responsibilities only will provide the request book go to system administrator just close it so now both over responsibility security responsibility to find so click on find EBS yep it is general ledger manager I’m going to remove this okay now we just call the access our responsibility you just sign out from the CEO to the name is Evie you see our pit so many we have asked this so you can see everything of you are able to see earlier now you can go to SRS wind also but it would be empty [Music] click on Lvov nothing this top values contains no address okay now what are the main undo request group we are discussing will burn to open that menu and request group will see what exactly it consists of directly okay so we I’ll be covering how to create the custom I know custom request group going forward for now just try to on Stan okay how to verify in specific may know what are the sub menus and functions we have and in specific request loop what are the reports and programs we have okay we will see that close this so in the real time you don’t find operations user so always we login as a sysadmin user till you go and create your own user [Music] go to system administrator responsibility this open that responsibility by clicking on any one of the function fine now say we want to see within GL Super User whatever we discussed because of GL super user may know only we are able to see all the sub menus and functions from the patron responsibility we need clarification on that we want to see the proof so if you want to check what sub menus and functions we have in the particular menu take this navigation from the system administrator okay take this navigation we are going to verify that menu so we are going to check that so go to application and the function name is may know from system administrator you can just look into specific menu what may know consist of directly you can see from here application we know so what is our main o we are talking about GL super user yes if you know the name you can go with the career mode and you can type the name and you can exhibit our else the simple process is click on find Gia underscore so for user type that GL underscore super user such a first one right select see now you can see inside of the L super user what we have we are able to see here within the GL super user what we have this is what the prompts only we were able to see from the navigator dearness budgets inquiry currency consolidation reports doc so these are we call we are calling a sub – deserve the actual sub – for that this is a display name given okay if you expand DL setups it will display many sub – right again this is one sub menu if you expand this it will open many sub menus now here you can go with this sub menu here you can select this sub menu here within the sub menu what are the other sub menus and functions we have will be able to see okay within this we have all these sub menus I want to open this setup sub menu I want to open the setup sub min so if I want to open this setup sub menu what I’ll do is just I’ll copy this name and click on find all search for that TL s you assume in sub menu setup select it within that what we how you can say okay when you just click on setup it will shows financials right when you expand financials it shows other options those if you want to see within this sub menu those will be available you copy this again just place cursor here and you get a substrate that name inside of that finances what we have you can see we’ll have a flex fields in the calendars and on again if you expand for this is sub man effect span that within the Flex feel you will have it key segment values all those but so that’s how you can see so this is how you can verify inspector may know what submitters we have within the sub menu what other sub menus are functions we have any questions here please when you do implementation we have to create many menos which we call as custom menos so whatever Lackey is providing that will have access to all the functions all the features of particular application but when I talk about user say for example you implement in tables tables say there are 20 users who are going to work on the tables process so 5 users required access to only invoicing process 5 users for payment 3 users for invoice and payment and 2 users only for supplier creation ok this is how they will be having the different requirements whatever iraki is providing the menu for payables if you are going to use that will give access to everything but as per user requirement we have to create the menos those menus will be using in our responsibility that I will be creating that any we will be covering after some time and we are working on tables I will go with that case and will be executing in the system will create separate menos and responsibility will be creating will be including those custom menus what are the new menus we create those we call as custom menos so we’ll be discussing those points any questions here face GL super user menu consists of all the sub – any questions here please like no questions so now we look at the request boop also so the request okay are using GL concurrent program group so if you want to verify in specific across loop what are the reports we have you can see with this navigation the navigation from dual system administrator ease security responsibility request so from here you can look into what are the reports and programs we have as a part of the cross group navigation is security responsibility request okay here you can provide the request book name just you can find out click on such just provide the name what we are using GL concurrent do percentage system we fetch it such the first one see the same deal concurrent program group consists of all these programs ok the program can be when you say program the program can be related to report or just it may have certain process to just relate it to data simple point you can take as of now report going forward you can understand the program’s also what is the purpose all you will be understanding okay request group consists of reports you can say simply so these are all of the reports so many reports we have say for example we have one user will be working on GL for that user we need only fire reports so in that case what we’ll do we’ll create the separate request cro separate request group that also we’ll be covering is a part of tables when you are working on papers i’ll go with these cases you can understand how to create our own request rope and how to take into the process you will be able to understand okay so this is all just you can verify the menus and request proves what those consist of and as per our requirement will be creating our own menus and request groups and responsibilities any questions on this place but no questions so excuse me when you are creating responsibilities when you are creating responsibilities under time we should give the request group it is a mandatory or not you tell me like mandatory or not yeah I so that’s why I just want to confirm whether it is this come as it seems to be checking with you it’s a mandatory or optional it’s a mandatory but there is a that’s what it’s not manly yellow color field is not a low color the meaning is optional okay right that’s what we discussed the very beginning sessions at the time of period type creation the field is in yellow color that is a mandatory field white color optional that a reason we were able to remove also right in the current responsibilities we don’t have a request for our testing and understanding the same idea right I just remove it when you go to the you are not able to see any reports reason no requests group is associated with our responsibility okay okay thank you yeah thanks so now I will go and create the responsibilities it won’t take much to five to ten minutes you will be able to create all those responsibilities just will complete this and we’ll wind up the session for today fine so navigation is security responsibility define so the sponsor name I’ll give us a just cloud gender lecture super you look like a super user since this responsibility lab full access for GL application so this responsibility are creating against which application under lecture the sponsor will take key always key enter in the uppercase cloud underscore gia here what is the menu name for GL Syrian menu GL super user and this menu related data should be stored in which database stranded it’s in the standard database in which is schema of say in which application the under layer only because under major related data should be stored in the database the area which is allocated for general ledger under the quest group is optional you can save it not required if you don’t want any access to report if you think you need access you can specific but for our understanding will provide the request cook also for all the responsibilities GL concurrent just type this and tap out it will fetch automatically the first one okay what are the main o exclusions and all will go in forward will be will be understanding so just let’s see how to create the responsibility we created this okay and these also just you know need to focus on that too however we have we are just creating that self will will talk on this Oracle application self-service web application mobile application will talk on that okay then you create a responsibility for GL by following the same process by using the respective menu on the request group will be creating the responsible for remaining applications just five minutes we can finish okay now to create the new responsibility okay click on new already we saved this responsibility definition I will just click on new here we can give the name as cloud Accounts Payable superuser application is we are creating this responsibility to have acts and access to payables select payables responsibility keys a short name for a sponsor cloud API call so for any responsibility data group name will be same so any responsibilities related data should be stored in standard database only here their own Bennett change for all responsibilities standard and the response but we are creating for which application that application American select its for payables and for GL we have a seeded menu called a GL super user in the same way for each and every application Oracle is brought in the serum no.4 payables application the seeded menu which were Arkell provide sees if you navigate GUI one took AP underscore now we get GUI one to just tap out it will fetch automatically okay now we gave to GUI one now with it underscore GUI one so this now menu consists of all ap related futures ok for accounts payables Accounts Payable related all the reports we have in the request group called as all reports there is a request book called as all reports within that will have all ap related reports just tap out the same name we have for many applications but you’ll be selecting this is for payables all reports for which application payables right you select request report group request group name is all reports but that is for papers you select this combination so then system will select which request group consists of all the reports related to payables it will select now we are creating the papers responsibility we are given the responsible name application has payables provide short name data group is same for all the responsibilities standard only based on the responsibility you can provide the application name for every application we have a separate see you know for payables we have a seeded menu called as ap navigate GUI one two and across school for fable sees all reports application is papers since that is four tables just save it you should remember all the menus and across groups okay so tomorrow if there is some question what is a menu for AP you should be able to answer AP now we’ll get GUI want to fight will create for the server’s place cursor in the responsible name field then click on you you can say cloud accounts the silver so for user application amis receivers responsibility key is a cloud err sorry data group is always standard responsibility for the server’s menu is your navigator ok now we get GUI GUI stands for graphical user interface whatever you see there is a because of graphical user interface that means it means it will give the access to air related forms ok for receivers because group name is Rasul so all as you will solve this consists of all the super slated reports ok just make a note everything remains same only may know under request group will keep changing based on the responsibility we are creating for specific application just save it okay may know name is a a navigate GUI request group name is a receivables all right just click on you will create the responsibility for cash management say cloud cash management super user application is cash management responsibility keys cloud see a month you can say seed data group name is standard application name is cash my husband so here menu name so already discussed just here see see a means cash management but we have separate application called as cost management also in case of cost management else we have to take the same short name as the CEO so far the reason for cash management may not even be given as a CEO space cursor C underscore super user so for cash management to have access to cash management related functionality so we have AC super user this consists of all CM related features across group is all reports on all the reports for each application that we have to select cash management all that force application is cash management select it save it or just place cursor here okay menu is C super user and the cost group is all reports only but you should notice all the reports we given for AP also but for AP we selected favors for all the course for cash management electric as management combination fine just place the cursor in the respond same field and click on new now we will create for fixed assets cloud fix vessels super user the application name is assets nothing but fixed assets responsibility keys cloud iFit data group a standard application is assess for to have access to entire fixed assets functionality which is dollar per vehicle so you have a menu called as FA main and the class group is all the course [Music] all reports application is assets now we created responsible for our finance now we’ll go with other applications will create the responsibility for a chalice just click on new cloud mundo sources super user application is human resources because this response will be required to create the employees when you are working on this processes we require a price information okay in fact the business group operating needs in rent they are nation everything will be able to create from this responsibility only that means from this application only so responsibility Keys cloud you can say hrrh Armas photography standard application is home on the sauce and we know so many you can take your HR you can go Vita India for every country okay there will be providing the separate menu that you can select India HR HR amis navigator okay I’m here request proof also say I n oh yeah hrms reports and of processes this is a request group which you have to use for so HRMS application so since we are going to go with the case for India I’m going to take example everything for in their operations so I’m selecting India related only here I am means India this are going to do for us here against with the US it would be like us nature Atmos and you have a common navigator also which can be used for any country there won’t be any country specification but in our case we are not going to do HRMS implementation so you can just select this India are some other HRMS navigator which is a very generic one but anyway we are going with India so let’s select India hrms if it is us you can select here yes yes HRMS navigate the here also it would be us hrms reports and process that’s wrong saved face cursor here and click on new we will create the responsibility for inventory say cloud inventory so for a user application is inventory responsibility case cloud inv data rupees standard application is inventory and mean you name your inv navigate ok inv navigate request cool piece so here we’ll have a all-inclusive all how with employees your town so all-inclusive GUI ok this consists of all inventory reports ok just making out all these points so primarily menu I am under request for rest all will remain same depending on for which application you are creating responsibility accordingly will provide the naming convention ok fine we created responsibility for inventory now we will create for purchasing just select place casalinda responsibility name field click on new say cloud purchasing proper user application is purchasing so a cloud po4 chilly this will represent in the short name as a people stand that menu standard our database there’s nothing but that ago application is purchasing and here marinum was chasing just you can search with a purchasing friend okay purchasing super years of jihad this is a Syrian men you for purchasing which will consist of all the features the cross group is ordered for solving all reports were purchasing created save it okay just you how to remember menu on no requests were not choosing super user dua Equus coupe name is all the posts I’ll just place the cursor click on you now will create for auto management cloud other management so for yourself application is all the management responsibilities cloud om okay so data broke name is standard application is auto management on the marrow name is it’s like ABS supermini so if you have the areas they given because our management got connected with the many processes advanced of pricing distributions or pressured manage all this faster will be managed it will get connected with om through I am we have many functions so they given the naming convention like that so just remember and select it and here request book to have access to ym related reports we have the Costco starts with the web I am content programs service but some located all required responsibilities any questions please [Music] any questions from anyone please okay just to be completed first step that’s all so when we have when we are a part of implementation when you get instance access you know how to login as this is our mini user and you know how to create all the responsibilities for which application you are going to implement as forever client business department so these applications we are going to implement so further for each application we created software responsibilities okay let’s we completed the next session we’ll see what are the profile option we have to set and user fascia assigning all the response to that user the rest will go with a multi are related definitions business group creation or primary ledger creation legal entity creation operating in its inventory arc Nations okay how will create in the sequence by just discuss and we’ll create wherever some further understandings required we’ll discuss and we’ll be working off so any questions based on today’s session or previous sessions please but one point is very important you have to spend time it may be busy but if you are not going to spend just if you have gotten the sessions you don’t get any advantage out of this you have to spend enough time so how to practice multiple time so whatever we are discussing how to read and remember that’s very very important so any questions from anyone please actually I have some problem with accessing instance I need some means technical guys they can advise me actually it’s coming from my home but in my office some problem which length and X and a it was just actually accessing my LAN but it will move to go in net so I mean need some technical help how can I company they have their local network or they will have a set of restrictions I have my head mean I was talking we will do all possible things will Google do you but actually I was filled so if you guys know homicide nothing there is no point to work on it so we given the access so from Moochie Network okay which the company network are your private network from where you are accessing that we have to get privileges where any system can be accessed from that network that’s it if in the Rick station from your company normally they don’t allow you okay so we grain access it’s a public access in your company if they have certain restrictions not to allow that from our side we cannot do anything okay generally even if you request they don’t do it generally if you have a sub option you may try with that but from our side there is no option to do anything we given full access wherever no restrictions from there you can access if the from your end if some restrictions that you have to get clear with the people help who can help you on that fine any other questions please so if no questions that’s all for today we will connect tomorrow same time and we will continue from here okay thank you all have a good night good night

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