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Oracle R12 Introduction Oracle EBS Introduction Oracle Apps Introduction

Oracle R12 Introduction  Oracle EBS Introduction  Oracle Apps Introduction

Oracle R12 Introduction | Oracle EBS Introduction | Oracle Apps Introduction

[Music] okay so welcome and thank you for joining me in this session of Oracle Applications a spoon demo and in today’s agenda I have the following with me further first is we’d have a highlight of what an e-business you’d is all about then we’ll be going through some of the business cycles namely the pursuit to pay and order to that cycle then we look at some simple features of user creation assignment of responsibilities and then a high-level sneak peek preview of the illusion probes okay so first of all I would like to ask you what is or Utley a business suit it’s it’s more like an ERP where it’s basically – it’s another wrong accounting or you know like business software I mean okay see this terminology right it is the suit this is done marketing and the packet interval is a very fancy terminology is used by Oracle from a marketing perspective so whenever Oracle since its product so it what Oracle does is it creates products it creates ERP software and they sell it within customers so when they ship it to the customer they sell it as a package so this package is referred to as a business suit so this e business suit contains different product families okay you will have a CRM product family you will have financials product family you will have HRMS Perham really Orem and I spent recruitment in Madrid so on and so forth okay know in short you can assume that to be a box a Pandora Boxx unable to see my diagram here yeah okay so we have different verticals here okay so each of these vertical D represent one product family so we business you encapsulate all these product families into it so within each product family we have individual products or modules we we slice out the financials product family and take it out for a discussion because that’s what we are going to learn okay if you looking at the financials product family not okay north an ERP has to be viewed in its entirety rather than being viewed in isolation so we will definitely be viewing here with entity in the sense when I say will be looking on the financials product family that means we will be focusing more on the financials product family but it is inevitable that we will have to look at the integration with other products from is also to give you an example we have something called as an infantry product firmly within which items are getting created okay for these items you have purchase order ok a purchase order gets credit for litem which is created in your inventory please note these two are different products um this okay and this purchase order gets immersive financing tables so there are integrations not only for the prod for the models within the product family but there are integrations across product families so you have financial and non-financial integrations also so we will have to take care of all these integrations and we love to use the same intense cycle either so now we come to the concept of business setting are you aware of so in short when you say a business you great so whenever you log in into the Oracle application this is for different are able to see this a business suit on the header so yeah or defined so this is a nice ensued it comes with all these packages okay okay all these are different modules so now that takes us we were referring to the integration of cross products commiserate the reason why we need to focus on the integration of course product families is because we will have to consider the entire business cycle rather than you looking at individual modules because the heart of an ERP is basically integration rate when compared to other standalone package like tally your QuickBooks when we say ERP ERP means basically any air piece of web or @ll recipe or whatever it has to satisfy two business cycles they are the pro QT Pistor cycle and the order to – mr. Sackett do you have any idea of this business cycles business cycles yeah like what is speaking to me and what is water to fish this is basically like you know from the you don’t mind me asking equations you don’t mind it yeah I mean basically I know that but the reason is that it has like wow now I’m like just put back into my concept wicket okay basically this business cycle is basically from the time of procurement to the time of final payment right so it’s like how to you know like the ordering and then go through all the modules of purchase payables in it’s basically the cycle of you know from the time of point of ordering to the point of payment correct in short we have on the left hand side that is nothing but a purchase cycle and on the right hand side is maybe going to say in sake it feels like Lea okay so when we say purchase cycle you initially place in purchase order then you receive the goods you receive the invoice from the supplier and just be invoiced then you have not the payment for the liability that has been demonstrate so yeah this covers here Rock you to be on the CN side it’s basically you receive an inquiry from the customer can you raise in order you book that order you ship the books to the customer and you trace him and you correct the payment right so that is he a scale second now let’s go event in depth in is tricky to be cycle this is what a high-level overview of water took you to be cycles okay now this can be better explained using in manufacturing example let us assume pervert are demanding access cause nothing oh if there is a shortage in the pivot as production department for engine parts what the production department will do is this production department will raise a requisition to the police department it is an internal recognition from the production department to the purchase department where in the Toyota special department will say I require say ten engine parts of this decision now this possess department after having the simple Inquisition it’s job is to purchase the goods which are required in the production flow so what the purchase department will do is for this department we have with itself list of suppliers there or less in Africa multi they called us approve supplier list ESL it will have a list of suppliers who supply the required materials so it it will open the supplier register and it will see which suppliers supply this particular specific engine but let’s say there are three supplant supplying supplier D and supplier C now purchase Department will send a request for quotation what it will see it will contain the details regarding the number of items required and the specification it will ask you please send us your quotations for such item and this configuration so the supplier or increase implies will receive the request for position and all these three suppliers will send their quotes should we put this department so that is this arrow it is coming back okay so having received a quote now it’s the job of the police department to analyze and to select the best coalition so let’s say we are received collection from a BMC there are various factors on based on which the analysis system and the question is written it can be either the quality or it can be the payment terms or yen number of phases okay now after having selected one position let’s say your shortlist exoplayer be no the next stop is two for the police department to generate or raise a purchase order and send it to the supplier so this purchase order it’s an agreement between the operating unit I will be using the derma operating in it okay haha which is nothing for the Tata industry where the parts are required to be in cook you okay so this is purchase order is an agreement between the toyota and supplier v for purchase on say 10 units of engine parts at so-and-so price but it no no the supplier will receive the purchase order and supplier B is happy so after having you see a purchase order supplier we will send the books to the factory levels help the factory gate so after having received the books to the factory gate you will transfer this good slowly valves and from marrows they will get transfer to the production department that’s a different concept now in the meanwhile the supplier will send an inverse please note it Moi’s is a third party document which we receive from the supplier we don’t generate emotional system we merely record it in our application okay but in the case of purchase order we generated in our system and we push it up us to the supplier uh-huh but in the case of invoice it is in current government you see this in green color so you receive it from the supplier okay it is a third per document so when you receive it from the supplier you record it in your application so the moment you in turn in public in the application this invoice becomes a contractual agreement a contract the agreement which was initially created by purchase order becomes a contract when you recording was in the obligation and a liability gets tripped against this claim and you end up paying this play so this is what helped you to basically solve any doubts so far you have any doubts in this movie to be sacred now I’m fine yeah okay now in short you have a requisition then based on which purchase order is raised to receive the bonus invoicing then you show objects okay okay no on the scene said we have this order to cash cycle it’s very simple cycle you receive an inquiry from the customer on receive of this inquiry what do you do you send the quotation to the customer then the customer will send you a purchase order okay so when you record that purchase order in your system it will become a sale order yeah so you book that same order then that’s the facility for you to pick the goods from the Barrows there are different lot of concepts in picking from arrows let’s say step it’s an individual item so simple you just go in implicit or as if it’s an assembly item you will have to pick an assemble so there are various concepts which you look into take a break up to God to cash second Chronicles but currently after booking the order next step is to pick and then ship it in to the customer so once your shipment you will have to make him liable so you build the customer and you receive the payment okay yeah so please note in all these examples that we discussed right being took you to pay in order to cash there are different departments which perform different jobs correct yeah so these departments are water being called as responsibilities in order complications purchasing department is called as purchasing responsibility pay this department is for Las Vegas responsibility David’s apartments for the famous responsibility now who should be given access to which responsibility let’s say in this case a purchasing user who raises purchase order should be given access to purchasing responsibility he’ll be is not required for this user to be given access to pay the responsibility not to be given access to pay versus possibility because if you one user access to all these three can then have greater chances of fraud correct if the same user raises the purchase poverty bills and it makes a pivot pin that can be greater chance of fraud in the system so a system administrator is responsible for creating user scions and assigning them to or not more responsibilities okay so like you let’s say we have three user mark libros there’s a there so he can segregate and again create user samos okay and how is this turned this is done using systematic rigorous possibility let me just open the application and show you I will give you access to this [Music] see user name is yes in septic multiple 106 and password is w16 SP okay okay now is 8 to 1 6 equal 1 6 sk so when i log in to the application this is the e business suit and a I’m going straight to the system administrator yes yes ok in system under straighter I use the clear the foundation under things you don’t bother just get the concepts clear move come to have a facility to create a user see this one is a boy a page you’re aware Oh a HTML page and this one is a Java form so hitting level 9 there were only Java forms they didn’t have a pages from released when you have way Vegas and Java force okay okay so when you go to fusion you don’t have any doubt comes you only never will be this okay you’re able to see this user fine yeah let me see Lakshmi password welcome one two three can you come one two three about okay the ones in yellow are mandatory the ones in white are optional okay let me click on the responsibility they will Mission Operations is the operating entity to be using a come to the concept of operating intermingle entity what is same so I created as a system and etcetera I created a user sign on with two responsibilities okay so I will close this one is closed lose-lose let me login again Laxmi welcome one two three login it will ask you for a current password and exchange of new buzz for welcome one two three welcome welcome so now you can see Laxmi this application develop Diagnostics it comes by default okay don’t worry about this one so you can see when these login credentials are given to these alleged me Laxmi examples to these two responsibilities Jeff granted thing the system administrator clear okay that was regarding users and responsibilities now coming into legal entity and operating in it you have any idea of illegal entities and what an operating in this legal entity is basically the or that pure bro I mean basically the organization with all the other room but you say the system in place basically like you have your tack pin and reading what you’ve done there but I do understand it though I mean you can just go and just explain it to me I would train see okay you are aware of showroom colors bada in India aha corroborate aha so C beta they sell shoes and slippers and all the footwear right so they have their retail outlet across India they have it in Chennai held in Hyderabad in Delhi Mumbai all places okay now these are our videoclips so where you go and purchase footwear now let’s say you want to sue butter okay you want to find a case against Sparta you cannot file a case let’s say you’re purchased a footpad from Chennai so you cannot find a case erase the showroom from where you which is the food well you will have to file a case against the registered office at office which is in Delhi because that head office in Delhi is the legal entity it is a legal representation of Berta okay the rest units from where day to day purchase and sale take case they are all merely operating units okay so a legal entity is responsible for all the legal compliances namely the tax compliance and whatever the legal complaints that comes they are responsible for keeping the bank accounts they own the backbone when you go to bank and a company opens a background it is always in the name of liquor antigen or the operating unit okay so one legal entity can have multiple operating units okay like one bata India can have operating units across India from where they sell their products so the relationship between a legal entity and an operating in this one is 2 yen got it any doubts – what is one is – m41 legal entity there can be a number of application number of okay fine yeah okay yeah means number of okay okay so and these operating units can be either classified based on the location or based on the nature of operation okay here we have a hypothetical example wherein Dell limited uses legal entity which has four operating units one in India and one in China they have two sales outlet one in India or in China and within USA they have a consultancy service and the chief manufacturing unit okay so based on geography the India and the China outlet they can be classified as operating in based on geography and based on the nature of business the chip manufacturing unit and the consultancy service can be classified as an operating so it’s all up to the legal entities convenience to classify operating in it okay okay yeah now let’s this is just a listing of the products in the list well on the left hand we have products which were existing in the prairies of Lebanon and which continued the existing released well okay now and here we have exclusive relational initiatives they were not earlier available in Lebanon we have AP here if you heard of this product slick Jaya okay then you heard of these things no I’ve actually gotten to this yet released well vibe not really okay known much of what are the changes and Fergie Utley so one thing to be noted is cash management is C II okay haha even such taxes Zarek’s legal entities Excel me or a pay payments is ID way the reason why this is not cm why this is not OB why this is not EB is because Oracle uses acronym and not this short of mission so what is the difference between an acronym and they short the mission he have an idea of what an economist and what a short of nations so an acronym need not represent the long definition but a short description should necessarily represent a long mission if this is short of Nisshin then this should this should be C him okay okay so what are uses acronym for of selling these modules and not the short definition okay this is the stern of the matrix we are representing the same information so can it consider ends proceed and go to the individual products overview yeah so we will take up 81st okay okay what do we do in Paris in a euro yeah I’m sorry sorry to stop you is it that Oracle financials just has the air a P and G n that’s the whole thing no this is the whole thing or big mansions for a blessing ap air f HC edit / – it’s okay sub ledger accounting or a vitamin C mrs. reg negativity all our product ranches hungry okay okay this is the advanced nations package I’m showing you will be doing will be dealing with these things okay time to AP now what does if we do then we first is we raise an invoice can google average is a perfect then based on payment terms payment terms and terms of payment between the supplier and the operating in it right so based on that it calculates discount and interest then we have a concept of Co invoice matching you heard of this view no spacing unit this is basically like this is between the legal entity and the operating units or are we dealing with the outsiders here please do not bring legal entity in the picture because okay whatever transactions take place rate payables receivables all these transactions they take place at operating rate limit they will not take place that legal entity limit you can write energy sector I end up so whenever we say we want to purchase school or we want to sell good fit we’d always refer to an operating it will not refer to a legal entity okay so when I say yo and he was matching seats like this in the appropriate way we saw that’s a purchasing department and there’s a papist about Madrid so the person who is entering the PIO is different for the person who is recording their voice so let’s say at the time of Pio you had requested for ten units of parts at one hundred per unit okay now at the time of invoicing if the supplier has sent you for has send you an invoice for say 120 units at 120 per la of his communiques in okay see at the time of purchase order we have a quantity and we had a weight per unit okay let’s say you had asked for other units of particular engine per head and per unit now this is what has been done at the police department at the time of building the supplier I sent you the last one – 88 – when the person who is entering the invoice it occur for the person who is who is raised the PIA friend yeah so we have a concept of matching and what happens in this matching is you try to match the PIO quantity and the ones quantity and you create the man tape you present invoice price and whenever there are variances that means difference from whatever has been set a standard there are certain error messages get cropped up by which an user is made aware and he is supposed to go back and verify the in her information indeed a foo that point of time what happens is it will face the goes on a cold when you say and he noise is put on a cold that means huh you cannot tell a noise okay so it will not allow you to make a favourite against this invoice but just not match to the purchase order so we have also come pure investment see this is an area where and you will take it with purchasing because purchase orders are created in purchasing responsibility and you know is it in favorites okay okay whoo this is covered in a course baby pure noise merging then we have integration for accounting where I sell it know what is SLA all these things become to the subsequent state but currently beauty is not in the list when the accounting aspect is being governed by sub ledger accounting a new feature introduced in relational and not by gender religion okay okay then we have fish david me more credit me move you are aware of what a debit or credit canoes yeah okay these are basically whenever there are rejections or returns you raise seven debit be more credit remove these are considered as supplementary voices they are stapled along with Aussie Leigh boys and they are recorded as a fraction to be bullied voice okay yeah then you can maintain this balance you can empty voids in by this you can make a payment anything worse then you can adjusting voice for any corrections to this is all part of tables community so this is just water in mobile come this is very busy whatever invoices you know it’s just contains an itemized list of goods because it shift and it also cost it is payment terms you are ever of this payment of z2 by 1080 yeah yeah this is sort of worth dismissing Bo fables integrations of the products as I was mentioning earlier it’s not only the integration within a product family that has to be considered we also have to consider integration with other product families okay uh-huh we have something about the TCM is trading community architecture which contains all the external party information namely all the information regarding the suppliers of less addresses okay so we have the PC then we have sub ledger accounting which takes care of the accounting it’s in place according Egypt we have integration to cash management we have individual payments with taxation with purchase order I was referring to the matching concentrate without is taken again then we have international assets where a capital purchase invoice automatically gets converted to a fixed lesson then we have something for an eye supplier portal what an eye supplier portal is it’s basically an interactive application with these suppliers operating rate so the suppliers can log in and they can see what is the status of their order okay let’s say the supplier sends you goods for 10 units and they wait for five units so supplier can view what is the billing information home which has been set in and what is his status it’s basically like how we login and you can make the payment rate from a customer but similarly the supplier is given access to the operatives information when he is given access to a portal he logs in and he can do the status of his order can also use the states of his payments and invoices okay then interaction with the general Ledger’s and after a management engine that is as far as the payables are concerned now moving over to the fixed assets to know what ethics of us it is rate so the current has extremely the stock in trade gaving handled in inventory module okay so access module takes care of long-term fans mixer effects so we have at the addition we have a deposition you can’t play gain or loss on sale you transfer the asset then we have two books one is what Fred book and one is tax because the rates of the precision yeah we have different rates of deposition for corporate book because with tax laws so we have two different books then we have a major versus minor ten degree or other of this what is categories major and minor category no okay it’s a very simple concept basically in our collapse we have a concept of classifying assets of similar nature into one category because we assume that they have a same or a similar or a uniform deposition rate let’s say we have major category forest land and building within then you can have manic Atticus factory building office building etc if you have major condemning of plant and machinery you can have engine oil extraction machinery Exeter so because we know the depreciation for land and building is quite different from that of everyday equipments so with this with this category is it based on a deposition rates of the other similar characteristics it also a major is basically the broader names that you give where the other group yes in the natives denominator area like under London building these get you know how you going to identify which groups fall under what yeah you’re ever of schedule 6 part 1 I yeah when I think is going here so in shadows it’s part 1 we have this categorization of absurd state being hidden so that is nothing but the major he have land and building plant inhalation pickles okay within that individual you can have it written small scholarships multiple headings with yet minor categories within my noggin English universities who electrical within our conditional you’ll see our conditional one two three or four with the lights and fittings you will have my expense to whatever it is okay this basically a screenshot of the asset wood bench okay well or nothing but an asset register okay okay this is an important concept in the list value in our World Bank Combs has been classified into two okay please note I am referring to bank accounts you don’t write on anything because I’ll send you the PPT okay so much as I am writing them okay I’m being writing on now you did not recommend because I am going to send you the recording and I’m also going to see the PPT just away okay okay very bad habit right from the CA in severalty so we have an interval bank account and you have external mannequins so what internal backbones are basically the cones which are only operating unit and from which you make payment towards the player for the goods purchased or the comp in which you have posit the money that you collect from your customers okay now external backbones are of course of the external parties namely the customer sub less yeah okay take you for an example this is what say let’s say you make payment using an ICC account and there’s a player the receives it in this HDFC account okay okay so in this case what is the interval backbone was an external pump utility so the internal would be ICICI and external would be HT of current because this is the upon finished funds are getting dispersed wait and this step on Jewish the parents are giving this place in the supply run in this case can I tell you what is the external what is the internal matter you receive a payment from a customer and you deposit in access account yeah the co2 is the punch at the positive internal aircon now internal backbones are owned by a responsible in cash management huh so this is just a screenshot of it you find it managed Pentagon’s can be Bank branch and backup out on this vision operation okay okay coming to sub ledger accounting what is sub ledger bundle she said exclusive graceful initiative accounting was governed by general ledger in prayerless but in art when they have reproduced a central accounting engine corners sub ledger accounting so whenever a transaction take place takes place in AR or whenever an invoice gets created in AP and when accounting has to take place for this particular transaction it is through sub ledger accounting the central region through which a transaction takes place so there are the rules defined in some reasonable thing let’s say you have an invoice that gets validated so quite naturally as per the rules behind sub which are bounding the supplier cons get credited and item upon straight emitted so yeah all this accounting entry is the rule waste okay we have various rules that are in buildings and with accounting jasonich accounting takes place looking and it contains a granular level of accounting information a very detailed level of which at which upon code against which costs in them all this information can be tracked in sub ledger accounting okay yep basically it forms a link between the transaction and the general ledger so this is how the architecture is in a place to it you have individual the model stood payables receivables and accounting takes place through sub ledger building after when accounting is done okay after the accounting integration later this accounting entries posted to general ledger from gladly balance sheet and populace of all this prepare okay so can I stop you here for a minute please so you’re saying the sub ledger accounting is where all my basic entries of the debit credit goes and to the GL I’ll take the grand totals basically you see it’s already what submitted according this is it nearly processes the accounting accounting is processed after processing it is not deleted with itself it pushes the entity to general ledger so basically you will have a duplication or is it different how do you see it in the GL then see if any noise gets created in babies okay uh-huh you have one table accountant what creditor contact yeah yeah item is debited level discredited this liability should get correctness in trial balance this item should take at legend failure is correct yeah how does it get a list the trial balance is drawn from general ledger general ledger is again gentle it is where even sees here how whenever tables clicks on create accounting what that create accounting program does is it will directly go to sub ledger accounting and in sub ledger accounting it will search they have various combinations by research if the even his invoice creation then the entry should be item upon technical I will devote first it will see what is the event even this invoice creation that no for this event it will find out what is according entry it is not what is it a bit about it will also to calculate second always inserting some resin bonding after having picked up the debit according to code it will generate an according entry okay and if you see what is the compound for it they built in order the Kanpur for credit okay so it will become what is the David what is a credit what is a Concorde forget about the Concorde own credit and it will take a come on from the invoice after processing all this CB start processing right now once you process this accounting entry and landing entry successfully generated in they post this accounting and get agenda later it will not read it with itself oh okay now I get it okay so basically just processes the same like it earlier it would be all in the GL now it’s going through another verb there is another medium through which it goes into the GL straight Hey that is his interest accounting model through window gets processed and it gets sent to the gender little okay so the earlier versions were all done in the GL directly right right okay so two direction the role of jail has got reduced so what how does that I mean I’m just curious that if what is the you know like Neil yeah for the need to create somewhere cognac yeah see in the earlier lease it was funny T individual products and GF uh-huh so whenever there were any issues in accounting you had to switch back and put with individual process GL and you did not know where the issue is a three and it is because the products did not send or populate the learned information or whether jail did not process it properly and gene was getting more and more obligated so they felt the need for a centralized repository so from now onwards if there is any issue in according you directly go to a said LD patterns okay you will not be going to different product models and oh oh can I get it okay just a way of streamlining processes that’s it okay okay and sub ledger accounting is represented by something called ascend slam sub ledger accounting method okay we’ll come to that in detail in here okay then coming to accounts receivable and accounts the Siegel it’s basically a part of the same second wherein you create a transition go to the transaction whenever is ready yeah yeah yeah go ahead go ahead Jeff is good no no you continue I I wanna just sometimes I’m just too jumpy what I know this oh yeah if you know that it’s better write it in it so that we get it’s good to learn real on or you know just refreshing my back into the CPA mode okay when did you do any recently a long time oh yeah I just finished it in 2008 and I I was working also with the CPA firm for some time okay okay a the for Bill was right in CP for her only because again for papers okay so we have in the signals you have a translation basically nothing but n a sale invoice then received let’s say you receive a check from a customer so you create a recipe for that right so that’s a recipe then when you replicate you have a remittances and they get cleared from a bankable this is the man because then you also have automatic recipes you know what automatic receipts are what – receipts no is it like it generates it or I’m not sure what I’m not familiar with this water autores it means is see nobody is low and really uses cheque or cash for making people here even use credit card an ex-con transfers yeah right so we have a facility called as autores it’s automatic resists which connect the money using credit current bank for Burnsville okay also basically it’s more to do the transfers and online-only okay so water receives very tightly integrated with I did it’s online payments okay okay now then we have a debit or credit remove the same cause you know they’re done so Egyptians yeah then EPR netting any idea about this one if he has reading so basically it will you know like kind of it squares up fee accounts instead of so the the actual picture is like whether what is paid and what is is the same customer is also separate then you net up and you make a parameter instead of you get a can use yeah you have heard of what multi-org at the scalpel you know okay money P or access control which basically a surfeit enhancement wherein we give access for one user to multiple operating units okay okay so the same user can enter invoices for say mission offer mission us a wish in India wish in Japan okay that has undergone some changes in the village square when compared to lemonade Oh what are this in lemonade he goes like this we had operating an exponent and we had responsibilities tied to this operating unit so let’s say you have a Belgium let us take a payables clerk who and us voice okay so let’s say yes access to three operating units very same all under Denmark so his job is to enter invoices so he gets the first invoice and he enters feed question was let’s say the invoices for Belgium operating it so he enters the noise for Benjamin getting it now let us say the second invoice turns out to be from all and operating in it so what this user has to do is he has to log out of Belgium opening it and he has to log into the collet operating in it and enter the colony voice okay now let’s say the third voice he picks up pace from the denmark ave unit so here we have to log out of Holland and log into the Denmark so this way for changing the operating it he has to log off and log in every time okay this is the scenario in 11i he was given access to three of residence he was not denied but the access was in a very inconvenient for agreed in released well what change is they have brought about a single responsibility so he need not log out and log in every time but it same response within he can select different operating units okay okay it’s like this are able to see this one see in the drop zone the first release operating unit field so you can select which operating will he wants and automatically can keep into the voice in deep voice voltage Oh rather than long yotan logging in okay this is for multi or that is control access to multiple operating in it’s okay EB tax now what is EB tax you tax is again an exclusive list well initiative this is a central application that manages the tax data okay and we deal with transaction tax we don’t deal with income tax value tax we only did with the sales tax VAT excess UD okay so no personal access you mean perfect no personal taxes only transaction taxes taxes on business transaction is miss access okay okay so we have something called as a regenerate setup so this is a new feature that is being created incorporated in bliss playing Lorraine you have various taxes so you can there are lot of contributions possible so when you go to this degree we need at least five sessions to learn about you index okay so now text you have a record attack how you created a context of the Creator not have a tax how we create an exclusive text inclusive tax so all these things will be learning in detail okay now you may be such taxation so what you don’t understand is similar to the subtitle accounting this is an alleged tax engine but SLA was recording equal access for accession so payables receivables they make use of uses tax to calculate the tax in their invoice of the transition okay okay coming to general ledger general ledger has like there are after introduction of sub desire bonding the role of gender later has caught readies to that extent so it is fine and repository of accounting data and from general ledger you prepare your trial balance in prepare it for plus Akaka need to get in balance sheet and a ledger is Matt to legal entity okay see it is with this let’s say we have a legal entity with just three operating bits in lemonade you had all sort of set of books yes OB okay so in lebanon each operating it had a set of it so b1 is so beautiful it’s so because so if you have to like open and close periods ok year in processing everything has to be done three times right because we have three set of books but how this concept is gonna be you know longer have this is said you have something called us a letter and this letter is that legal entity level here so when you map a ledger to legal entity quite naturally this ledger will percolate down to all the opportunities within the legal entity okay okay so it is like a centrist processing and very easy to access multiple accounts for different operations using a single engine if you close this ledge then automatically the books are closed for all the derivative in response the three okay that’s one thing about letter and this is one area where and we have something called a supporting setup manager which is a one-stop point for creating accounting let me just make it you see this X is called as accounting setup manager okay this is a one-stop point where you create your accounting configuration you map your legal entity here and your ledger and a ledger in a various concepts like we have a primary ledger we have a secondary ledger and we have a reporting currency reserve just to give you a gist of it listen comprises of four C’s okay you are aware for C sub C so for our of C sin set of books C’s okay so you have a current whenever any accounting entry takes place right you be like this they write them account debit that will get home ready perfect and this will be fun let’s say this in quite nicely people currency for some accounting one two one zero thank you wait so you have you have a calendar that is nothing with a did you have a currency and yell shut up accountant okay one two and zero so these are all C’s which are required for creating an accounting entry in addition to this you have one of the C which has been these are all C’s which existed in Lebanon ago and they continued existence yesterday okay but only thing is in the list Valley you have an extra C that is nothing but convention okay what is convention convention is also called a slack sub ledger accounting method okay let’s say you have a company in US and you also have operation India okay and this US company does let’s say that practice in US legal into this us identify this used in the end Europe okay now let’s say in us get a she is used as the currency calendar is from Jan to December okay charter for consulates it is having huge chart of accounts which are the same in the account codes okay okay and it has convention is used gap okay so based on this pier according is being making at the use complete for India since the transactions are in the INR it is just a branch I have it is just a branch so I have the currency sign are but I follow these principles okay possibility is company only right I just want a different representation of transactions okay but in Euro I want euro currency let’s say this is same I have the same catechins but I want the accounting as per IFRS okay so okay data to these kind of changing needs right we have a primary ledger we have a reporting currency teacher and we have a second diligent okay so this all these transactions will be in primary leadership now I want if I want a reporting currency if only currency is different then L our reporting current signature but if total accounting convention self is different okay huh then I will have a second religion so we come to the videos as to what is a primarily therefore the second we’ll get there were three put all the sural new features which has been introduced in list well again this what if you see here you will find the recording currencies second a ledger okay all these features have been introducing lists well okay in general ledger what opposes yes it’s all I had for the demo session you have any questions notes clarifications so far it’s been pretty clear for me okay

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