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Owning 1 Bitcoin Is At An All Time High. The Future Is Bright.

Owning 1 Bitcoin Is At An All Time High.

Owning 1 Bitcoin Is At An All Time High. The Future Is Bright.

The Future Is Bright.

Owning 1 Bitcoin Is At An All Time High. The Future Is Bright.

all right welcome back everybody to altcoin daily this is the article that you want to see if you hold Bitcoin now in todays article Im going to show you what Im going to show you the the metrics when it comes to people buying Bitcoin were going to talk about what smart money is doing this time were even going to get to a CNN interview and some recent news its gonna be a great article and just like always guys if you appreciate articles like this give us a like cant you understand whats happening here dont you see whats happening Potter isnt selling putters buying and why because were panicky and hes not thats why hes picking up some Barton now we can get through this thing all right smart money isnt selling right now smart money isnt day trading smart money isnt doing much besides buying or Hotaling in fact were gonna talk about exactly what smart money is doing what you have before you is 21 Bitcoin charts courtesy of coin metrics calm that tell a rather bullish story well were actually not gonna read most of these charts Im gonna leave a link to all this stuff in the description so you can take a look at this yourself I want to start off right here the question is how many addresses have at least one Bitcoin and the answer would be this blue line right below and as you can see we are at an alltime high for addresses that hold at least one Bitcoin the virus is spreading would you imagine that I mean you could you knew that people were buying Bitcoin back in 2000 15 16 17 everybody was buying Bitcoin over here its hard to buy one Bitcoin at 20, 000 is it interesting to note that in 2018 the number kept rising and in 2019 the number kept rising and never before in bitcoins 10year history have more people owned one Bitcoin I know the first thing that youre gonna comment below youre gonna say well this is just addresses that have at least one Bitcoin you know that many people have more than one Bitcoin address and of course that is completely true I actually think its more like a little bit of both you know we you dont know exactly if these would be different people are the same person but I think generally speaking an uptrend like this is what we want to see now lets go even further the number of addresses holding at least 10 bitcoins recently hit an alltime high as well you can see here specifically in the last few months we have seen a severe uptick in addresses that hold 10 Bitcoin possibly thinking that you know were having a little launch platform right here and what weve seen in past old markets is once Bitcoin rallies up you know reaches little launch platform eventually its going to rally up again and were never gonna see these prices again is that what people are thinking now we dont really know and again of course its possible that one person owns multiple addresses that have one Bitcoin or ten Bitcoin but either way this is bullish Im sure its a little bit of both next up lets take into account to the whole market youre gonna see across the board taking into account bitcoins inflation curve Bitcoin wealth continues to grow and become more distributed and decentralized over time so whether were talking about addresses with point zero zero one Bitcoin point one Bitcoin or one Bitcoin this continues to increase and outpace the growing supply and this is it now the next question is I dont know what youve been doing in the past few months Im just generally speaking Ive been cost averaging a lot ever since Bitcoin with 6, 000 dollars right here I bought a lot down here and Ive been picking my spots over the last few months as well let me show you what smart money is doing and for this Im gonna refer to a guy that I follow Bob Lucas he also follows me and Bob Lucas of course famous for the fouryear cycle the fouryear journey this is what smart money does you can see that he is trying to purchase six point five Bitcoin for a price of eight thousand five hundred and if Bitcoin never gets that low hes already got his position allocated but if Bitcoin dips low enough he is going to Baia I actually like this discussion he had with somebody who follows him the king of nothing says should have bought all these Bitcoin at 3k eight months ago Bob Lucas says well I bought 25 of them that was enough then smiley face the king of nothing goes I understand the order but why not just DC a dollar cost average buying every week take the price targets out of it and just stack sets much more relaxing wink Bob Lucas says because you end up paying more on the way up when my price I got all that I wanted dollar cost averaging is only a good strategy for those investing who need to allocate small amounts to the market as they earn it if you have the money allocate it for me you have to be crazy dollar cost averaging above twenty thousand dollars all the way up same way you would be crazy dollar cost averaging above fifteen hundred in 2017 you get your allocation early and cheap you scale out late and expensive I like this the king of nothing says in the long run a dollar cost averaging is the best way to go in my opinion Bob Lucas says okay but you know but like it or not this is what smart money is doing I wanted to show you that so people are buying Bitcoin at this time people were buying Bitcoin down here people are buying Bitcoin down here and you can see how that is affecting the metrics when it comes to on chain data all right the next thing that I want to show you is this piece that CNN covered the other day about the crypto company lolly now I dont have any affiliation with lolly I went to the the lolly meetup that when do and we put on a couple weeks ago its really fun as you know lolly is this um you can pay if youre gonna pay for things online anyway why not use lolly and get some Bitcoin back but what I want to show you is the middle part of this interview where the CEO talks about the types of people who are using lolly and he mentions that 50 close to 50 of people using lolly are actually not old to Bitcoin but theyre new to Bitcoin so check this out how many of the people that are doing this are already comfortable with cryptocurrency versus people that are just learning new and then go on to accept perhaps more cryptocurrency as they continue to shop so thats a great question because a lot of what were doing is were trying to introduce new people into into Bitcoin yes and into this space so when we first started it was a lot of Bitcoin maximalist people who already had Bitcoin that wanted more and it was almost entirely that yeah as weve continued to grow we found that those people can finally share an application with their friends and their family for them to earn Bitcoin so what we found is were nearing 50 of our users are now new to Bitcoin which is really really exciting so it isnt on ramp basically to to cryptocurrency use and were just getting started so everyone can get in really really early we launched a year ago and so we we just started we have almost a thousand merchant partners and we have tens of thousands of users that are earning Bitcoin every day on their everyday purchases so thats obviously a really good thing when it comes to this is just another onramp for people to get into it now another part of this interview is their expansion lets watch this clip real quick what does the future look like Holly talked to me about your plans expansion plans what youre working on right now so weve just started work on a mobile app and that mobile app is gonna let everybody earn so easily and on daily purchases right now you can earn on all online purchases with about a thousand merchants all across the u.s. yes part of our expansion is going into mobile and so you can have that that web wallet and your mobile wallet and you can earn on daily purchases going and getting your coffee all the way to your flight for work or your office supplies whatever we want every single purchase to drive attention to Bitcoin and for you to be able to earn on everything similar to points if anyone else doing this know as well as us were the first and Im biased but I think were the best so the fact that theyre expanding to or you can use lolly for even if you walk into brickandmortar stores you remember we reported on lolly expanding to 900 retail locations this was news a couple months ago they have partnered with 750 merchants online including Walmart Macys and Priceline some Walmart it is America and the fact that I mean you can kind of see I think it was Marty Benton Matt ODell on the Tales from the Crypt podcast where they mentioned that what lolly is doing is going to weaponize the American people into pumping the price of Bitcoin over the next couple years so its an interesting way to think about it so this next piece of news I thought this was really interesting if youre a Bitcoin maximalist youre gonna be into this Im not a Bitcoin maximalist Im a Bitcoin fundamentalist but either way if you store your crypto on cold storage this is what you want to hear about you know that I like the two biggest names in cold storage our treasure which I hear is really good or ledger which is what I use we have affiliate links to ledger products in the description check those out on every article definitely store your Bitcoin on some sort of cold storage if youre only interested in storing your Bitcoin if youre only in the Bitcoin check out this new thing from treasure this is their post the community has spoken and once again we deliver we are thrilled to announce that the beta version of our new Bitcoin only firmware is now available to download for both treasurer 1 and treasurer Model T we aim to introduce a stable version of Bitcoin only firmware in the next months release so theyre releasing cold storage that you dont have to deal with any of this altcoin software or firmware or whatever its just for Bitcoin and I guess the advantages for this I made a note is that lower attack surface due to simpler firmware simpler and thus more secure user experience without confusing extra choices with risk of picking the wrong one and losing your funds so if you are a Bitcoin maximalist or fundamentalist or if this is something that appeals to you just know that treasure has your back ledger is also good check out our links in the description final piece of news finance us plans to begin onboarding customers next week so the platform will be open to registration and deposits on September 18th after registration six crypto currencies will be available for deposits including Bitcoin etherium XRP be cash litecoin and tether and then trading will commence later at an undisclosed date so I wanted to keep you updated with that finance information since it is one of the biggest exchanges that is it for me my friends my name is Erin at alt coins daily make sure you subscribe to our channel follow us like the article and I will see you tomorrow

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