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Personal Finance Tracker DIY App Builder Zoho Creator App DNA

Personal Finance Tracker  DIY App Builder  Zoho Creator  App DNA

Personal Finance Tracker | DIY App Builder | Zoho Creator | App DNA

hello everybody this is Peruvian and I will come you to AB Gaelic where we talk about all things apps today we will be building a simple app it’s a personal finance tracker app which will showcase the power of local platforms through which you can build much bigger business enterprise apps so today we will get started with the app I’ll create this app in five simple steps in the first step we are going to create a form through which we can add a new account now this account can be our bank account or our mobile wallet so let’s create this form first up will log to Quetta hakam i’m already logged in so it’ll save me time and i’m going to start with a new application for my personal finance tracker remember if you have already been using spreadsheets of an or any other kind of files for maintaining your finances then you can experimenting with simply importing a file through this button you can drag and drop your files and you will get started with your app already I’m going to start with a new application and this takes me to this app gallery now this is more than 60 apps pre-built for you which you can straightaway install and start using one of these apps is my personal finance tracker app that once this tutorial is over I will go through so that you can know what developers have in place those apps are much more sophisticated and they are ready to use but now let’s get started with our app right from scratch so that you learn with me I’m gonna name it as personal finance tracker AB DNA and hit create this is the edit mode of my app where I’m going to design write some more closed chain settings I got started with create a new farm I would like to create my farm from blank but remember as I said if you already have a lot of data in your spreadsheets regards your income and expenses and other such files then you can simply import those or you can use a template and such other integrations we are going to start with the basic step from blank first up I’m going to add my accounts all my bank accounts unnamed list farm has an account this is my from filter where I’m being prompted to drag a field here these are my data fields which I can simply drag and drop here to build my form I want to know my account name so I’m getting started with a single line field here I’m going to name it does I can’t name these are the field properties if you want to restrict this farm entry to just to one field sorry one entry then you can click on these properties and it can go down here where you can disable the form after let’s see one entry if we are going to maintain this personal finance tracker for just one account but for now I’m just living it back because maybe I have a lot of accounts one savings are gone one current account one credit account you can also allow one entry per users these are some of the form properties which you can use you can capture the location D it can also send an email notification to yourself or to the admin for now I’m going to get with the next field which is the status I want to know the status of this account whether it’s still active or it has gone they found I’m going to name this field as status and this is a drop-down that I am using here I’m going to use two choices here active and inactive I’m going to not have a choice three but you can have other choices as well like to log to default so I’m going to just click on allow the choice so that I can have other choices for my account as well and then I’m going to have a currency field here to get started with my available balance I can choose my currency type here I’m going to use Indian rupees the initial value I’m going to set it up at two points 0 0 the maximum digits the decimal points you can also have this contains personal data for each of these fields let’s click on this you can even encrypt your data so there are a lot of security options when you use a local platform like creator the application will remain inaccessible for everyone while the encryption is in progress okay I understand proceed ok that means I’m going to have to wait I almost regret this so let’s wait and talk about our field till then in the next step I’m going to have a form to add income and then we will have our add expenses and in the fourth step we will have a workflow to you know add this incomes and subtract these expenses from the available beds simple maths and in the fifth step I’m going to have a dashboard so my farm has been created and now I’m going to access this application so the difference between the live mode and the edit mode is that in the edit mode we built the app and when I access this application this is the live mode where I can see my app running so I created this ad account form let’s get started with creating my first account let’s say it’s my bank SBI so as base like State Bank of India to be a and the status is active I could have made my default status as active actually and to start with I have an available balance servlets a zero now I’ll go to edit this application in a new tab but before that I’ll show country boats are so as soon as I’ve submitted one form this is going to be visible in this all accounts here so form is very add the data and reports is where you can see all the data entries all the records for that particular form so I have banker’s pair here it’s active I’m going to go to my form once again and the status I can make it as active by default this time can I add an account by default is going to be active on this I actually made it inactive so we are done with the first form and let’s move to the second form where we’ll be building the income phone in the third step we are going to create another form like the expense form but this would be to capture our income now that we have added our account we are going to create another form and that would be to capture our incomes so in the second step we are creating another form the same way we created the first I’m going to name this form as add income and we are going to start with adding the date for this income next I’ll use a special field called the lookup so what lookup does it relates to forms I want to know which account my income is going into so all I have to do is just use the Add Account form the account name and hit done if you have ever used purchase you’d know that relating to forms is so difficult you have to use vlookup macros but with local platforms it’s easier especially with creator you can use to look up to relate to forms so you can easily access data residing in another form and when I would later manipulate the data I know easily that it’s the SBI account let’s see where this income is going in so as you work more with greater I think you’re going to really appreciate things like lookup very much I’m going to rename it as as choose account now I can also set a filter here so I’ll set a filter because I want the income to be added only to active accounts go to status equals active so need the filter accounts will appear here next I will have a currency field for the amount remember to choose your currency type the same as you have chosen in your account and I’ll have another single line filled in between here for the source of income there’s my seller and yet the source hit done and quickly refresh so here is my ad income farm I’m going to choose the date as today choose account Bank as VI it’s coming a single line I’m sure it didn’t get added properly at that time so if your fields didn’t get added properly you can simply go here you can see the I didn’t come here you opened the form builder it’s very easy to add anything you need not go through difficult processes as including refresh repairs a source of income choose account bankís be a source of income salary amount is fifty thousand so this is our second step in the third step I’m going to add expenses now once you have your account ready we are going to create a new pump through pitch we are going to capture our expenses so this form will be used every time you have an expense and you enter the data for it after adding my incomes in the third step I am going to create a new form to add expense this we will do in two parts first you will create a form named just new expense subcategory of form you’ll see why I call this a sub bomb so this is the expense sub pump and here I would lease down the expense category that you might have so use a drop down field and I’ll name it does expense category try to attend this down any kind of categories that you have let’s say you have red or food expense or you could have your transportation as well we can allow for other choices such as shopping or anything else once I know the expense category I will have the currency field for the amount spent and then I can use this image field to upload the bill then we does upload hit done now that I have my expensive form I’m going to create and the form and this is to track my expenses so now because in income I didn’t have major categories I did that in one way but if you have a lot of other income so that you could do it this fails but I’m just showing you two ways of doing things so this one I’ll name is add expense so here I can use the date field again back we didn’t add income to know the date of the expense then we’ll use the lookup to know from which account this expense has been incurred so add account account name here again you can set a filter so I’m going to set a filter that the status of the account should equal active so they’re only active a concept here here hit done and then I’m going to use the subform so subform is where you can embed another form that you’ve already created so here I would be using my expensive form and I’ll rename this as expenses after expense list I will use the currency field for the total expense this a section here which I don’t want and he’d done now when I go to access my application if I go to my expense add expense you can see that I just to this day to add account bank this VI expense category is rent amongst and I can upload a bill and then the total expense should be calculated here and let’s say I put another 1000 but that’s not happening but this I will need to move on to the workflows in the next step in the fourth step we are going to create a simple workflow through which we are going to add our income and subtract our expenses to show our current bank balance at all times so for the fourth step which is the workflows to add our income and subtract our expenses we have to create a workflow where we will do a little bit of coding nothing much except if-else statements so let’s create a new workflow while using the form first you are going to add the income so add income name to our floors at income add a new action on successful user submits so this is a delayed script it will run when my farm successfully is submitted and I’m going to use a fetch record from here so a fetch record would fetch certain records from another farm for me so let me name my variable as let’s say it’s balance so the spit violins balance variable will go to my attic on Form it will match the ID of all the records in that Aragon farm with whatever I have chosen as choose account so in my add income when I’m adding an income I would choose an account to this choose account field remember so it would match this with all the records in Aragon from so it will know which bank account I am talking about and then that would be fetched with this variable I hope you understood this the simple next I’m going to use a simple if statement so if fetch balance is not equal to null that means there is a variable that has been returned then I’m simply going to go to this collection fetch balance dot available balance fetch balance dot available balance and I’m going to add among income amount right here try to save submit and update now I will go and refresh my app so now I’m a refreshed app I’m going to choose a date choose my account source of income is again let’s say salary twelve rupees it add so if I go to my all income you can see that 12 is here and this was the 50000 that I added earlier before my workflow and in my accounts if you go you’ll see that I started with zero point zero but the twelve has been reflected here that means my workplace working next up what I want is that every time I enter an expense here it should get subtracted from my account and should update the balance the subform here also we update the workflow for this but I’m most probably I’m going to just hide this expensive form here because meaning we don’t need that so let’s go back to our workflows I’m going to hide my subform I’ll show you how to hide certain forms or a puzzle don’t want so I will go to this expense subform open it up and just know I’m not going to delete it I’m going to hide it so for hiding I can go to the sections here and this is the hide yeah so it just hide this so my hidden components are this expensive one every rest of it is not hidden it’s useful so we’re done with hiding the form now we will go and create our next workflow that is to subtract the expenses from the total balance while losing the form add expense to name the class subtract expense add a new action on successful form submission so in this we are going to do the same thing we are going to fetch the record variable fit-choo balance from the farm add new account the field ID should equal input dot add account once I know the balance what I can do is simply subtract from it right Fred balance without available balance which balance dot available balance minus input dot total expense whatever my total expenses come to then I’m going to hit the same next up I’m going to add another workflow and that is to that also happens in the ad expense workflow while using the farm add expense this one is total expense said so remember this up front so when you have different items in the subform it was not adding up remember let’s go to the add expense and show you what I mean so when I add two or more expenses I want both of these to be added and shown in the total expense for that this workflow will so undelete script on user input of amount spent in the expense list so every time I spent some amount and I put it in the add expenses of form this worker is going to run so for step I’m going to check for some valid amount and then I’m going to add them out to the total this have written so that later when I check the workflow I know what this worker was meant to be just helps you so I’m going to use the if condition so if Rho dot amount spent is less than not less than I want it to be lest any clothes 0.0 so road a MOSFET so when you have a subform how to access each of these roses Rho dot so if Rho dot am on spent is less than zero zero then I will be thrown an alert that says enter a bad Adama that means any negative values will not be entertained here and then roll dot amounts pinch would be emptied so that’s done with another else so if the amount spent is more then first up we will say that the total is zero we’ll assume that the total is zero and then we’ll have another loop for each for each each row in input dot expense list so each row here is a variable so for each of the variable in input dot expense list so for all the entries in main in expense list I’ll have a workflow that adds up Dakota you what I did is this I used a default function like if null within brackets so what happens if my expense list has a null value then only 0 will be added to the total but if there is a value then the amount spent would be added to this total so this is a slight variation of what we did in the income instead of fetching a variable and then adding it to the total balance here we are just using this bracket variation so that you know different ways of doing the same task with creator’ and then I can have the total expense incurred or total expense that’s just total so total expense will now reflect this total that we have calculated here hits save and most of our refills are done now we’ll go and refresh our app and check what happens this time when I add an expense and I didn’t exit expensive my SBI Bank expense category rent in 100 then I have food expenses five notice that the total expense has changed this 105 let’s head under one and test it out so it should change to 107 as you can see the total expense is changing I’ll hit add so my workflow to add the total expenses working I go to all accounts and see that there’s – 95 balance here because I added too much expense and the expense was getting subtracted from this all accounts here so in a more sophisticated version we will not have a negative balance here we will throw up an inroad and you did not have sufficient amount in your bank account for recording these expenses but in this question because it’s a personal finance tracker you know that you have minus 95 so you do not actually have minus 95 in your parents but then you have off short your that’s all for the workflows and move on to the dashboard in the final step of the app we are going to create a dashboard this dashboard is important to keep a track of your expenses habits now in this dashboard we will have some simple charts to keep a track of the ways in which you are spending by type you’re locked accounts your active accounts you can also have charts to show from where your income is coming and what is your current bank balance so let’s create this dashboard in the fifth step we are going to create dashboards for our personal finance tracker so this is the most exciting part for any admitting video that I make because – posts are created with pages right over here and page is the most versatile feature that you can find on creator you can basically create anything with it like you can create your web pages you can have HTML zml it serves as anything and everything you can have charts and buttons if you create the proper dashboard then you don’t even need to go to the other sections of the app and you can do everything right from the dashboard so these are certain features that you can have you can drag and drop these panels they’re so colorful you can have charts you can embed forms reports snippets for advanced programmers and buttons here now I’m going to start with simple things I’ll use this one okay and I’ll rename this as active balance displayed data text you can have a lot of this you can have either some and minimum and maximum and a lot of stuff here I’ll just have text little see available balance and I’ll in this I want to know the total balance so I can simply go to the Sun I’ll go to my ad account form and I want to know the actual balance so for available balance evaluate for all the records show the sum and stay actual okay and I can change the symbol over here to show rupee you can customize pages as much as you want dollar symbol come on you have a currency symbol yes so this one now this is the sum and then I can have an action so the moment I click on this let’s say I want to open the report of my all accounts okay done once I have my available balance I also want to know the maximum expense that I have done this month so that immediately when I see oh my god this is my expense I just spilled on it and see what actually encodes it expenses when you go to panel again and this time I’m going to choose this chart with the red stuff and I’ll name this as highest expense right here I’m going to use this maximum largest value entered in a field maximum of add expense field and I can choose this total expense you can have all records or selected records and selected records you can choose the fields here so you can even choose for this month so let’s say I want to know the highest expense and could this month I can go to the user-defined yield date and in date you have stuff like yesterday today last end days I can even go for last year or you know this month so I’ll just choose this month and hit done now I want to also change the text here so that it reflects what this highest explain this month and then you can arise to expense this year I want to choose an action also so that it opens the selected report of all expenses and done so I have the highest expense this month and then I can have income this month for it to sell use this one again which one should I choose I can choose this and come on here I can choose the sum of all the incomes I’ll go for this field amount you can select records again for the date which could be this month on head de algún name this so as you can see in pages you can customize a lot you can have any sort of panel in each sort of chart that you want I’ll go for the action also so it it opens the report of all income and then I can just oppose both of this together by just dragging and dropping the look so I have the highest expenses month I have the income this month and then I have the available balance right here now I also want to use charts I want to use this let’s say I have this we have you can have this line chart or this column chart let’s just keep it simple I will use this column chart and this should be based on expense I want to know the category of expenses they had that I had so I can use this expense subform as well so that I can know which category it was so expensive I’ll have in the x-axis and places that I spent my money and in the y-axis I can have actual data select values of amount spent and I can have expenditure right here so this also you can select the records for this month let’s just have it as all records and hinton so I have a chart also here I can go ahead and also you know and build these reports so I want to embed my all expenses report in simply drag and drop here you can filter for this month or this year I’ll just let it be and finally I can have other panels also I want to know the active accounts and the inactive accounts for this it will click let’s see how many okay this one I don’t have let’s just change the icon to something not affect the options I like changing the icon options so this one would tell me the count from my ad account selected records is the status should be open active hit done I’ll rename it us active accounts it can go to my report of all accounts I want to do the same for inactive accounts as well so you can keep customizing your dashboards you can even have percentages so let’s say my expense went up by 15 portions as supposed to my expenses last month or my income and expenses not in a very healthy way sure you can do a lot of stuff but this is the basic apps I’ve only seen to the basics but I want you to know that dashboards are really versatile deck pages I’m just naming as – word but it wait is you can do a lot this I’m going to rename is inactive accounts here I want to choose the count of the selected records whose state doses inactive get done let’s change this account as action is opening the report all accounts and the dashboard is done hit done and then we will go and refresh our app let’s see I’m very excited always to see the dashboards coming up Sonia nice and pretty so this is our dashboard and as you can see we did a lot of magic in less than a minute I don’t think I do give in a minute to create this very pretty dashboard which is so useful once you start creating apps you will know that dashboard is the thing because when you see it you know everything at a glance for now I know that I am in a very poor state of balance because I only minus 95 and come this month was 50,000 but the expenditure was in dollars I don’t know why it came as dollars I think I need to change the currency field here and then you can see the expenditures for expenses were low but rent was really high this month and transportation was come see Hamza and if you go to the expenses you can see all the expenses that I incurred this month and if you go even below you can see that you have just one active account and zero in equivalents so if I click on this it will take me to my accounts report where you can see the active ones if you click on this so every time you click on any so and say you see this highest expense this month and you want to know oh my god where today spend so much it will take you to a split wise account of your expenses if you click on this let’s just take you to the income so from from just one page you can go everywhere around in your app and you could share this dashboard with your admin if you are an organization so that’s up for dashboard just be playful with it and I would like to see very colorful – prose and you could build so you could just comment below this video and let’s move to a demo now we created this app in five steps the first step we created an account we then made a form to collect our expenses to collect our incomes a workflow to show the current bank balance and then a dashboard to show all the metrics let’s check our demo of this app now that we are done with all the five steps so far I have I’m going to rewind everything by going through a quick demo so we’ll know what we have done and we capsulate everything that we have learned first up we are going to add a new account I’ll name this account the other one was Bank has been I’m going to name this one as paper it isn’t that given the active balance let’s say to solve it as 100 ad then I will add another one and this one will be a mobile wallet and this one is inactive let’s add it when I go to all accounts you’ll see that the mobile wallet which is inactive and the paypal as I stood here with hundred each with hundred and the mobile wallet is zero this is the first step second when you have any income you’re going to add it today is the date choose an account I’m going to add in PayPal source of income is not cell rates dad’s pocket money and he has given me 200 bucks I added and in all income will see that dad’s money is right here there’s an added to PayPal when I go to my accounts and check PayPal account you see that it’s a covenant has been created with 300 it had hundred to start with and after my dad’s 200 it became 300 let’s go to expenses now in the third step you add expenses you click on some date you add in a contra account paypal see notice that because I had filtered only active accounts mobile wallet is not a very cure so I have my people and my expense category I will add other this one will be movies so I spent potty on movies my total expense is 40 and I hit add in all expenses you’ll see that you spent something on paper when you click on it you’ll see that in people there’s an expense of 40 but if you want to go to a detailed view then you can either unhide the expenses of founded we had built and finally we can go to dashboard so in that food you can see everything you can even change the layout so the dashboard comes up through our customization where I had shown you let’s go to the edit if you go to the edit application right here I can customize everything so I want that the dashboard should come up which is the first thing that I see sorry should come above income you can change it to this way yeah it came up and then I can also customize it through this bucket icon here we can change the layouts let’s say we want to have a layout like this I’ll go and see what for the changes that happened by it simply refreshing my life app and see the entire look of the app has changed if you click on it it looks like this you have different tabs for adding income all incomes dashboard and account all account everything and then this is the mobile view so if you want to access your personal finance tracker app from your mobile you’ll simply have to get it from App Store or Play Store whatever you have built on the web will will be readily available on the mobile it’s just have to download it so as you can see there’s a preview coming up here where you can see all income how it would look you have your reports here you have your filters here the income account and expense you have your tab view here so when you build with a local platform like creator you get an app for all the devices so we were on the dashboard let’s check the dashboard now so this is my available balance the highest expense that I’ve incurred this month if I click on this I’ll see all the expenses the income this month you can see that movies and have spent 40 and this is I have one inactive account I can click on it and I’ll see that it’s the mobile wallet one thing that I could change here is that I could unhide my expenses so form and see what’s the change that happens after that I’ll refresh it and this is my expensive form if I click on the expensive form I can see the detailed be off it but first I have to add something in it so let’s say an expense category foot expense was in the trade this term hit submit okay I didn’t unhide the expense of form report I’ll make it show here and now if i refresh it the expense of form report will also be visible as a expense up from report if I click on it I’ll see movies there yeah the movie was 40 for expenses 23 so I think you would have got a fair understanding of how the creator of farms and cell phones work you can hide them you can disable them you can create a dashboard which you can link to every other form and reports or it just with one dashboard you can access everything so this was a quick demo let’s move on to the abdic now this was the basic app of the main personal finance tracker app that is there in the a black page of creator you can log in to crater dodge over comm and check out the main app which is full with much more features created by our developers now in the final bonus point I am going to take you through a walk trigger off the personal finance tracker app that is in the app gallery so app killed rate has 70 pre-built apps that you can simply install and start working on right away if you don’t want to learn coding or the needs of organizations are so dire you cannot wait to have an app this was developed by developers and I will take you through it to see because this has a lot of features that I could not build today due to paucity of time and let’s go through it so there are transactions they have renamed the dashboard else transactions you can see this current balance liabilities this month’s income this one’s expense active accounts archived accounts the balance and liabilities here they have a chart in which you can even select the month again this is the account you can select whether it’s the purse or wallet the month and they will show you the chart pretty sophisticated stuff they have the recent income here they have done a bit of HTML and zml to make it look like it’s looking now no expenses recent transfers so I think they have even they have retail spirit of the income as well as the expense chart right here in the transactions and they have a column a section that we don’t have and that’s the reminders and amount transfer so here through this app you can even transfer the amount between two wallets let’s say I had something in my bank as ba and then I had another in my people here we can transform from one wallet to the other available bands in the second day 6000 you can transfer a moment less than this amount okay let me add a new account and see what happens it’s group Cash name is PayPal status is active and I hit it and then I do to transfer this amount in transfers you can see it in the fund transfers the amount that I have changed now is here and if you go to transactions and current balance you can click it okay they don’t have the clicking facility here unlike in my app they have reminders here so you can add a reminder for to keep a cap on your expenses or your income what else do they have they have expense categories yes I also have it my cell phone and then they have groups in accounts where you can either classify it as cash so pretty much what we did but a bit more layered and sophisticated if you like this app you can go to the App Gallery through credit so come and install this app and start tracking your personal finance right now I hope you can build to this app without any malfunctions if you have any queries then please comment below this video and I’ll get back to you also share this video to anyone who you think needs a finance app for more such video content subscribe to our channel at BNA where we have much more interesting apps huge also tap the bell icon below to be notified every time a video comes up till then keep making apps and be happy

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