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Sports Trading BTC 100 Transparency

Sports Trading BTC 100 Transparency

Sports Trading BTC 100 Transparency? hey whats going on in this pier so I just went to a launch party this October 12th here just few days ago in Orlando with the launch of sports trading BTC and I was just blown away at first I when I went I didnt really expect much of it but Im always open to earning another income stream especially a healthy you know were looking at up to you know 2 per day right now its paying between 15 to 30 per month I mean that is very lucrative and you know lots of flags the red flags popped in my head but you know what I decided to go and meet the founders and you know and the people that run this business and I was really impressed I mean as you can see theres theres me with the owner thats a founder in the owner and heres another one with the thirdparty validation this is the weight in gold and thirdparty validation now the company doesnt touch any of that money any of your money until the Commissions are being paid to its members all right how powerful is that imagine if all the businesses out there in this space in this network marketing space especially in cryptocurrency where the company actually laughs right actually does what it says it does and imagine the you know the longterm I mean if all the companies that Ive done in the past that continue to pay me today were looking at over six figures per month alright now this is a company that you can feel good about sharing to other people because its a realworld business all right you talk that Im a sports youre talking about entertainment youre talking about Bitcoin coming together and even if you dont like sports or if youre a sports fanatic it doesnt matter because this business is going to be around simply because it deals with sports I mean sports trading its not Bitcoin in arbitrage meaning its not gonna its not for X you know markets or anything like that its not an e wallet that your earn passive this is sports betting sports training and thats been around since the time when sports were invented right people were aging away geing money sports now Im going to talk about you know a lot of people especially the leaders that want to introduce this to their team which were talking about you know feeling good about promoting this business and not feeling kind of like you know if something goes wrong you get to be blamed for it I mean unfortunately Ive had my share of that where Im company is leave and Im caught holding the bag and everybody blames me right because because Im making tons of money referring people so but with this business with what Ive seen with my own eyes this business could last for a very long time and for generations to come okay because lets talk about the transparency so not only you got a thirdparty validation which I just showed you there theres a whole article okay theres a whole article and the owner is from a little town in Arkansas this business has a physical office okay in the in the British Columbia the Virgin Islands the address is right on the on this on this page here okay so Im not getting into that you can you can watch that you can watch you though zoom webinars also with James Ward the founder but Im going to show you something amazing all right I show you something amazing if Im Im on the website this is a kind of just created alright so theres nothing there but spillover store on my upline already okay as you can see there you know six people spilled over and havent done anything that my link is not even active yet just until recently so Im starting my right leg here so Im very transparent with you guys okay Im not a theres nothing to hide I mean this is not impressive backoffice but I just started this but I will be building that right like here and I must be stacking people you know on top of each other so Im going to talk about the transparency here for a second so if you go now Im still Im still learning this back office alright so bear with me a second so you got the trading trading pool right here Im a trading report okay so here it is all right these are the games now Im not sports fanatic Ive never bet sports in my land in my life but I like watching you know Sunday Night Football my team of course and but other than that I havent done you know Im never wage any sports or anything like that and I dont know any stats about any bit of any sports team or anything like that so dont look at me for current fall for those kind of information but look at this here okay lets look at the games in the past here so lets start in the bottom page some some games havent been updated yet okay so lets look at the wins and loss so so far the first page there there are one two three four five five wins okay and two losses so far alright now this company claims seventy percent theyve been trading theyve been trading sports and betting sports since 2016 so they know what theyre doing and they got a team that does this that obviously knows what they do it and they say that 70 of their trades are successful and I was talking to James right I was talking to James he said that just as long that the company wins 53 of the time he says between 50 to 53 percent of the time that company is successful and that was a kind of blown away is that all he needs that little margin and when he said yes but at right now the average winning is 70 as you can see here you know five wins and two losses and now of course youre never gonna win all the time what sports betting and if anybody says that they win all the time you better run as fast as you can so this is these incredible part about being transparency see some of the games alright some of the games havent even started yet alright these here havent been updated updated yet and the ones that are you can see right here okay so this page here right there are two wins three wins four losses five losses and Anna push okay and some of them havent been updated yet all right and you can see the scores beforehand okay so there are pages and pages of this whereas winds push losses pages and pages of this okay thats called real transparency right there now heres a cool thing you can actually you can actually participate in the team by having by having tokens thats right you can buy tokens and participate you know manually in their SD be game of the week thats another cool feature okay so thats the transparency part of it plus the thirdparty validation you can listen to that interview with Lloyd Duane golden in my other article most likely on this page or on my youtube channel so this company just launched already has a phone app already has leadpages okay theres four of them right there this one has a generic animated article this one has the the zoom call the the zoom call with James and so does this one and this one has the animated version and you can start using it right away Ill capture the lead a follow up on the leads on your behalf okay you dont need to buy anything separate theres no monthly fees thats or nothing no monthly fees the lowest package that you can get in right now okay well before I get into that lets lets look at some other theres this text marketing right so if you dont know what to say guess what just go to text messages and just you know text some of this there to people that are interested remember you dont want to you want to create some curiosity first and then you you can send these messages when they ask for emails right so these are a bunch of emails here professionally written I actually like these emails theyre not like the generic ones that that that all that get no clicks these are actually pretty good emails that go out and there even information for you to pose all right banners and and and so forth like that or if you have a website you can put this on you on your website all right and it goes right into your link okay so now this is a this is a binary program so where you can you know either put people automatically in the week leg or or your left leg or right leg I got on the right leg so people will come in you know one on top of the other alright and theres also a feature called holding tank right if you want to say lets say hey Im going to put this person under you so if you join right now then Im gonna have this person or you can manually do that if you want for me I dont worry about all that stuff Im like listen firstcome firstserve youre definitely gonna get people how many people are you gonna get below you is totally up to you all right now with any binary program you understand that you have to get you know one on each side because thats how binary should work yeah once you qualify to earn commissions the company goes in then finds the weaker leg and pays you on that weaker leg alright and I believe its like twelve percent off the weaker leg okay so lets look at the packages those packages lets see upgrade packages upgrade by funds so I got the package one just to lock in my position right now but Im going to definitely upgrade to not the next package but to the package a few packages above that so theres eight packages there okay since Im already in the backoffice I dont see I dont I dont see the entire package to show you but its up to five Bitcoin okay so from point zero one bitcoin to around 300 to 500 then up to five because they ate eight packages to choose from so very very affordable and very doable for anybody out there alright so the lock in your positions this just point zero one Bitcoin I think its about eighty eightyfive dollars during the time of this recording okay so they got training articles webinars all these these are all training articles there so even for a company that just launched its already got you know its already had everything in gear for you to become successful right away and heres amazing thing that the payout water wallet right this is your wallet here and you get paid from the Commissions every single day thats right how many companies out there can say that you get paid on a daily basis automatically without you having to log in and click on withdraw right you know they dont they dont want you to even bother with that the money thats owned 202 you will be paid out to you right away okay so lets go back to the dashboard and this is exciting guys as exciting because you get to see that how powerful this is especially in the world of entertainment with sports and Bitcoin and so make sure when you sign up uses link my usernames millionaire and thats my username for a lot of businesses my income streams I had this into your portfolio add this into your income stream you feel good about promoting this business so right now what I want you to do is lock arms with me go to the website lock arms with me and upgrade to the package that you feel most comfortable with and then try to go to the next package okay I dont think youll be disappointed there and after you do that find the information or find the articles of me interviewing the founder and in the article of be with with Dwayne golden which is the the validator for the for the company and get ready to be impressed and be blown away because youve seen nothing like this at all so without further ado guys thanks for watching this article connect with me personally on Facebook my link somewhere there and lets work together lets make this happen see ya

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